iPhone 2.0 Wait-a-Thon: Win an iPhone 3G!

Our iPhone App Wait-a-Thon has been a smashing success (once we get around to announcing the winners, that is. See the latest batch below). What's that, you ask? Any time you see a post tagged "Wait-a-Thon," any comment (with a legit email) is entered into that week's drawing for a $100 iTunes Gift Certificate. We're doing it to ease the pain of having to wait for Native Apps on the iPhone 2.0 software update. Go check out the full rules of the App Wait-a-Thon here, and you can always find the latest Wait-a-Thon opportunity here.

Of course, at the time we were expecting that the iPhone 3G would come much later. However, as recent rumors seem to show, it's likely going to be coming much sooner than we expected. So here's the deal: in addition to the weekly iTunes giveaway, we are going to give away an iPhone 3G once it's available!

After the break - the details on how to enter to win the iPhone 3G and winners of a bunch of App Wait-a-Thon contests. Read on!

How to win the iPhone 3G

It's simple, really. Just head on over to our newly-launched iPhone Blog Forum and register. If you've ever made a post back at the old Phone different forums, there's a good chance we managed to pull your registration over already -- just check out the member's list to find out.

Once you've registered, just make 20 posts between now and the day the iPhone 3G becomes available in retail. Your posts must all be iPhone-related and not just "filler." We reserve the right to disqualify a post based on our own whims of what is and is not filler, so err on the side of being interesting, mmkay?

The day after the iPhone 3G is released, we'll do a random drawing based on all the users who have posted at least 20 times between now and the release and give that lucky winner an iPhone 3G. When will that be? We don't exactly know (signs point to June 19th), which is what makes this Wait-a-Thon-Tastic.

What were waiting for again? Get to iPhone Blog Forum and get talking!

More iPhone App Wait-a-Thon Winners

Without further ado, these folks are getting their $100 iTunes gift certificates in their inboxes over the weekend:

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Reader comments

iPhone 2.0 Wait-a-Thon: Win an iPhone 3G!


Now, if we could just get an actual look at the real deal 3G iPhone, or at least its feature set... That would make the contest all the more exciting.

good tactic.. but i wonder if the iPhone blog is going to give people who lives outside USA?
think if its me.. omg! haha XD

I've been waiting for this stupid phone since the day the original iphone came out. Im even replacing my blackberry for this thing. 3G iphone here i come

Here's the interesting thing in this whole 3G debate ... I currently have a 3G WinMob device, and I almost NEVER, EVER keep the device in 3G. I usually just use Edge because of the severe battery drain that takes place when on 3G. That being said (and this may be a little inconsistent), I don't want to take a step BACK and buy an Edge-only iPhone. I would like the CHOICE of 3G when I want it, even though I know that I will rarely use 3G, and almost always only use Edge and WiFi. It is CHOICE that counts. Just because I don't choose to use 3G most of the time doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have it as an option. Can't wait until June 9 !!!!!

I've never been a tech blog junkie but soon to be released iphone has me hooked. Every computer in my home and business have a different tech blog open for rapid updating. Been holding onto a $300 apple gift card for too long!

So what happens if Steve's keynote comes and goes and there's no new iPhone? I'm sure there will be alot of bummed people out there myself included. But there would be a small part of me that would be laughing at all the people reporting on apples shipping logs and things like that as proof its coming.
Actually I shouldn't even joke about that because I'm getting scared that next month when it "does" come it won't have video chat.

i eat, sleep, and breathe for the release of the 3G iphone. hurry and release it already steve-O. :)

I can't wait to see what else iPhone v2 will bring. In any case, I'm looking forward to installing the new firmware on my v1 iPhone. I'm also curious to see if Jobs will announce any other products, like a larger mini-tablet type device or a smaller iPhone mini.

I am more excited than a rational person should be for this phone - if only for the cathartic exercise of dumping Verizon in the process.

I am def anxious to check out the 3G version, but I'm wondering what the trade offs will be for the new features. I'd take the current iPhone over a 3G version that'd have half the batter life.

I'm gonna try to win because my cell phone right now sucks, and the iPhone is all I've been thinking about since it was announced in January 2007! I hope Apple will impress! (Come on, of course they will! They're Apple!)

Sign me up. I'd love to see if the new iPhone is nearly as revolutionary as the first was or merely a sad attempt at a refresh (hello Moto RAZR). I'm hoping for success, but fear disappointment unless Jobsy can pull some tricks out of his bag that no one has anticipated yet (yes, live video-conference would be nice, but already expected).

I love that the rumors keep coming and making this thing sound greater and greater each day. its going to be amazing

i would love to have the iphone 3g with a switch to turn on and off. the only thing that keeps me from getting the current model is no 3g so im sticking with the 750 treo for now

ummmm yes i would like to win that plz!! lol Thank You!! no but i really want a 3g iPhone...

Wow, thanks for the gift card! What an awesome surprise. Would be fun to use on the new iPhone too... ;)

It used to be engadget. then gizmodo. tech crunch a few times. But since I've found the iphone blog these mean nothing to me. this is my iphone supersource! And being a film producer surrounded by apple/mac mania....that's saying something.

GPS, A2DP, 3G and Internet Radio, all things I am hoping for........ and the App Store. Its enough for me to wet myself.

lol i want it now ~
it comes out on the 28th of june on optus

My old phone died. I am ready for the 3G to be ready to ship. I want it NOW!! Looking forward to getting it!

i will love to get my hands on the iphone the excitment ,the coolest phone on the planet and i men the coolest i can't believe that has these nice produces

i would love too get an iphone because i could do anything on it and studie and that and this product would probably get me my hsc with all the help + this phone has so many icons i could'nt believe it a man i love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much a well i gtg im getting a wax kk ily mwa xoxoxo

For so long I went back and forth on wanting an iPhone or a Bold. The decision has been made and now I have to wait a few more weeks for the iPhone. Online shopping just got easier... oops... maybe that isn't a good thing! Thanks iPhone Blog for making the wait more tolerable.

Wait, I thought the Wait-a-thon was going to be done like the iPhone 3G! Noooooo!! I've been posting in your comments today, making myself look like a wanker. Oh well. Thanks for giving me a way to suspend some hope. hahaha. No, but seriously, this is really nice.

I just looked at the members list, and there's only about 165 on it that actually have more than 20 posts ever, so the odds for winning that iPhone 3G can't be worse than 1 in 150. I'm way to excited for this drawing.

I'm not way TO excited for this drawing, I'm way TOO excited for this drawing. Also, before somebody points it out, I'm aware that the odds are probably much better than 1 in 150, I was just looking for a quick maximum.

Hey Guys,
We wanted to let you know …
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Register to the http://www.digitalTransfer.com.au site and go into the draw to win a brand new Apple® iPhone™ 3G with the latest wireless 3G technology, GPS, support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and the new App Store.