Updated: Hoax! iPhone 3G in Germany: T-Mobile Rate Plans?

iPhone 3G in Germany

Could these be T-Mobile's iPhone 3G rate plans? I couldn't find them posted yet on T-Mobile's site (and my German is nicht gooden anyway), but reader Germany iPhone User sent us a tip on the image below, so if this is them, then this is them!

Update: Turns out not so much (see comments below).

According to the image, plans come in small, medium, large, and extra large (XL) sizes, from €29 through €89, with 50 to 1000 minutes, free weekends, 0 to 500 SMS, with 500mb of data on the lowest plans, and unlimited on all the rest.

Likewise das cheapen plan will get you an iPhone 3G 8GB for €169 (or 16GB for €249) while einen XL will get you the 8GB free! (16GB for €99)

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Reader comments

Updated: Hoax! iPhone 3G in Germany: T-Mobile Rate Plans?


While the prices may be right, this is still a hoax.
There has been an article in "Die Welt Online" today hinting at the prices from this picture -- no change in existing plans, but chenages in prices for the iphone itself.
However, this is a joke or hoax. Why? Because there is the feature "Lauschangriff" included in every plan. "Lauschangriff" translates to tap-attack, i.e. someone will listen into your calls. This seems to be a pointer to the fact that Deutsche Telecom has been spying on their employees (bord members mostly, but who knows) for years (or so) to find out who was talking to the press. There is a full blown investigation going on.
So either this is making fun of that or on that fac that Germanys Minister of the interior is planning and implementing all sorts of things to make Germany a better police state.

The prices on this sheet are nearly the same as before - there are less free SMS, and of course the price for the iPhone itself is different.
Thanks for that, I haven't seen the new prices anywhere. ;)

  • Needs "iTunes 8" ? Crap.
  • And T-Mobile would adapt a curved "3G - Superman" advert for their official campaign ? That's even more crap.