iPhone 3G in Germany: That and €1 Will Get You an iPhone 3G!

iPhone 3G in Germany

Sure, O2 in the UK may be giving them away for free, but why quibble over a Euro-buck? That's what T-Mobile Germany is counting on as they announced that Apple's next generation iPhone 3G could be had for as little as €1 with a €69 a month contract. Want a 16GB model? Starts at €19.95 on a €89 monthly contract.

If you prefer more up front, less down the road, you can also pay your €169.5/€249.95 at the door and walk away with a tiny €29 contract.

Now why can't AT&T -- and closer to (my) home Rogers -- learn from the Europeans?!?


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iPhone 3G in Germany: That and €1 Will Get You an iPhone 3G!


Why can't AT&T learn from the Europeans? Because we here in the good ol' USA must remain at least 10 years behind the rest of the civilized world.

you should take a closer look at the crappy conditions of the tiny 29€ contract before being too enthusiastic about it...

here in ibiza a mate went into the movistar shop to pre order the 3g iphone (we got ours from the u.s. a few months ago)
"youre the 16th person to order this week" (weve been telling/showing everyone here whats its like and its a piece of p*ss to sell)
the new 3g is free with a 25euro a month contract