iPhone 3G in the Netherlands: T-Mobile Plans and Prices

iPhone 3G in the Netherlands

Current German and Austrian iPhone carrier, T-Mobile pushes its way into the lowlands with news on their upcoming Netherlands iPhone 3G rates:

Cheaper plans start at €29,95 for 150 min, 150 SMS, and unlimited data, with €79.95 for an 8GB handset, and €159.95 for 16GB.

Premium plans end at €64.95 for 500/500/unlimited, with €1 for an 8GB and €19.95 for the 16GB.

T-Mobile WiFi Hotspot access is also thrown in gratis.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone 3G in the Netherlands: T-Mobile Plans and Prices


You think those prices are bad. Feel sorry for the people in Canada who are looking to get an iPhone. Their plans really suck!
Me, I'm waiting to see what happens with Telcel in Mexico to see how much they're going to rip everybody off!!!

Rene is from the great white north and half of his posts are about how crappy Rogers is. So I think he does feel soarry for his fellow hosers eh.
Well maybe not half of his posts but a good 1/3 anyways but heck if I was up there I would be just as pissed. ;)