iPhone 3G S has Oleophobic Oil-Resistant Screen Coating

iPhone 3G S Hero

MacDailyNews (via Daring Fireball) discovered that Apple has indeed given the new iPhone 3G S a small bump in screen specs. No, not OLED or pixel density, but according to their iPhone Cleaning How To:

If your iPhone has an oleophobic coating on the screen (iPhone 3G S only), simply wipe your iPhone’s screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands and face.

Indeed - the smudge-free future is now!

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Reader comments

iPhone 3G S has Oleophobic Oil-Resistant Screen Coating


Those instructions are exactly what I do now with my 1st ten iPhone. What's the big deal? BTW, I hope you go back to the iPhone friendly version soon. I really hate viewing and more importantly typing in this version. Thanks!

The coating lasts HOW LONG? Does it stand up to wear and tear or will there be a visible wear pattern over the unlock slider?
Most lens coatings are not very robust I've found. (My glasses have these coatings, and they wear fairly well, depending on cleaning frequency).
How does it help, with everyone adding a screen protector?

honestly, if apple is spinning this then they truly have reached new heights in spindom. I mean it would be cool if they said, oh just rub it against the back of your arm and voila clean, but a "clean lint free cloth"?

Some angry people on here. Maybe we should all wait and see how it works on the 19th, and then pass judgement on whether it is marketing or a bonafide improvement.

You guys are taking this too far, Apple doesn't advertise this as a "Feature" of the iPhone 3G S, there is a brief mention on the full features page, and in the support articles. It's not on the home page or anything like that.

Well, it works. Picked up my 3G S yesterday, and the screen doesn't smudge at all. Now I wonder if I even need a screen protector.
Oh, and it's worth the upgrade. Much faster.

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