iPhone 3G in the USA: AT&T Family Talk Plan Info

AT&T Mouth of Sauron Speaks!

While confusion still looms over who is eligible and at what price for iPhone 3G upgrades, never mind how high the unsubsidized price will eventually soar, AT&T may have clarified what families have to look forward to:

Family Talk plans ARE available. Voice plans start at $39.99 a month (same as the regular one-line starting plan) and additional lines will be $9.99 a month. AT&T's expecting lots of Family Talk Plans this time around because of the $199 price point.

Makes sense. But howsabouta family data? $30 a pop still per phone?


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iPhone 3G in the USA: AT&T Family Talk Plan Info


If you have two BlackBerrys on a family plan, you have to drop $30 a piece for data. Considering At&t just brought the iPhone inline with their other smartphones in the category of data cost, I can't imagine it will be any different.

Before the iPhone 3G was officially announced I spoke with an AT&T rep (FWIW) about what we might expect, assuming the 3G was handled similarly to the original iPhone OR more in line with their other smartphones.
He said that if the powers-that-be decided to make the iPhone plans more in line with their other smartphones (as appears to be the case), then the family plan would apply in the way the article describes and data plans would be the same for every phone, whether it's on a family plan or not. This is exactly what customers with Blackberrys or WinMo phones have to deal with (in the case of Blackberrys, it's $30 for EDGE data). We shouldn't think iPhone customers would be any different, at least not anymore.

Well, considering I have a family plan with four lines ... and two of those are iPhones ... and they charge me $20/month PER iPhone ... I'm guessing it'll be $30/month PER 3G iPhone on the family plan.
I'm just speculating.

It would be kind of nice if there was a Family Data plan. Perhaps once data becomes more ubiquitous, it may happen? Who am I kidding, they unbundled SMS so they could charge extra for it.

@Ryan: it varies by zipcode. Some areas have a 550 minute plan at $60 for two lines. Note that AT&T markets this as $49.99 for 1 line (+$9.99 for each additional line). But nowhere have I heard of a family plan for $39.99 unless it's $39.99 for 0 lines + $9.99 for each additional line.
Other areas have the 700 minutes at $70 for 2 lines as the cheapest available plan.

The family cannot be $39.99 starting. My guess it will be $69.99+. I hope the data plan is $30-$40 for family plan.

Yes, this is what I have now.
$80 for my family of 4 to split 900[?] minutes [can't remember exact number]. [this includes my mom's phone, she has to be primary since she doesn't have an iPhone and I get 15% discount for work.
Then $10 for my sister"s NON iPhone...
Then $10 for my phone + $20 for the data (times two because my OTHER sister has an iPhone too)
Then I have $29.99 unlimited family text messages [that overrides me and my sister w/iPhone 200 text messages]
I would expect Each phone would pay the $30 since they are no family data plans that I am aware of.

If the data plan is $30 for each line. I would be very expensive. Just say for 3 lines total for 3 lines is $69.99 + 30 data per line x 3 line: $159.99 + $29.99 family text: Final total is ---> $189.98 <---

I've read around and apparently the data plans on the additional phone are not mandatory.
So(per month):
$69.99<----1 iPhone 3G
$9.99<-----1 Crappy phone for your parent or little brother(without data)
Which is quite the deal!

So I'm 14 and don't have a iphone 3G but is thinking of getting one but my parents are customers of AT&T so we might get the famiy plan but what are the talk plans and by how much do the price ranges vary?