Updated: iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: MMS Now Hidden on AT&T


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UPDATE 3: Pretty much confirmed now. No more MMS for AT&T. Also, iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release 2 blocks editing of the carrier file. No more tethering.

UPDATE 2: Received this: "eems as if they stopped people from being able to tether and get mms by altering the carrier settings... people who changed theirs at the start can no longer access it.." Let us know what you're experiencing with MMS on Beta 5.

UPDATE 1: This may only happen for those doing clean installs (not restoring from a previous backup) so if MMS is vital to your iPhone 3.0 dev work, that may be the route you want to go for now.

We're getting some early reports that iPhone 3.0 Beta 5 now hides MMS functionality from AT&T users (see Beta 4 and 5 comparison pics, above). Previously, buttons and settings for MMS were present, though not enabled by default, though hacks allowed MMS to be turned on for AT&). Now, however, all visible signs appear to be gone, and it's too early to tell if hacks may still re-surface and re-enable them.

Anyone else seeing this?

Note: iPhone 3.0, MMS was never surfaced on some carriers like Rogers (Canada).

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There are 83 comments. Add yours.

Andrew Rusch says:

The new iTunes release blocks the changing of the carrier file.

dloveprod says:

Even tho mms doesn't work I dont want to see it go, I just don't understand

icebike says:

Ah, guys, Apple ANNOUNCED mms. It will be there.
Right? They wouldn't promise something and fail to deliver now would they?
Check your ATT bill for a feature called mms-out-out.
I suspect all that happened is that this new version is honoring that account setting. Call up ATT and ask them about it.

aj says:

this screen came with beta 4 if you have a first-gen iphone...i still have beta 4 and its the same looking screen, but my friend who has an iphone 3g says he just got beta 5 and its working fine

PHP says:

I hope they did not lock down changing carrier settings. I am on an Apple unlocked iPhone 3G, since my 6 months contract has run out, and I need my own carrier settings to support my provider. Apple does not have any settings valid for my provider.

Jeremy says:

If you have not messed with your carrier file previous to beta 5 MMS is gone in this beta. Fact. It will be back in the final build obviously.

spidesol says:

Tethering and mms still works for me but it might be cuz I updated rather than restoring

Richard says:

I just updated from beta 4, tethering and MMS still works for me with my edited carrier file. My carrier is Telia Sweden.

AiPhone says:

there is a new setting page under network/cellular data to input your mms settings for your carrier to make it work. Just like any other phone.

AdMm says:

updated and I have no mms. As in I did a restore and still no mms. :0(

Carlos says:

Hey guys you know coming iPhone 3.0 MMS??

Owie says:

If you had the MMS and Tethering activated before it is still working on the beta 5 as long as you UPDATED not RESTORED.

jtorrebl says:

Please, don't take this away. Was really looking forward to this.

orre says:

You dont have to update iTunes (as Apple states)!
Just restore from the new xcode and use the old iTunes to sync and restore your backup as usual. This way you can still change the carrier settings to get MMS and tethering to work again.


All still working on O2 UK check out images here......... http://www.andygoesfishing.com/ip3b5/iPhone1,23.0beta5.html

anthony says:

they took it away on at&t because we arent supposed to be using it yet...i dont think its on our plans...plans will be updated in summer sometime and mms will be back...or hopefully this wont be like push notifications:( mms cant wait til 2010

Hank says:

I updated to Beta 5 and I not only can still send MMS And tether but in the Cellular Data section in settings I see the 3 sections. I should note that I updated, not restored.
Cellular Data
Visual voice mail
MMS proxy
MMS Max Message Size
Then a reset settings button below.

David says:

What's the big deal about MMS? Most people have smartphones these days so just email your pics if you want other people to see them!
If we've survived 2 years without MMS, we can move forward without it, too.
Plus, Apple would not publicly say it would have MMS and then fail to deliver so this post is a little ridiculous.

Mike M says:

Wow you guys, calm the f*** down. MMS will be there in the final release. They had to take it away because all you morons are using the beta software as your regular phone. It's meant to be used by developers and for testing purposes only. You're not supposed to be sending MMS with it until the bugs are worked out.

cyberbob says:

Sorry but how do you UPDATE vs. RESTORE?

KORG says:

well it confirms that at&t and apple do read sites like these can patch any type of hackery it hears

Shilo says:

I updated to beta 5 and did not have the Cellular Data option at all in my network settings. I used the first release of 8.2 to update my carrier settings file to a file I had working very well in beta 3. Once I updated the carrier file, all the options were open to me. The only thing now, I get the "can not activate cellular data" which is the error I started receiving about 2-3 days after it was working so well.
I'm thinking it's a username/password issue but I'm seeing numerous variations that claim to work but none actually do. Any suggestions?

Sven says:

I have had WAP Push enabled on my account and have had no problems receiving and sending MMS messages. Before updating to Beta 5, I edited my carrier files (to be on the safe side). After updating to Beta 5, I can still tether and send MMS messages with AT&T. However, I am currently not receiving any MMS messages.

Carlos says:

Maybe coming in June iPhone Video Chat?

chris says:

you can still update your carrier info...just dont download the new itunes you dont need it...i did not update itunes and when i first activated my phone with beta 5 mms was gone, even the icon in messages and send as mms in pics...i also just went back and installed the .ipcc and its all there now

Sneschana says:

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Kenny says:

Yeah I remember hearing twice as fast for half the price and not seeing any fine print but when I went to get my 3G I paid $500 and change.... Yeah I don't trust anything that is said about anything having to do with AT&T. I'll believe all the hooha when it's really released this summer.

Sven says:

Had to make some changes in Settings>General>Network>CDN (add AT&T's MMSC & MMS Proxy addresses), but now SMS and MMS seems to be sending quicker now.
So with AT&T and Beta 5, MMS and USB tethering is still functional with the proper carrier file.

josh says:

sven can you email me the carrier file i get mms but no tethering thank you

Ste says:

How do you update instead of restore?

Pedro says:

I have 3.0 Beta 5 working 100%
tether and MMS requires new update file separate from the Beta 5 install...
Any questions lalayou@att.net

thevmax says:

Running 3.0 BETA 5 (not jailbroken) ... I have the same results as Pedro; I had to download an IPCC patch from ATT which was provided by MODMYI. The patch flashes the phone. You then reboot the iPhone and tethering works. MMS had not been successful since I have owned my iPhone. Hey SVEN, where did you get the MMSC & MMS Proxy addresses from??

Pedro says:

Chris, I have MMS fully working...you must first enable it to work on Beta 4 to make it work on Beta 5....if not then just restore the 2.2.1 version then beta 4...
You will need to use quickpawn for 2.2.1 after the restore of the 2.2.1 version...when you open it it will pop up a screen telling you to reset the phone...after that you will be back on 2.2.1 ...

Pedro says:

Also , make sure you get the first 8.2 pre release iTunes....any other does and will brick your phone...

chris says:

so i have beta 5 since the day it came out and i had modded my carrier files so that i could get the mms on att...a couple of days ago it started acting up, by acting up i mean that it would turn itself on and flip between silent and loud(as if i was using the toggle). last time it restarted itself all of my mms options were gone, no camera icon in messages or anything...what the fuck

KunchDiesel says:

i do not have the "new" settings under settings/general/network that you guys are talking about. how do i get that back?

testing : ) says:

for the first time i got mms working on my 3.0 beta 5 : ) with fido from canada. i had to install cydia then openssh, then log in and upload the bundle file directly, that would show you the carrier settings.

Waylon says:

if you updated to 8.2 just move it to trash and download 8.1

ATT says:

Due to contractual agreements AT&T is pushing back during this whole SDK thing! Although there is a high demand for MMS for Dev. purposes, the majority of the testing for the apps that are dependent will have to wait. Politrix from AT&T, not apple. I'm sure this is one of the reasons AT&T failed to get the "exclusive" in 2010.
However, there is one "not guaranteed" way to get MMS; if you simply call about your account with some smooth talking, if your lucky, you'll get a "cool" rep and they may unblock your IME from the media net. Worth a shot

Kurt says:

You guys. Calm down. Mms will be in the final os release of the 3.0 firmware. They took it out cuz they are trying to work out many bugs in other parts of the firmware. Mms works fine. They also took it out because all of you guys are using a 3.0 beta on your personal phones. It's meant for developers only. It will be in the final release. As well as tethering

Ariel says:

Yeah i agree with Kurt. Beta is just for testing not to use for personal stuff (Calling,Texting,and MMS).

Bill says:

Nope people I have final 3.0 AT&T and MMS is gone!
Teathering some how is there and works.
Face it AT&T should be sued again then we will get better service.
3g, MMS , Tethering you know 21st century service not 20th!

Kate A says:

Okay, please, don't yell at me - I just updated my iPhone 3G to 3.0 OS, and it was jailbroken. It took away the jailbreak and restored it. It was also given its original info from a backup I did.
Is MMS going to be released in the later summer in a 3.1 update or something?
Or did I do something wrong?

Dino says:

No I just got off the phone with AT&T and apple and apple said AT&T doesn't support it yet. It doesn't make any sense, when the phone was jailbroken, I had video, mms, etc.. through AT&T and now they say with the normal phone those things are not supported. What a joke. I also just got a text from AT&T saying they would contact me when MMS is available..

Theo says:

You are right Dino. What a joke. AT&T is not ready to support mms on the iphones.Later this summer.
It sucks!!!

WonderFlea says:

Here's the link from apple's page. Notice the writing at the bottom.
"NOTE: The button doesn’t appear and you can’t send photos or videos if MMS isn’t supported by your carrier."
What a bunch of BULL! ATT does support MMS, they probably want to find a new way to transmit it. After all, how did Apple test their MMS sending capabilities? (yeah I know probably did it over seas, like everything else.)
Who wants to bet that ATT is going to try and charge users for MMS?

Mike says:

Nice job AT&T this was the only thing
I was looking foward to in this update
Fuck You Guys :)

ralf says:

i fucking hate apple for this!!! they make me wait for this update and promise me stuff that i cant do yet... i always defended my phone but fuck that im switchin to sprint. apple is to money hungry and they know they got us by the balls fuck that.REVOLUTION!!!! im paying to much money for a phone that cant do wat shity phones are doing...they have to stop lieing to us..theres no need for the 3gs i know for a fact the 3g can record... apple broke my heart today

Mike Mo says:

I got the 3.0 but did not gett mms or video recording

drew says:

AT&T reports iPhone MMS will be available in late summer. The Apple 3.0 website also shows this in small print below that feature. AT&T does not include MMS with their text bundles with other phones so I doubt they will with iPhone. There will be a per MMS charge or maybe a new MMS package to tack on to your text package.

drew says:

Video recording is only for the new iPhone 3G S. The old 3G phone or original iPhone do not have a camera that supports video.

Blind says:

How come i cant send pictures to differnt cell phones..not
e-mail but cell phone numbers...help me!!!

Jonny P says:

Yes they do. If you have ever jailbroken your iPhone they have video recording called cycorder.. Works awsome and I can trantfer it to my computer.

CC says:

Drew, you don't seem to know what you are talking about. First yes indeed AT&T doesn include MMS in its current messaging plans!! Also the camera on the current 3G model can and does support video as many who have a jailbroken phone can attest to.
I don't understand what AT&T needs to do for MMS since all their other phones have it now. Makes no sense to me.

Kate A says:

Can I get one more thing clarified - on my old phone, a Pantech Duo (BTW, I'm 14 and HUGELY into technology; I spent forever picking apart the 3.0 update on my iPhone and I seriously got it the first THREE MINUTES it became available.), the MMS was free with my unlimited texting plan. And I had mine jailbroken (I told you, EXTREMELY tech-smart), but I didn't feel it was right to put MMS on there because I wanted to wait for the real deal.
So, is AT&T going to charge extra for the MMS part? Because if they do, that's RIDICULOUS.

Clinton Cronin says:

MMS is not a new feature.
I am getting sick of Apple and AT&T acting like it is offering some brand new technology when it completely lacks the phone functionality of most 5 year old phones that you can find on craigslist for $20.00 . Great, it's a miniature computer that you can play games on and send a few emails on. It's not a very good phone --period. You literally NEED to jailbreak it and download a good dozen applications from Cydia to make it even halfway as good as most Nokia N-series phones (as far as MOBILE PHONE functionality goes).. Something like this:
Winterboard -- to customize how it LOOKS (simple themes)
ABGrouper -- To have CONTACT GROUPS a useful PHONE feature
SwirlyMMS -- To enable MMS
Yellowsn0w -- To UNLOCK THE HANDSET. If I pay $600 for the phone why should anyone care which carrier i use? Here's news for you: AT&T is overpriced compared to literally EVERY OTHER PROVIDER ON EARTH --this is not a joke. I've checked.
A decent Bluetooth stack -- bluetooth offers more than just headset functionality.
If apple spent more time developing PHONE FEATURES and less trying to play a silly cat and mouse game with jailbreakers maybe they would get with the program.
The iPhone 3gs offers very little over the iphone 3g but you still have people lining up down the block to buy it.
Why? What is the big deal? You're still stuck with AT&T and half of the new features such as tethering and mms still don't work even though a 20$ Motorola Razr from craigslist can do twice what the iphone can do.
enjoy. I'm sure apple appreciates it anyway.

a guy says:

you are a moron at&t includes mms in all there text packages.

Kate A says:


lh says:

Called AT and T . The mms not working is their fault they are working out some kinks and will be available in July they said. I asked why other phone and not i phone? they said they have never tried it on such a complex system and wanted all the bugs out first.

Ca$h says:

Drew you are an idiot... The 3g DOES support video but you have to jailbreak your phone and download the app... So stop talking about things that you don't know anything about... Please...

Kate A says:

Yes! Finally a rough date I can look forward to! I can't wait for MMS to become available in July. Thank you Ih for going to all that trouble. You rock!!!! 

steve says:

yeah i edited my carrier settings using plisteditor, updated the ipcc file, synced my 3g iphone, but didn't get mms.....
i did, however, manage to get tethering working. so that's cool. i didn't know about editing carrier settings until tonight. what other cool settings files are there that i could edit? maybe write a new article about it....?

Eric says:

Mike M - From way back on May 7th.
You told everyone to calm down and that MMS would be in the release. I guess you were 1/2 right it was in the release, but not for AT&T like everyone here is talking about. So by tell everyone to "calm the f*** down" I guess you ended up just looking like an A$$ instead

Kate A says:

So one more question - MMS WILL be supported on the iPhone in a future update? I've heard rumors it's supposed to be released by the end of the summer or something. Help?

Javi says:

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David says:

@Eric... YOU are an A$$, because his point was it will still be released. People were worried that it wasn't going to be released at all anymore... At that time everyone thought mms would be available when 3.0 came out... k? tks.

David says:

btw, att announced that mms would be released on July 17. Tethering will be released later than that, but no date has been set. So like Mike M said way back on 7 may... "calm the f*** down."

Ray says:

Well it's July 29, 2009 and still no MMS for the Iphone....This is a joke!!

Shelby says:

Last day of July, still no mms. I think it's gonna rain forever!!!

Shelby says:

August 2nd and I'm on Erics side of this..... Nobody knows if it is or isn't comming out for sure. It's like your boss telling you your gonna get a bonus, you'll believe it when you see it! I love my iPhone with or without it, but it would be a lot nicer to have the only down fall fixed. Then you could tell those other sissy phone owners how awesome it is and they can't have one negative thing to say :-p

McKinnley says:

hey can someone give me an email at kinnleymac_602@yahoo.com about or when mms and tethering will be out for the iPhone
p.s. does anyone know if apple is going to out all the new features of iPhone 3gs in updates for iPhone 3g and 1st gen

Matt says:

MMS will be out in September or October from what I heard the other day.

Jim says:

I heard mms is being released September 21st, but I honestly don't know what to believe anymore.

Scott says:

I live near Orlando, FL
MMS is working for me.
Works great.
I sent pictures and even a video clip.

hanum says:

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Luise Raelson says:

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Liew says:

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Twana Adamik says:

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