iPhone 3.0: iTunes Account Management in App Store

We've mentioned previously how iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 enabled an App Store tab in Preferences for managing and switching between iTunes Accounts. Looks like this feature is also available directly from the App Store application itself.

Scroll down to the bottom of a main page (i.e. before you've selected a specific app to look at) and you'll find a button containing your account user ID.

Tap on the button and you'll be given options to View Account, Sign Out, or Cancel.

Much more convenient than having to exit, launch Settings, navigate, switch accounts, go back...

Thanks Apple! More screenshots after the break...

(And thanks Roberto for the tip!)


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iPhone 3.0: iTunes Account Management in App Store


It's about time. For Christmas I received some iTunes gift cards and 100 song download gift receipt from AMEX. It was far easier to manage the $ than the songs from iTunes. For example, I thought that I could download an album and the songs would be deducted from my song credit. I purchased 2 albums before I noticed my song credit was the same but the $ credit had changed. That wouldn't have happened in iTunes. Looks like managing this will be far easier from the handset in the future.

Awesome. I've let friends plug into my laptop a couple of times to charge or something and it usually ends with my Apple ID signed into their phone. So this is a long overdue option.
Another feature I'd like to see though is purchase history on the device itself. Right now you're only able to do it from iTunes itself.

I love this thing I keep finding new things to do
with it but haveing trouble keeping passwords