iPhone 3G S Uses PowerVR SGX to Become One with Speed Force


Apple Insider reveals that:

Sources have now reported that Apple has detailed that Imagination's PowerVR SGX is indeed the graphics processor used in the iPhone 3G S, and that it is "designed for OpenGL ES 2.0." The new 2.0 specification of OpenGL for Embedded Systems eliminates most of the fixed-function rendering pipeline for a programmable approach to 3D rendering using shader programs.

So while we're not yet getting that PA Semi + multicore ARM/PowerVT + OpenCL + Papermaker + ATI gurus system on a chip we've been fantasizing about this year... we're still getting a clear focus on speed from Apple. And that's a Good Thing.

Oh, and yeah, that's totally the Kingdom Come Flash trouncing his golden age and silver age counterparts in the graphic above. /geek.

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 3G S Uses PowerVR SGX to Become One with Speed Force


Agreed but the thing is i read the iphone blog even watch the iphone live and the things they thought would be in the new iphone none of them were there iam really dissappointed because there just like o ill still get the new iphone come on do u buy a new computer every year knowing fully it will be was faster than the previous years pc or mac no u dont so i seriously doubt a ton of people will buy the 3gs unless there upgrading from the first gen iphone

I was very fucked up i was just saying people dont go buying a new computer every year even though they know its a lil bit faster at least i dont

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