iPhone 3G in Mexico: Telcel Tells Pricing and Plans!

iPhone 3G in Mexico on Telcel

Not to be outdone by the Kings of Hong Kong, Mexico's Telcel has also revealed what they're going to be beating, piñata-style, out of the subscribers for the honor of owning El Jobso's iPhone 3g.

Low end plans start at US$36 for 200 min, 100 SMS, and 100MB of data (!), with US$311 for the 8GB handset and US$434 for the 16GB

High end tops out at US$79 for 700/250/Unlimited data with a FREE 8GB handset or $123 for the 16GB.

Strangely the middle plans offer paltry 150MB/200MB data caps for $49 and $59, while $79 nets you unlimited?!

Still, Mexico seems to have landed much closer to AT&T's side of North America than Rogers...

Thanks to Keith for the tip!


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iPhone 3G in Mexico: Telcel Tells Pricing and Plans!


Hi Guys, I only have one question, what is the source of this information? It's reliable? Because here in Mexico Tecel hasn't announced the official plans.

$79 isn't unlimited data, is for just 200 MB.
There's a site where you can sign a petition, similar to the one the canadians have. It has a KB calculator, that translates MB to $$. Check it out: http://www.neltelcel.com
Los invito a hacer ruido. Visita el sitio http://www.neltelcel.com y firma la petición. Hagamos lo que los canadienses están haciendo con Rogers con el fin de ejercer presión sobre Telcel.