iPhone 3.0 Now Live! Go Get It!

iPhone 3.0 live in iTunes

As of approximately 1:30 EDT/10:30 PDT, iPhone 3.0 (7A341) -- weighing in at 230.1MB --went live and is now available via iTunes.

We're downloading now, and we assume you are too, so sound off in the comments and let us know how it's working for you, and how you like it!

NOTE: For those on the iPhone 3.0 GM seed, make sure you hit Restore as Update will think you already have 3.0!

And if you need help finding all the features, check out our massive iPhone 3.0 Walkthrough for all the details!

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iPhone 3.0 Now Live! Go Get It!



I had iTunes Error number 4. Of course. So i had to restore from backup. Looks like it's working now. But it's not finished yet.

HA! Perfect timing! I stayed up last night to see if they would release it at midnight. Then this morning I went and played tennis. I just got back at 10:35 and saw the download :D

I don't see the reason to jailbreak anymore besides SBsettings, that's the only thing I'll really miss for the next few days

Ok, I have the 3.0 Beta 5 now, and I'm sure alot of other people do too. How do I upgrade? When I click Check For Update it says its the current version. Do I upgrade to the 3.0 GM Seed then the Final Version or what? I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

Is this the same as the GM Seed? Obviously it wont let me update since it's already up to 3.0.
What's the new Build Number? Currently I have 7A341. If this is the same, than the GM Seed is the current gold code release.

Got that connect to itunes graffic....fuck...now re-syncing i think its ok....dam shitty usb ports on laptop

it's pretty sweet. just updated the demo phone at our retail location. MMS looks so new and shiny!

so i'm using the 3.0 OS now on my phone... in the ipod part where you can slide the bar to go to a specific part of the song...
it says you can slide your finger Up and Down to "adjust the scrubbing rate"
whats a scrubbing rate and why would i want to adjust it?

got an error while downloading it at first and now am restoring iphone looks like it might be working now i hope.

I am running 3.0GM and it says no update needed. I am curious if there were any last min changes of if GM is the real deal. Does anyone have the final release as an .ipsw file that could do an MD5 hash?

download no problem, but backing up is completely stalled, been on only about 10% complete for 1/2 hour

I notices that the MMS is not yet applied...
I just have normal texting - i do not have the camera icon in my texts yet....

The build is identical to the GM build as expected. No bug fixes yet but im sure that will follow in due course.

it's pretty sweet. just updated the demo phone at our retail location. MMS looks so new and shiny! currently updating my personal phone.

Just finished updating and booting up. The whole process from download to install took about 35 minutes. Time to start playing with the new features!

So sad, I'm stuck here at work, my iPhone in my pocket and unable to download/sync.....only six more hours.

downloaded fine - backup up took longer than normal but just finished - now watching "updating iphone software" the suspense ........

I know its not available through ATT YET - but from what I read, it should still show in the new software - am i correct?

The find my iphone feature on mobileme works really well. Update from start to finish took about 15 mins. Camera seems smoother too. Also like that you can sync over air to mobile me and also through itunes at same time

Update went quick - did it at work. On Rogers in Canada, I've got the camera in Messages for MMS. Spotlight works pretty good though only seems to have indexed one of my email accounts. Cut and paste also in there and working well though it'll take some getting used to. Can also forward SMS/MMS which is nice.

I checked iTunes at 10:00 AM PST and none, 10:01 AM still none, 10:02 still none, then at 10:14 AM jackpot!

Backup is taking a long time like it did in previous firmware builds. I hope we aren't having a return of the 12hr backup times :-/

Half way through firmware..........c'mon, I must be getting delirious, I have been up every hour since midnight PST.

Oh No - phone was rebooting then got "itunes could not connect to this iphone because an unknown error occured (0xE8000001)." ... AAARRRGGGHH!!!

... OK - clicked OK on that random error message and seems to have completed fine - off to have a play . OH YES!!!! should keep me happy until 3GS on Friday :)

iPhone 3.0 OS loaded on my 3G in about 30mins including download time. No restore needed... So far things are grrreeaattt!
Just wish the MMS function was working, but landscape Email and Messages apps are the bomb!

FINALLY! I grabbed it at about 12:15 Central. Glorious updates...
I'm not really noticing much of a difference though >.<
Speed: Check
Copy/Paste: Check
Messaging edit: Check
MMS: let's out a sigh AT&T doesn't love me enough.
Bluetooth funness: (still gotta get a headset)
That's really all i was really wanting, and it works well. so i'm a happy camper.

Hmm. Things that don't seem to work quite so well:

  • Mobile Allowance app - works, but UI is oddly aligned.
  • Skype - throws up OS error alert.
  • App Store - didn't work first time, seems okay now.
  • TwitterFon Pro - login screen flickers crazily, but seems to work otherwise.

Updated to 3.0 but no notifications option under settings and not seeing options for internet tethering either. Anyone else experiencing the same? Any suggestions?

anyone else in Canada having trouble sending/receiving MMS? i have the feature, but demo phone won't send/receive MMS!

i just looked and i cant d/l the update without updating to itunes 8.2 curse you apple!!!!

iPhoneFanBoy - I think the notifications options will be on an app-by-app basis, won't they? We may have to wait for app updates first.

remove all your music, apps and video from the phone, then run the backup .... it will take only a couple of minutes

Download and install went smooth. MMS for AT&T will not be available until later this summer. I assume this will be a carrier update (AT&T text message to install) via iTunes. Push notifications setting will not show up until you have a program that supports push. 3.0GM build is the same as the "official" build. Wish I kept my 3.0 build with updated IPCC file as my MMS was working fine!!

i think they may have left the notifications out of the update again at least in canada.
@iphonefanboy - i don't have a notifications toggle in setting either but tethering is in settings > general > network

MMS icon will not show up due to your current carrier setting, however, if you didnt upgrade to itunes 8.2, you can revise the carrier file and opt+click the update button and upload a new carrier file that reveals the MMS icon and allows internet tethering. The tethering works, MMS...not so much :'( oh, well. We've waiting this long, why not another month or so?

Hmm. strange.... Downloaded and installed - don't understand why it hasn't got OLED display that we were promised. Had enough Im going back to Windoze Mobile!!! hehehe

So I used the Restore button b/c I had the GM seed from last week. Update went fine except now all my content(music, video, photos, apps) is all gone! Kinda bummed about that, but I guess I'll get started

if i update to 3.0 now, can i jailbreak later when the jb becomes available?

im still getting sms pop ups, they just arent showing the message, it still shows the name. Can I get rid of it? If so, how? If not, why won't Apple realize this is a huge privacy issue?

oh and I failed to mention... i'm using the bluetooth tethering to view this site and post this comment! on 3G, internet runs pretty fast

I'm on Fido. Got into my office at 1:05CDT and immediately plugged in the phone. It synced while I downloaded the update (which took maybe 2 minutes). Started the update immediately. Completely finished (ie, phone restarted) by 1:25CDT! Very painless and quick. I'm off now to check out the new features........ Quick note, MMS works fine with Fido!

@carl Hey, imposter! I didn't say that.
Anyways, for those who have the GM release like I did, just plug your phone in and go to iTunes and hit restore.

I guess Apple and ATT finally figured out a way to have a de-facto rolling release .. release the update in the middle of the work day so that a majority of people can't get things downloaded until they get home from work. That should stagger things just enough to keep the servers from crashing. Darn though, out here on the West coast it makes for a long day of waiting.

Just finished install. copy/paste is AMAZING...but....none of my apps will start. investigating...

I didn't get any error messages but after the install my iphone as been syncing for about 45 minutes and my status bar is not moving at all. I'm worried.

I'm in CA..this is my 1st iphone upgrade...I don't see it on itunes...what's up? ~JMF.

have other canadian iphone users got prompted to with a carrier update? are there any reason to be wary of a carrier update? i don't really trust rogers/fido.

Downloaded and installed ok. Phone restarted ok. iTunes started a synch immediately. when it did, it says updating apps on iPhone". Got thru them alphabetically pretty quickly until last one, has been hung up now for 20 minutes.

I'm not that impressed off-the-bat. There isn't too much visible change on the update. I also tried "Find my iPhone" and MobileMe is bogged down.

Fixed - I had to log in to my itunes account. I did that by d/ling a random app from the app store.

I did the carrier update. As much as I don't trust Rogers, I'm sure it's necessary.
Maybe that's why my "Preferences" panel has no "Notifications" on it...

Both mine and my wife's phones get an error message in iTunes that says "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out"
This is on two different computers. The software is in Emergency Call only mode. It appears the software is installed but I can't do anything in iTunes (no restore button, nothing).

uggh. Got an 'unspecified error' on my laptop. Rebooted and now I get "we could not complete your iTunes Store Request. The network connection timed out." iPhone starts but only allows emergency calls...

Am i allowed to gloat and tell you that my UK iphone supports MMS now! Oh.. and tethering! We just pay through the nose for it!

No tethering possible on Rogers if you don't update the carrier file. I tried both without (no tethering) and with the update (tethering works GREAT).

@Wez not every app supports push. Do some googling for apps that support it. There are ones like one of the Tap Tap revolution ones that support it.

it downloaded and restarted itself, now it's telling me to connect to iTunes (which I did) and it's not connecting to iTunes! Now it's on the Emergency Call thing only!

I also got the error message in iTunes that says “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out” WTF!

sorry should read "no" push notifications. And yes I have plenty of apps that should be compatible and there is no top level menu in settings.

I’m in CA..this is my 1st iphone upgrade…I don’t see it on itunes…what’s up? ~JMF.
'a little help over here :0( thx'

download went ok. update went ok. now the restart............. ive been stuck on the "slide for emergency" screen for 15 minutes with nothing....

If anyone gets the message “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out” and then somehow you get it to work, let us know please! It's annoying the hell out of me right now

Fido update. Although MMS is available, my picture messages are not going (there is a red circled exclamation mark beside the message). SMS still works. On a happier note, tethering works fine! Also, I was never prompted for a carrier update.

I got the same Timed out message could it just be there are too many people trying to access that section of Itunes?

to 114. I had same problem but after a few seconds it responded to my touch gestures.

guess all of america's gonna have to wait for at&t to get off their a$$es and catch up to get mms... not to mention tethering which they haven't even whispered that they'll eventually get around to...

I am getting the "network timed out" error as well and am stuck in emergency mode. GG Apple.

i'm also receiving the "We could not complete your itunes store request. an unknown error occurred (-4)." what is up with that?
has anyone who experienced this problem figured out how to fix it?

To Our Valued Apple Customer:
Thank you for your recent order with Apple.
Our records indicate that your iPhone 3G S pre-order has shipped.
Our carrier's website may have displayed an incorrect delivery
date for your order. However, we expect your iPhone order to be
delivered on time on June 19, 2009.
You can view the most up-to-date status of your order athttp://apple.com/orderstatus.
Thank you for shopping at the Apple Online Store.
Apple Online Store Team
Answers to many Apple Online Store questions can be found at
online Help: http://store.apple.com/us/help.

This is crap! I have to leave to fly to Germany in 90 minutes and I'm getting the same error as #115. Now, my phone doesn't work, my wife's doesn't work, and I'm getting screamed at.
Thanks Apple.

Argh! Bricked!! Automatically downloaded, installed, reset,
get a blank white page in itunes, tries to connect to itunes store, and reports that cannot: check network connection. Itunes network connection test reports all fine. Phone is in the slide to make emergency call mode.
2 more resets... Nada....

Hi folks,
I got the iTunes activation error too and phone was in emergency mode. I unplugged/plugged in the usb about 5 or 6 times so iTunes would keep checking. Finally activation went through!! I have the first gen phone. All told, 30 minutes.
Hang in there!

Ugh, the download finished but I'm getting a message telling me the iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable.

i now have notifications in settings! someone on the tuaw open thread suggested that once you download an app that is set up for notifications like taptap revenge 2 the notifications will appear in settings and.............it works!!!!!!

This happened to me when I was updating to 2.0 on the 2Gen iPhone. I think eventually, after clicking a million times, it finally let me through...

I was getting the same issue but get trying by selecting differnet option in iTunes every time the error came up and after about 20 attempts it I got an iPhone activated message on my phone but still had the error on iTunes. Don't give up!!!

In France, downloaded fine, and fast, updated got screwed up. First it had a problem after rebooting the iphone with the phone pin code, and now itunes can't access the store to finish the update. Tried unplugging/plugging 7 times. FUBAR.
Back to the drawing board for apple

Weird, My Iphone is activated yet it can't access itunes still to grab any of my info! Damn

I keep getting a time-out error saying it cant access Apple to complete the install. Damn, now all I have is a dumb brick of a phone.
You can see the error message and my mini rant on my blog at http://tiny.cc/g4556

Does not work. I did the download and than it said it was installing the firmware but now after it restarted the Iphone nothing it does not do anything. With my Iphone connected to the computer it tries to access Itunes but than it times out and says it lost its connection. What a joke this is stupid. My phone has not worked now for over 3 hours ridiculous.

Guys, keep trying. I just got mine to activate!!
Just keep clicking on your phone in iTunes until it goes through!

Maybe if people would stop hitting update every 2 seconds the servers could catch up with the upgrades.

As #142
Iphone eventually got activated but iTunes iphone sections is still unavailable because of the timeout error.

It will work eventually.. Took me about 20 minutes and about 50 tries but it will work eventually.. servers must be getting slammed..

i had the same error as the last 60 or so posts... i just kept unplugging my phone, and replugging it in - and now i have 3.0!
so, just keep unplugging/replugging it until it works. i did it probably 15 times or so.

God, Finally restoring from back up! Seriously, every couple of minutes unplug then plug back in until it syncs up it took about 15 times for me.

Finally! I got through!
now, where is the settings is the Push Notifications? I've been reading that for some people it's not there...

Unbricked! by resetting again and checking the box to copy pictures from my iPhone. After copying pix iphone reported was activated and got itunes page with phone data.

just had the same problem all of you are having, but i tried this AND IT WORKED.... first you gotta restore your phone (im assuming it was backed up before it crashed in which case you can synch all your stuff on again at the end). Turn off your phone, once its turned off unplug it. Then hold the menu button, (at the bottom), whilst you're holding it plug your phone back in, then u should be able to restore, since mine downloaded 3.0 before it crashed it restored it to 3.0, then resync your apps/contacts/etc if you backed up and hopefully you are good to go. this worked first time for me but if it doesn't for you then perhaps keep trying

I guess the dumb thing works now. But really what is the point I still cant send pictures in my txt messages. This was a big waste of time. I suggest skip this entire process throw your phone in the trash and Purchase the Iphone 3G S on Fri. Thats my plan. I want the vid recording option and the the option to send pictures in txt. All this other stuff if crap.

I will not update unless there is a jailbreak. For those of you who do not see a reason to jailbreak anymore, how about themeing, enabling 3G when it is restricted in apps, sbsettings, backgrounding, and more that I'd rather not list_

Everything is there except THE BATTERY PERCENTAGE INDICATER, i wanted this, but people for the push notifacations to work you need a app the supports it

Just installed and started TapTap Revenge 2.6. After that, the Notifications setting went alive on my 3G.
Also downloaded official 3.0 for my wife's iPhone, and I can confirm is the exact same version as the devs GM I've been running for some days.

I had no issue with download, but did have activation issues (AT&T customer) after download from approx 2pm central to 2:25ish. Could not reach activation server. Support was down as well. I reached through to Apple support at the same time my registration request was accepted. All good now.

maybe I'm crazy, but I thought we were getting some sort of Gps that talked to us? Anyone else remember that?

Took 2 hours of ejecting and rebooting iTunes before my iPhone was finally recognized, after the update.

I am getting the same message...... iphone activation server unavailable at this time. Try again later? Anyone else having trouble like that?

THE BATTERY PERCENTAGE INDICATER??? that made me upset, but notes sync and copy and paste is greattttttttttt

it's finally working...or so i hope...it's got a little status bar on my phone right under the apple...hopefully that means its working now...
after this phone i still have to upgrade my husband's. grrr!!

Had same issue as 118, suddenly now its preparing my iphone for the update....
Running Windows 7 RC1....
hope it works!

Push Notification doesn't appear until you install a compatible App! And no there aren't lots of compatible Apps yet, the only one I know of so far is Tap Tap Revenge 2.6

134 THANK YOU! I was getting so frustrated with the activation server message, unplugging my USB once worked!

Why am I getting the message error that it cannot be updated at this time because the iPhone activation server is temporily unavailable... I have restarted my computer and made sure everything is updated way to many times. Help!

Sync to make the process go faster - Yesterday @ 7 PM
15 Minute download at 1:08 PM Eastern
15 Minute install (installed later on)
Impressions: So far so good. Cut and Paste is terrific - had lined up a test and it worked beautifully. Landscape email is a great improvement. Search works great. I don't have any apps with Push so nothing to report right now but can't wait for some updated apps. Old apps working like before - no problems. Overall, rock solid and as advertised.

smooth as butter...after 46 attempts to stay connected to itunes server..now about to test drive... ~JMF. CA.USA

yes! success! i just kept disconnecting and reconnecting and it finally worked! just be patient if you are still having these problems.

no free/busy information in calendar. This is "enterprise class" ??? Its obvious they are not serious about corporate users. As cool as this phone is, the business capabilities are still lightyears behind BB and MS. Maybe 4.0... :rolls eyes:

Upgraded an hour ago..having trouble with WiFi connectivity in my house now. Seems like it doesn't have the same range at all that it did before the upgrade. Prompts for reconnect sometimes when i get closer to router instead of just connecting like before. Anyone else having this?

I updated my iphone 3g to 3.0. How come there is no camera icon next to the text box for sending picture messages like there is in the walkthrough images?

Okay. so "iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable" The good news is the the server snit -DOWN- its just flooded of course. if you keep hitting the update over.. and over.. and over.. you'll likely get through.. i was just having this problem and after then 20th or so ERROR its now finally updating :) hope this helps!

I downloaded the new OS but I keep getting an error that the activation servers are down. I've been getting this for two hours while other people I know are having no problems. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

It will copy photos, ringtones, etc, but at some point says that iTunes could not sync "Error 13019". Now my playlists on the phone are wiped out, oddly enough the music is there, but it doesnt show up on the phone. If I connect it to iTunes, it shows the music and the playlists as being there. Anyone else run into this?

I was trying to get through to the activation server for two hours, just checking every 10 minutes or so. I tried Tribal's technique of trying over and over very quickly and after the fourth try, I got in!! Try that if you are having activation issues!!

So I've upgraded to 3.0 and now can't text. It won't let me press the "Send" button to bring up the keyboard. Anyone else have this problem?

SO GLAD I upload the 3.0 GM version LAST wk...didnt have to be upset wkth todays ERRORS. & its the same eXact version. So why didnt yall download it a wk early WITHOUT all the HASSLES?!

My wifi seems hosed. Go to settings it connects great, leave settings screen little icon goes away no wifi. Go back into settings it comes back... WTF

Apple sucks, AT&T sucks just as hard. Figures they wont let MMS work. And I've been trying for 2 hours and 500X to download and the server has been busy. This sucks

What is the problem? I had zero problems updating to 3.0 and havent had any problems on ANY updates the last 2 years. This one only took 15-20 min. too. I read this site after every update and there are usually hundreds of frustrated and angry people, what's the deal??

Ok this must be a fix..... So here is the change.
In 2.0 you could put your phone in airplane mode and still activate WIFI separately. Thus your phone services were off but it could still connect to WIFI. This is useful for me because of all the interference noise I get from my Iphone on our baby monitor. I could shut down phone part but still use WIFI without the interference. Now however you set airplane mode. Turn back on WIFI separately it appears to connect get little WIFI icon but as soon as you leave the settings screen the WIFI icon goes away and it disconnects. I consider this a bug not a feature.... how about you.

VERY Frustrated! Been trying for 2 1/2 hours and keep getting the activation problem...stupid that I can download it, but can't install it because it won't activate through ITunes....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is push technology not on this yet? Is another version coming. I thought it was in the settings menu to setup but I have found no icon nothing. What's up?

For those who have downloaded the update but cannot install due to a crashed activation server:

  1. Plug in your iphone and wait for itunes to open.
  2. Open Network Connections thru control panel, or however you enable and disable your internet connection…
  3. Click the “Update” button in itunes.
  4. BEFORE it gets to the point where it attempts to contact the activation server, DISABLE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION!
  5. The update goes thru. You can enable your internet once the software begins to install on your phone.

(Posted by vpete69 on wired.com)

@LD - I was in your shoes an hour ago because I was checking once every 10 minutes or so. Try rapid fire update attempts for a couple of minutes and it will find an opening to get you in!

Why are people asking about push technology. It was there before, still there now. Setting->Mail, Contacts, Calendar->Fetch New Data = Push

The big question.. how do I keep my wife away from iTunes on her phone while she is on the road. This is gonna cost me $$$ ;)

To see push notifications you have to have an app that has push notifications on it. AP News has it. After you install that you can see the Notifications button under settings.

I guess I should consider myself lucky. I downloaded 3.0 at 10:03. It took only one try - finished completely with install about 40 mins. No problems found yet.
Regarding push: It's the first day people...Not all apps support push just yet. If you want to see push activated, download something that supports it, like Tap Tap Revenge (free) and push will start on your phone. It will be seen under the settings. There are only about six apps so far - Tap Tap Revenge, AP News, AIM, B-Day Reminder, Voice4mail, & IM+

I'd got the same activation thing message. Just Keep Trying. In my 20 try it worked. Now i'm updating to 3.0

Heh, I'm tethering right now :) There are just two things that I can't figure out yet:
1) There is no "Notifications" section in the Settings, even though I have updated version of Tap Tap Revenge which theoretically should support it.
2) I have a wireless access point here which requires me to authenticate, but for some reason the Auto-Join option is not available.
Anyone knows what might be causing these?

I give up...I have tried every suggestion on here and I am sick of wasting my time. I'll get the update someday.

Keep trying to install; I just got through to the authentication servers and 3.0 has installed. 2009-06-17 5:26 p.m. Tampa

i'm in northern california & i got through downloading the software but was stopped at the server being down. i unplugged my usb, reconnected and it worked perfectly! good luck & keep trying.

There's a backlog of apps waiting for updates - that's when we'll see (a) apps fixing incompatibility problems, and I reckon (b) apps using push notification. I've got both Tweetie and Twitterrific installed to see which one gets a push-related update first.
Oh, and before anyone asks, WiFi Trak doesn't work under OS 3.0 but the developer has an update already in the approval process with Apple.

Nice undocumented feature - if you move an icon from screen to screen, you can now slide and hold the icon against the edge and each available screen will flip past until you let go. Before you had to release and slide the icon at each screen. Nice time saver!

For those asking about push and MMS:
Push: The menu for Push will not show up in your settings menu until you install an app that has push with it.
MMS: This will not be enabled if your carrier hasn't enabled it. Contact them for assistance.
Tethering: For you Rogers/Fido folk in Canada, I talked to someone at Fido today telling me they can't activate it till Friday when the iPhone 3G S is shipped.
I don't know the situation for any US companies.