Updated! iPhone 3G International Update: Australia Plans & Prices, Canada Stumbles, Sweden Crumbles?

iPhone in Australia: This is 3G!

Thanks to reader, Adam R. who wrote in to let us know Australian rates have been revealed, and his Blackberry can now "go the way of the dodo".

First up is Optus who've announced both pre-paid and post-paid plans. Pre-paid Turbo Caps start at AUS$30 for an AUS$30 "mycredit", AUS$110 "mybonus", and AUS$30 "mytime money" -- but no "mydata". At AUS$100 you get 100/800/100 and Plus 1GB "mydata". On these plans, and 8GB iPhone 3G will run you AUS$729 and 16GB, AUS$849. Not confusing enough for non-Ozzies, plan rates weigh in at AUS$0.78/min. for national calls,AUS$0.35 per "Flagfall" call, and AUS$02.2/KB weekdays and AUS$1.1/KB for "iZoo Browsing".

Read on for Post-paid, Telestra's first statement, Canadian craziness, and some Swedish relief!

Optus' Post-paid is just as impenetrable for me, with Cap plans ranging from AUS$19 for 100MB, AUS$50 of calls/SMS (and more?), and AUS$0.47 per 30 seconds (?) for national calls, to AUS$179 for 1GB and AUS$1500 of calls/SMS (and more??), and AUS$0.35 per 30 sec. national calls (?!). Both plans have AUS$0.35 "flagfall" per call rates, and AUS$0.25 per SMS.

But it gets stranger! On post-paid, you pay off your iPhone over the course of a 12 or 24 month contract. AUS$51 or AUS$21 for an 8GB or AUS$61 or AUS$26 for a 16GB on the low end, AUS$23 or AUS$0 for 8GB or AUS$33 or AUS$0 on the high.

(Seriously, if an Australian reader can explain that to us like we're 5th grader, we'd really appreciate it! Crikey!)

Telestra's Australian rates, and Swedish and Canadian updated after the break!

Here's Telestra so far:

The Next G™ iPhone 3G™ plans start at $30 per month with an upfront cost of $279 for the 8GB model and $399 for the 16GB model. Customers will receive the 8GB iPhone 3G™ model at no cost with the $80 plan and either the 8GB or the 16GB model at no cost with plans starting at $100 per month. All plans include free Wi-Fi access at Telstra hotspots and require a 24-month contract.

Mind boggling voice and data rates to be detailed later, I assume?

UPDATE: Global TV in British Columbia aired a report on Rogers and the Canadian backlash:

Meanwhile, Canadians continue to protest, with major national and international news outlets picking up the story of GSM monopoly Rogers iPhone plans, and rumor has it there may be some more movement on their part sometime prior to launch:

Customers are not restricted just to the 4 iphone bundles that were announced & are able to select from most of our other voice & data plans. We do not have an unlimited data plan, although we are looking at potentially tweaking some of the data plan bucket sizes. More to follow. Bruce M. Mann Vice President Investor Relations Rogers Communications Inc.

Maybe it has a little something to do with the CDMA competition embarrassing them by offering truly reasonable data rates ($30 unlimited!) on their iClone iPhone competitors, like Telus for the HTC Touch Diamond and Bell for the Samsung Instinct?

Sweden, of course, has already seen Telia cave to public outcry over their iPhone plans (which were crazier than even the Canadians):

Swedish iPhone carrier Telia has revised its service offerings for the soon to be released handset. Instead of modifying the plans for the iPhone 3G, the carrier has chosen to allow users to pick from its existing plans for other mobile phones, then add a 199 SEK (roughly $33) unlimited data option.

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Reader comments

Updated! iPhone 3G International Update: Australia Plans & Prices, Canada Stumbles, Sweden Crumbles?


Actually, there was never any question about the fact that one would get to buy an iPhone in Sweden with any one of the normal plans that TeliaSonera offers. The question was only what the price for the handset would be.
The additional 199kr unlimited data plan is available as an add-on to any (non pre-paid) plan from TeliaSonera, it is just extra recommended for the iPhone.

Apple are restricting supply in Australia to keep the "Fizz" and "Hype" going. Hundreds lining up outside the 3 selected operators stores and Apple store will be disappointed with the lack of supply. I really do hope this bites Apple in the arse real badly.
Initial response from Sydney consumers are negative at the way Apple have chosen to restrict supply. The 3 mobile operators in Australia are also unhappy due to the fact that Apple refuse the warrant the Iphone against DOA (Dead on Arrival). Basically the carrier or dealer has to pay the cost of an Iphone if it doesn't work.
Screw Apple and their marketing BS.......get a HTC Diamond instead!!!!

If I buy a iPhone in the US and send it to a relative in Sweden, will they be able to use it? If not, what needs to be done? The iPhone in Sweden is more than double the cost in the US.

Here is how the "Cap" system works in Australia (From the perspective of a Canadian) - Its designed to confuse:
You pay a monthly "Cap" fee and get a certain amount of "Carrier Credit" dollars and Data allotment.
For example: I pay $99/month on vodafone and get $1000 of carrier credit and 2gb data.
WIth the carrier credit I can make calls, send SMSs/MMS, etc. - Data is billed as usual.
Now on to billing - Which again, is charged from your carrier credit... You've paid your $99 which turned into $1000 carrier bucks.
Flagfall = Connection Charge - Usually $0.20-0.35 depending on the carrier (But this is from the Carrier Credit which is 10X that of what you actually paid - so in my case ($1000 carrier credit for $99) REAL dollars the $0.20 connection charge is really $0.02.
Minute charges are similar, $0.25-0.35 per 30 seconds (Again these are Carrier Credits, not actual $).
SMSs are $0.20-0.25 carrier credits.
If you go over your carrier credit you start getting billed in real dollars (very expensive) so many people, like myself overdo it a bit (ie: $99 for 2gb data, unlimited evenings and weekends (5pm), and $1000 carrier credit.
Very confusing, but that's just how they like it. Its harder to compare carrier prices this way but there are excel spreadsheets that show actual costs involved that are quite useful to australian shoppers.
Hope that helps!

During the first 6months of my contract I can get my iPhone unlocked for $25. After that its free.
Last week my 16gb white iPhone3G was stolen, fortunately it was insured and the brand new replacement came the next day. Today I've unlocked it and am selling it on eBay. The carrier unlock and carrier open MMS/Tethering makes it quite a unique iPhone that can be used on any network to its full potential.
If I get a few hundred for it I'll be pleased - Help pay off my upgrade fee (Which still hasn't been announced).