iPhone 3G in France: Orange Dates and Rates

iPhone 3G in France

Although the date of July 17 is a bit confusing, given the international 22-country rollout is set for July 11, Orange is at least doing a better job than some other countries by delivering unlimited data with their plans.

And what plans are those?

€149 for the 8GB iPhone 3G, and €199 for the 16GB. Plans start at €49 for 2hrs of voice, 2hrs of night/weekend voice, and 50 SMS and top out at €149 for 12hrs/12hrs and 1000 SMS.

Special offers will be made for business customers to "change their mobile", and for upgrades from existing iPhone (2G) sets/plans.


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iPhone 3G in France: Orange Dates and Rates


You know, those iPhone prices don't look so bad either. I certainly look forward to buy my own one of these days. Up until now I've resisted the pull of the "evil". But more and more I find you have to go with the flow to stay mobile in a trendy way.
I wonder whether others feel like this?