iPhone 3G in Scandinavia: Swed Data Rates? Norway!

iPhone 3G Thor

Two of the Scandinavian nations have just released their iPhone 3G plans. First up is TeliaSonera, with iMini plans starting with 18 month contracts at 299 SEK for 100 min./SMS/MB, with 8GB handsets for 2495 SEK and 16GB for 3295 SEK. iMidi is 250/250/250, and topping out with iMaxi at 859 SEK for 1000/1000/1000 and handsets for 1395 SEK or 2195 SEK.

There's an iMidi plan as well, and 2-year contracts gets a handset discount. Still, that a US$145 a month obligation for 1GB of data... Ouch.

But it's not as bad as Netcom in Norway! iTalk Small is 399 NOR for 100/100/100, with 1390 NOR or 2290 NOR for the handset, and iTalk Large is 1099 NOR for 1000/1000/1000 with 1 NOR or 890 NOR for the handset. That's $221 a month for 1GB!

And I thought Canadians were getting hosed. What happened to mythical Midgard data pipes, where costs are negligible and speeds are the stuff of legend? Is the evil Loki... er... Nokia behind it? iPhone 3G Thor, taste them thine hammer!


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iPhone 3G in Scandinavia: Swed Data Rates? Norway!


well they're not. Actually they must be the cheapest country in Europe. That will be of they're 6
months contract. so saying that they get hosed is wrong

Telia Denmark’s pricing is very cheap compared to Netcom in Norway, especially considering the fact that Telia only have the contract for 6 months, while Netcom operates with 12 months. I’d take Denmark or even Canadas prices over the ridiculous prices of Netcom, any time!

Is this "AFFORDABILITY"? It's strange how the same company,TeliaSonera, with or its subsidiaries, sees things differently in these 3 neighbouring countries. It's the same iPhone, for God's sake, folk. The Norwegian operator, Netcom, is the worsrt culprit for its lack of empathy and understanding for its yet-to-be customers. Maybe, it failed to understand what Jobs meant by "affordability", "the price shall be $199 all over the world." Steve Jobs, are you listening?

Denmark IS getting hosed. Selling a product wich should revolutionize mobile internet with a 300MB dataplan?!? Now that is just wrong! Apple should have insisted on a flatrate dataplan... But I agree. Norways prices are worse.

It should be pointed out that Netcom in Norway is a part of TeliaSonera! It's the same company selling the iPhone in Denmark, Norway and Sweden!

Yeah, you folks get sympathy from the Canadians, and that's quite a feat!
Is there no government oversight on your end(s) either?