iPhone 3G S Now Shipping From Apple


I woke up this morning to an email from Apple -- my iPhone 3G S has shipped! A quick look at the tracking information via the UPS website shows that it has been shipped from Shenzhen China to arrive at my home by the 19th at the latest.

Something important to remember, if you did order from Apple and will not be home at the time of the delivery - you must fill out a form via Apple's web site for them to leave it at your door if you'd like you device left for you. If not you will be waiting until Monday and that would make for a long weekend.

So far we have had no confirmation regarding phones shipping from AT&T. Any other AT&T customers receive a shipping notification yet?

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iPhone 3G S Now Shipping From Apple



I preordered mine through my local AT&T store, I do have a UPS tracking number as of this morning but when I track it at ups.com it doesn't have any tracking info available for it yet.

To Paul: When did you order for AT&T ? Mine still says "processing"(ordered on the 12th) Thanks

Mine still shows "Not Yet Shipped" :( But I will def need to have them leave it cause I won't be home. I guess that form is avalible after it ships cause I don't see it on my order confirmation

Funny thing thou they say there still processing it, but yanked the 215 out of my credit card faster then i have seen before!!!!

same here June 11th at around 9:45PM...I called AT&T last night and the cust. serv. agent told me that I will get it on 19th (without checking the status)

What form do I need to fill out to have them leave it at my house? I definitely won't be there to sign for it, but I want it :)

lol Anthony ..I ordered through ATT premier and I was checking the status on both the regular ATT and the premier: It says "backordered" in the regular att and "processing" in the premier website...kinda confusing

Pre-Ordered in the store on the 11th. Order status is "in progress" and there is a UPS tracking number associated with a ship date of 6/13.shrug

Pre-ordered mine through ATNT website on the 9th and still says processing. Def took that money out of my account asap tho!

I ordered my iphone through the AT&T store. I will one of those people at my local AT&T store @ 7am. I didn't want shipping to be a factor b/c I wanted to have it as soon as I could on Friday. They did charge my credit card already which is not a surprise. Got to set my alarm for Friday!!!!

I preordered my iphone through the Apple store last Monday, and it still hasn't shipped yet :/. It still says delivers by June 19 though.

I just ordered a black 32 GB from the Apple site. They're still promising Friday delivery. We'll see...

Anthony ..I am kinda 50% with you ..I did call ATT yesterday and the guy I talked to assured me that I will get my phone by the 19th even that there is no tracking info

ordered on the 10th through AT&T, in progress, have UPS tracking number, with 6/13 ship date.

Anthony ...been with them since 2000...from my past experiences when ordering a phone.."backordered" doesn't mean much

I ordered the at&t premier on the 11th.
My order status is still showing:
Date Ordered: Jun 11, 2009
We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly.

Yea but this is different man, its the iphone and we have seen how they botched up the last iphones!!

I have a feeling that it will tomorrow or Wednesday when will get our email...I have read in other forums that people who ordered on the 9th got their email Saturday and then people who ordered on the 10th just got their mails today ...

I ordered my black 16gb on the 13'th and am in the "We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly." boat also. I called At&t yesterday and was assured of delivery by the 19'th so we'll see.

Futurecode that is the same answer I got..hopefully that is not what they are instructed to say to customers calling about preorders at ATT lol

Vicarious happy-dance for all the pre-orderers!
I'm lining up at an Apple Store with a co-worker on release day, but have some friends getting them mailed as well.
I've felt kind of "meh" about the phone since hearing that tethering would not be available upon release of 3.0, but as the day nears I'm getting more excited!

I also ordered mine on June 8th from Apple and still say not yet shipped...starting to worry.

i ordered mine on the 8th from apple also... and havent gotten a shipping emial..... i will be furious if it is not delivered by friday

Ordered mine on the 8th, still in not yet shipped, and though the website says arriving 22nd, they sent me an email saying to ignore it as my order "will deliver on the 19th".

I ordered mine yesterday. Nothing as of shipping yet. If I don't get it by at least Monday, I'm gonna be upset. I'm using a Nokia right now, and I wanna throw it across the room.

Can someone please provide a link to the form we need to fill out if we are not going to be home?

Mine has a status of "In Transit". I ordered the 2 day shipping for an extra $10. I wonder if this means I will see it on the 17th? That would be great! Unlike Jeremey's, though, my UPS Quantum view doesn't state an arrival date.
Well, if it doesn't arrive on the 17th, I call Apple and request a refund...

Looking back at the Apple notification page, it specifically says 2 day shipping method. Here's the redacted info. BTW, I ordered directly on the Apple site 3 hours after the announcement (it took that much time for the site to stabilize to get the order to take.)
Shipping Method
2 Day
Shipping Options
Items will be shipped separately as they become available.
Shipped on: Jun 15, 2009 via UPS
Tracking #: 1BLAHBLAHBLAH954021 (Pre-sign for this shipment)
Product / Part No. Qty
MB718LL/A 1
Custom configuration
| Show Hide
With AT&T Rate Plan

I ordered mine on 9th at ATT store. Didnt recieve any email yet status check has a tracking number but still in progress.

im glad im not in any of ur shoes...iLL be nxt yr(LordsWill) when the NEW1 comes out & my contract ends...dis any of you all get an "early" upgrade?!

I wouldn't be surprised it they ship them so they all arrive on Friday, whether expedited shipping was requested or not. When I placed my order, whether I selected standard, two day or next day shipping, it still said it would arrive on Friday, 6/19. My only concern is if it's standard delivery, will there be a guarantee that it will arrive on the 19th.

LOL! This reminds me of being on AT&T's website for Direct Order Fulfillment last year when I was waiting to receive the iPhone 3G. Isn't it so exciting that you feel like a kid awaiting Christmas!?! :)


Until you posta pic of you with the phone (running an app that's only on the 3G S) with today's newspaper and a sign that says "Why does everyone on TiPB hate me?" no one will believe you.
p.s. - I ordered mine on the 8th within 15 mins of store coming up and have no shipment notice.

OTOH, I think it would be kinda funny if they shipped all of the standard shipping ones right away and the overnights not until the day before. Hope they allocated inventory correctly, otherwise the people who paid extra are gonna be pissed ;).

I ordered mine on the 8th and received an order confirmation but it's still hasn't shipped. I noticed it never debited my check account...does it not process the payment until it ships or do I need to call to make sure I get mine by the 19th?

i order mine on 9 at store ... at att website it say is shipped...but nothing more. the track number dosent work with ups.. tells me the number is invalid. but i didn't receive yet a email . i cant wait.. yay

Apple had an error/bug on their website allowing users to select a shipping option the first day of iPhone 3GS... this was corrected and up until they sold out you had no shipping options to choose from. Apple is not going to deliver iPhones early, so people who paid extra for fast shipping need to contact Apple for a refund.
Sorry folks.

It means that ATT and Apple have in-house shipping people who can generate tracking numbers for items that haven't physically left the warehouse.

I ordered my on 6/09/09 at 4:41pm. Delivers by 6/19/09.
When I just check it said not yet shipped, but it also said under shipping method "Priority". So just maybe it will be here Friday!!!!!! I hope so!!!

I ordered mine on monday at 11pm and still has not shipped but people I know have ordered theirs on thursday last week and they have a shipped already. what up with that?

I called the apple today to get some info on my shipping and the guy I was talking to said that apple was doing mainly overnight shipping, so I probably wouldn't see a shipping notice until wednesday or thursday night. Not sure if that's for everyone or the guy knew what he was talking about, but I thought i'd share.

Did anyone else order through the AT&T retail store? I paid for the 3GS and checked my credit card & I was charged. I will be going there at 7am to pick-up. I live in a small town and I think I may be the only one there. I will be surprised if there are more than 3 people there. I wonder if you ordered it through the store if you can track it? Anyone know? :) 4 Days to go!!!

I preordered on the 9th. It says shipped as of the 12th. Should be in the store by the 17th or 18th. I'm cool with the dude, so hopefully he lets me take it home prior to the 19th.

This is too bre bre, usually they bang on your door loud enuf to wake up a dead person and then throw the box at the door! Thats been my experience!

I ordered on the attws website June 9th, 2009. I wonder if they'd leave it at the door.
Still get a "We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly".

UPS says that my iPhone will be delivered tomorrow....kinda weird.
In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery: 06/17/2009
Shipped To: NEW YORK, NY, US
Shipped/Billed On: 06/16/2009
Service: EXPRESS
Weight: .50 Kg

Where on the Apple site can you fill out the form to have it left at your door if you are not there? Anyone know?

Just checking the status. Still in China but says it will deliver today on the 16th. How can it take one day to get from China to my door near Chicago?

Delivery is scheduled for June 17th, Wednesday. See below! I'll report if I got it on time...
Scheduled Delivery: 06/17/2009
Shipped/Billed On: 06/16/2009
Service: EXPRESS
Weight: .50 Kg

I pre-ordered mine on June 11th and it says "Shipped" now as it shipped yesterday afternoon!

i also have a scheduled delivery date of June 17...
i'm skeptical that it will ship from china to my door in ohio in 2 days...

I ordered mine from Apple on the 8th and it still shows it has not shipped! I'm a little worried that I won't receive it on Friday. Did anyone else order theirs on the 8th? Is it shipped?

I was happy to see my UPS status showing an estimated delivery day of the 18th - now I'm feeling jealous of those of you who show delivery tomorrow. Really, though, even if mine doesn't show up until Monday, that's fine ... personally, I'm not up for another round of 5 hours in line ...

just rec'd my email from Apple showing it has shipped. UPS tracking number shows a delivery of June 17th! i too am skeptical that it will make it from China to Colorado in 2 days, but i prob will have it by this Friday the 19th!

@Mike: I'm right there with you, or almost. I ordered mine 2:00 pm PST on June 8, and I just received my email telling me that my phone has shipped, but won't show up until the 22nd. I realize that a difference of 3 days isn't going to send the world spinning off its axis, but I'm damned jealous of everyone getting theirs on Friday.

MGT: That's just not fair. You ordered yours on the 8th well before many of those that are getting theirs on Friday or earlier. Yours is being shipped priority right? I guess those being shipped out today will arrive on Monday.

@Mike: This is going to be a looooong weekend. At least I'll be nearly blackout drunk for most of it. On second thought, maybe it's a good thing I won't have the 3GS to lose.

MGT: If it makes you feel any better I ordered mine 2 hours before you and it still hasn't shipped.

I have the tracking number since yesterday morning and when i track it no results? Its pissing me off. Either way I'll be up at ATT store at 6:30 am and be at work at 9:45 to sell the damn phone ... :D Hope I can get there on time or there might be some pissed of iPhone people... LOL

Has everyone's card been charged for the full amount yet? When I initally put the order in using my debit/credit card, the transaction showed up as pending in my bank account and then a day later it disappeared and has not shown up since. I wonder if they are going to re-charge the amount before it ships.

i didnt recieve none a email..but on att status shows me shipped ... ship date 06/12/09.... why i didnt recieve a email ? when i call att they say the track number ups is not valid...
(sorry my English)

I just spoke with Apple. They are still guaranteeing delivery by the 19th. They also told me that there will be delivery blocks placed on shipments that arrive early so no one will receive their phone before the 19th...sorry guys.

Mike- I had the same thing. Ordered mine on the 10th from At&t and it was pending on my account but is now gone and I haven't been charged yet.

just spoke to apple aswell , said my order will arive on the 19th even though it does not say it online... so for anyone who ordered it on the 8th im sure your in the same boat... and thats with the standard free delivery

I think I got screwed by att.com. I ordered my iPhone on June 10. I have the emails to prove the order was confirmed and accepted. My number port from verizon was also successful and confirmed. However, my order # wouldn’t work on their lookup page. So I called them - talked to 4 different people. Finally one of them found that my order did not have the port confirmation on it. So she fixed it. I verbally verified with her that this wouldn't mess up my first-come-first-served status...but then when I logged in to check my status, I see that my 6/10 order was CANCELLED and a new one in its place on 6/15!!! This messes everything up because I’m now at the end of the line! I called them again but no resolution (of course). Next I am going to email the CEO. I think I may regret moving from Verizon…

@Mike, David.. I had the same issue so I called them to make sure it was not canceled. They told me they weren't suppose to take debit card payments and my order would be canceled. I fought them and they will be holding one for me friday morning. Fyi my order shows shipped.

I ordered mine from Apple's site on Sunday morning, and this morning the order status went from Not Yet Shipped to Prepared For Shipment; also, I noticed that the order went from standard to priority shipping. Presumably, the target delivery date of 6/19 still stands.

@mthrndr I had a similar situation. I ordered mine, like you did, on the 10th, and I got a confirmation #. On the 11th, they ATT e-mailed and said my order required more info for verification, please call this number. I did, they asked me some questions, and said OK all is good. I still couldn't get a result for my order # on the Web site on Saturday, so I called. Web order call center not open on weekends, I learn after 4 calls. I call back yesterday, they say they need more info for verification and proceed to ask me the same questions. I say I already did this, they say, Oh yeah, you did. OK, fine.
Today, I see they charged my credit card for the $$, and I can now see my order status on the Web site. But it says my order date is 6/16 and that it's on back-order.
So did I just get screwed into a back-order because they couldn't get their *&%^ together? I'll be mad if I have to wait 7-10 additional days because of that.

Just chatted with At&t about my account not being charged. Looks like I'll have to call to get it on the 19th (maybe). Here's the chat.
Please wait for an AT&T Representative to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Kimberly Cornelius'
Kimberly Cornelius: Hello, I am Kimberly Cornelius. I will be assisting you today.
David: Hello Kimberly I need assistance with my iPhone preorder. I ordered on the 10th and I have recieved an email stating that more info is needed.
Kimberly Cornelius: I'm sorry you have experienced problems with your request. I will be able to assist you with the number transfer/porting issue.
Kimberly Cornelius: May I please have your full social security number to access your account?
David :
Kimberly Cornelius: Thank you. Please allow me 2 - 3 minutes to review your request.
David : Not a problem
Kimberly Cornelius: Your old service provider has confirmed that your number can be transferred/ported to AT&T. The equipment you ordered will now be shipped and should be received within 5 business days; 2 days if being sent Priority. Once the equipment is received, please complete the activation process by calling the number listed on the box and following the prompts.
David : I was not charged yet for the phone...will that happen soon?
David : There was a charge pending on my account and then it dissappeared.
Kimberly Cornelius: Yes sir. You will be charged on June 19, 2009 when the iPhone is released.
David: And it will arrive sometime that day?
Kimberly Cornelius: No sir. The iPhone order will not ship until June 19, 2009.
Kimberly Cornelius: It was my goal today to resolve all your issues. Have I fully resolved all issues? Is there anything else I can assist you with Mr. Dixon?
David Dixon: Is there anyway I can get the phone on the 19th as the original preorder suggested?
Kimberly Cornelius: You will have to contact our order department at 1-866-391-0749.

I got my shipped notice late yesterday. Last UPS update had it in Hong Kong. For some reason, UPS thinks the scheduled delivery date is the 18th, not the 19th.

Ok at&t is starting to really piss me off, there is still nothing about my iphone being delivered, there is nothing on there site as well as the premier site one says processing and the other says on back order. Ordered on June 11 and june 12 they took the money and no word!! WTF anyone else having trouble with AT&T?

Well, mine still says 6/15/09 - QTY ordered: 1, QTY backordered: 1. So mine is apparently backordered. Below this it lists my original order on 6/10/09, all canceled, ridiculing me. Same exact order # on both (how is this possible?)
I emailed the head of exec. customer service, as well as the CEO, randall Stephenson, on his supposed private email. I highly doubt I'll get any response, but I'll let you know. If they screw this up, they'll lose a customer for life.

I ordered two iphones (one for me and one for my wife) separately from Apple and from AT&T. The order from AT&T is still 'in progress' and I wouldn't put money on the phone arriving on friday. However, I received a shipment notification from Apple this morning which states that the scheduled delivery of the other iphone is tomorrow (06/17)!!

ed from dc, man this is some messed up stuff in how they are handling and dealing with this stuff, but rest yet they yank our money out to pay for a phone that we dont even have confirmation yet that we are getting!!!

@mthrndr - That is weird. I suppose that's what happens when one company has a lock on it. AT&T better beware when/if Apple removes exclusivity. I know so many people who have iPhones who hate AT&T. When I was deciding whether to buy one (this will be my first), everyone said You're going to love the phone but hate AT&T.
I've been a Verizon customer since I first got a cell phone way back when. I was hoping they'd get access to the iPhone, because I hate to leave.
Good luck with your order. Mine never showed cancelled, so who knows?

Not to interrupt the let's-bag-on-ATT party, but I've seen no behavior from ATT that I haven't seen from the other carriers (seen worse elsewhere, actually).

People who are complaining about at&t shipping should have read before they bought. On there website it says 'pre-orders for iPhone 3G S will ship 7 to 14 days after your order is placed. Orders will ship on a first-come, first-served basis." So now you can figure out when it will be there.

Type: Package
Status: In Transit - On Time
Your shipment is moving within the UPS network and should be delivered on the Scheduled Delivery Date. A shipment can remain in this status until it is delivered. Other than time-definite air deliveries, shipments are generally delivered anytime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to residences, and by close of business for commercial addresses. UPS cannot schedule a specific delivery time within that window.
What should I do if I'm expecting a delivery?
This is the most up-to-date information about the status of your shipment. For residential deliveries that require a signature, you can leave instructions for the driver if no one will be home. For example, you can ask that it be delivered to a neighbor who will be home. Shipments that don't require a signature can be left in a safe place at the driver's discretion.
In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery: 06/18/2009
Shipped/Billed On: 06/16/2009
Service: EXPRESS
Weight: .50 Kg
Hopefully it comes a day early as stated...

just though maybe some of you would like this info. i ordered my iphone June 12 through att website (premier) i have been tracking the order with no updates except that it will be processed shortly. then i logged into the premier website and it said backordered. I finally called att and they told me that my order has been processed and will be shipped shortly. not really sure how there could be 3 very different pieces of info on my one order, but we will see what happens. my guess is that they are overwhelmed with orders and calls (the wait time is crazy). however i personally think that no matter what the carrier (att, verizon) iphone releases are going to be haywire either way. i just hope they come through with their promise to get us our iphones on friday!

unfortunately, dr. moron, that's the NEW message on the AT&T site. before june 13, it said the phones would ship immediately to arrive "as early as June 19" So we DID read the site.

also, for any of you who placed order through premier try calling 1-866-499-8008 and select opt 3 for order tracking. the automated service told me my phone will be shipped shortly as my order has been processed

My phone is now in Anchorage
AK, US 06/16/2009 1:48 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
HK 06/16/2009 11:14 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN
06/16/2009 7:49 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
CN 06/15/2009 2:07 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN
But, now it doesn't have a delivery date

Got through to ATT and got a really nice rep. The charge expired on my account and I wasn't charged for the phone yet because the order had not be updated. They updated it while I was on the phone and said I am still in "prepaid" status. She also said that ATT doesn't have the phones yet and are hoping to get them on Thursday and ship overnight for delivery on Friday but no guarantees. Hope that helps some of you.

And I just received this email:
Dear David,
Thank you for your recent iPhone 3G S and new service purchase with AT&T. We have recently sent you an email about your wireless number transfer to us that was requesting further action by you to complete your order. Please disregard that email. Your wireless number transfer has been confirmed and no additional information is needed from you at this time.
We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.
Track your order online by entering your order number at https://www.wireless.att.com/orderstatus/orderstatus.
Thank you,

I just got the same email as you. I wonder if you could call AT&T at 1-800-333-6651 and see what the automated message says about your order?
Mine says "your order will be processed the next business day and you will receive an email when your order has shipped". I'm not sure why my order hasn't been processed yet or what that means exactly. you can read above to see my story - I ordered on the 10th but I think they are treating me as if I ordered on the 15th. I've spoken to multiple reps, none helpful at all. I have not been charged yet. if it weren't for the iPhone I would never ever ever use AT&f#$%ingT.

That's the same message I get. On the website mine still says ordered on the 10th though. From the rep I talked to it sounded like Friday was still a possibility to get it.

well it sure looks like apple pre-order customers are having better luck and faster shipment turn-around time then at&t pre-orders. I ordered my 16GB white iphone 3GS on the 10th through the apple online store. Monday june 15th in the afternoon i got a shipment notification and it shipped from Shenzhen, China and about 2 hours later UPS.com had a message on the tracking website saying this THE SERVICE SELECTED IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THE DESTINATION ADDRESS / DOWNGRADED, FORWARDED TO CONSIGNEE, SELECTED SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE.... im not sure what it means but if you do please leave a comment and then last night it then said it shipped fromCHEK LAP KOK, Hong Kong(which is the hong kong international airport) and early this morning it had a scheduled delivery date of 6/17/09. it then arrived in anchorage alaska around noon today and it hasnt moved since and now ups doesnt had a delivery date on the website and im pretty sure its not gonna make it to my little dinky town that i live in minnesota by 6am tomorrow in time to catch the delivery truck.

Tracking Number: 1zdfrltjhbgwrblw
Type: Package
Status: Billing Information Received
Shipped To: ORLANDO, FL, US
Shipped/Billed On: 06/17/2009
Weight: 1.00 Lb
yay!! thats mean 1 day before 19??

Joe: I live in NYC. It should be here by tomorrow. It left Alaska at before 7 pm, so I am expecting on the 17th. We'll see!

Ok, it looks like this is only going to be delivered on the 19th.

Ordered mine "Order Date: Jun 9, 2009 at 03:42 AM PDT " from apple's website... still no tracking number... which sucks as I really need them to do it in the morning at least a full day before, because I only have printer access at work and will need to print the form for them to leave it.

Here is the thing... I ordered "Order Date: Jun 9, 2009 at 03:42 AM PDT" from apples website... I went 16gb though... it seems anyone that ordered a 32gb has their tracking info... even if they ordered DAYS later, but us 16gb are still in the dark... grumble

Not true, I ordered a 32GB on the 8th right as the store came back up and mine still hasn't shipped. Harumph...

I think the online order tracking is pretty unreliable until you have a tracking number. Mine just says "processing." I called AT&T to find out when it might arrive -- I'm going to be out of town from Friday to Wednesday now, so wanted to see if I should make arrangements to take the shipment.
She said mine was tapped for "overnight shipping" but didn't know when it would ship. Possibly today, maybe tomorrow. So basically she said wait and see, you'll get an e-mail when it's shipped and that'll have a tracking number.
So I'm still not sure what to do if I'm out of town. No one will be home during the day Friday (or Mon-Wed) ... urg. I might have to schlep out to the UPS center after they attempt delivery.

Just spoke with UPS - they claim that this is actually an error and is actually scheduled for delivery tomorrow, 06/18 by 10:30 AM. So, hopefully we'll all get our iPhones tomorrow.

I second what Jay (#103) says abotu Apple holding "early" deliveries til 6/19.
I ordered mine 2p MST on 6/8 via Apple.com. UPS tracking # shows it was in Anchorage AK last night, to be delivered today. Then this am, the tracking # says THE RECEIVER REQUESTED A HOLD FOR A FUTURE DELIVERY DATE. UPS WILL ATTEMPT DELIVERY ON DATE REQUESTED.
Kinda bummed, as I thought I'd be playing with it tonight! But then again, if I have it by this Friday, the world will not end!

its not gonna leave louisville till tomorrow to minneapolis. apple doesnt want them delivered before friday.
06/17/2009 5:34 A.M.
06/17/2009 2:06 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
06/16/2009 6:52 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN

I order mine on june 11. My credit card have not been charge and i still have no tracking number, just that my order was received bla, bla, bla . . . Should I worry??

I ordered mine from Apple on the 8th and it has been stuck at "Prepared for Shipment" for over a day. Ugh, will it ever ship?

Makes me wonder if there wasn't a certain amount already arriving in the US and those who ordered on the 8th maybe don't need to worry about the China to AL or NY to KY routing? Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better :)

I ordered on the 11th from att premier site. I still get the "waiting to process" message when I click the link. I just called the 800 # above, after entering my order # the voice said the order was process and will ship. I pressed 0 to speak to a rep and the rep said, "NO 3GS WILL BE SHIPPED BEFORE THE 19th WHEN YOU GET THE EMAIL.".

Pre-ordered mine on the 9th at 9:00 Am and was just told by an ATT rep it will SHIP on the 19th and i will receive a confirm. email that day.
I should of pre-order from Apple, figures ATT would botch this somehow.

I think AT&T F'd up hardcore here. Think about it: Why in the world do the people who ordered their phone in-store need a tracking number to track the progress of their phone to the store? And the people who ordered online to go directly to their house get no tracking number, because they are being shipped to AT&T first and THEN to us? makes no sense! ARGGHHH!

Shaun - Did you order through premier or the att personal site? I just did a phone chat with James through the personal site who obviously cut and pasted this:
James S.: Pre-orders for iPhone 3G S will be shipped with overnight priority and will be processed to arrive as early as June 19th, 2009 if submitted by noon CT on June 17th, 2009. The actual shipment date and receipt of your order is not guaranteed and may be subject to delays for reasons that include, but are not limited to, product availability, inventory, credit issues, number porting or carrier delays, and completion of other required AT&T business processes. Additional items added to the cart at the time of your pre-order may ship separately if inventory is already available. All pre-orders taken online are being handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I just talked with someone from Apple. For those that are wondering why your card has not been charged it is because it has not shipped yet. As soon as the phone is shipped the charge will show up. I also asked that since my order is still in "Prepared For Shipment" status if I will receive mine on Friday to which she replied "most likely". She informed me that Apple has upgraded all shipping to overnight free of charge. Now it is just too bad that it took 40 minutes of waiting to get that information. Why do companies put themselves in these situations? If they could just be upfront and informative from the start think of all all the happy people they could have.

I pre-ordered my white 32g 3GS on June 10th. They took the money out of my bank account and sent me an email confirming my order.
Haven't heard from apple since then, but the money went back into my account.
When I check my order status it now says "Prepared for shipment"
My co-worker ordered hers two days after me and already received her email that her 3GS has shipped. But the shipping email told her it would arrive by the 22nd, contrary to what her first email said. (19th)
anyone have any insight?

It seems to me that a lot of people who pre-ordered early have not received shipping information yet. Perhaps there is stock stateside from which we will get ours. I just find it funny that those that ordered later than us have shipping information already.

Ridiculous, order early and get delayed, I am considering canceling it and just going into a store on Fri.
Why does ATT make things so difficult. I HOPE its not true they are shipping o the store, THEN to the home addresses.
and ChillB - i ordered through the personal site, when I upgraded my current iPhone.

Pre-ordered my 32gb black phone on the 10th from Apple at 10 a.m., still says "prepared for shipment". i'm starting to get really nervous about it actually coming on time Friday. Going to raise pure hell if I don't get mine Friday and people that ordered their phones days after me get theirs.

mine is in Louisville requested to be held to ship to minneapolis. i just got off the phone with UPS international Services and she said that they have been trying to get apple to let them release the packages cause they dont have alot of room for them but she said guaranteed delivery by the end of the business day on friday. So then she said mine would leave Louisville late thursday then be delivered friday. All of them are guaranteed june 19th she said. hope this clears up any confusion for anyone.

I pre-ordered a 16gb black model from AT&T on the 11th (late evening). My card was charged immediately. I expected the charge only when shipped, but no big deal. My status is still "in progress."
I am a new customer porting my number from Verizon. The port status is "Confirmed." It may be a non-issue, but I suggest anyone porting from Verizon go online & pay their account in full ASAP. When my firm added about 300 Verizon mobile numbers, we learned that Verizon has been known to hold up the process if there is a balance on the account, even if it is current. Note that this issue has nothing to do with AT&T, Apple, etc., but I made sure that my Verizon balance was $0 before the port.
As someone mentioned, I do feel like a kid at Christmas. It's funny how ticked off we will all be with a 1 or 2 day delay. It just goes to show you how much consumer expectations mean. Honoring a June 19th date is important to a lot of people, myself included.
Looking forward to my first iPhone, love the iPod Touch. I like the Verizon service, but I have hated all of my Verizon "smart" phones, which is a list of 5. It says a lot that the iPod & iPhone units are so simple, yet so powerful. My 3 year old uses the iPod Touch well.
Thanks to all for the great info here.

My UPS tracking information has the same information as a few of the others here. I ordered from Apple the day of the launch. I got an e-mail from apple on monday the 15th letting me know it had been originated and a UPS tracking number. 1 hour ago mine showed that it was held up in Louisville with no estimated receiving date. However, as of 2:45pm CT it shows deliver today (the 17th). I'm not holding my breadth though.

I ordered mine right after the WWDC keynote. I just got the email this morning saying it was shipped, overnight from China with an estimated delivery for tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be held until friday though. Seems somewhat stupid that Apple didn't plan this well enough to have a large supply sitting in the US.. I can't imagine that would have been more expensive compared to all this overnight shipping they seem to be doing instead...

I ordered mine on AT&T Premier Site on Monday 6/15. Immediately received email . . .
"Thank you for your purchase on the AT&T Premier Online Store. We're pleased with your choice of AT&T as your wireless service provider.
We estimate your order will be shipped within 2 - 5 business days pending approval if applicable. We will notify you by email when it is approved and shipped.
Your order may be subject to AT&T eligibility and credit requirements. If we have any questions about your eligibility or your order, we will contact you via email."
Status of the order has not changed from:
"We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly."
My credit card has not been charged, but the amount is listed in the Temporary charges section.
Has anyone who ordered from AT&T website to ship to your house received a tracking number or a different status????

Preordered at the store on the 12th. Still no debi card charge, but it looks like I'm in good shape.
Tracking Number:
Type: Package
Status: In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery: 06/18/2009
Shipped To: RICHMOND, VA, US
Shipped/Billed On: 06/17/2009
Weight: 1.00 Lb

I just looked at my order for 2 iPhone 3GS', both arrived in Louisville, KY, this morning, flew to Dallas/Fort Worth this afternoon, and are tagged as In-Transit, On-Time for a delivery of 6/18/2009. I ordered through my local ATT store, so it looks they will have my 2 3GS' on time for me to pick up first thing Friday morning. Oh, and it said my billing information has been received, so I guess my debit card should be charged the roughly $500 for both (16Gigs) any time now.

I reversed the cities in my previous post, it was first in Dallas/Fort Worth, then headed to Louisville, KY. Sorry about that. Anyone get charged on their Debit/Credit cards yet?

NewB- Yeah mine hada scheduled delivery date of today to when it left china but now i dont have one but the ups rep said it would be friday.

Bah. I ordered mine on the 8th and it is still on "Prepared for Shipment". I have never dealt with Apple before, but I usually get burned on these kind of things. I guess I will have to wait and see if I do get mine.
The free shipping may also be a way for apple to say "hey, you didn't pay shipping so there was no real delivery date guarantee."

You said your card was charged immediately for the iphone, did it stay in your account that way? Mine was charged immediately after preordering from ATT on the 12th (early morning) but later came off as the clerk at the store said it would not actually be charged until it shipped (his guess was today, the 17th). Still no charge, however my UPS tracking info states that billing information has been received, so I'm guessing a charge will go up on my account anytime now.

Ok...credit where it's due. A couple days ago I emailed the CEO and office of the president of AT&T, detailing the fact that my order date had jumped from 6/10 to 6/15. Well, they just called me today. She assured me that my order was still in fact slated to be processed with the 6/10 orders.
So, I will take her at her word now. If I hear that other people who ordered on 6/10 are shipping while mine is static, then I'll probably call them again. But it's good to know that if you go to the top, someone will address you.

I'm lamenting that my status remains "Prepared for Shipping" which it has been for several days now (I placed my order from Apple on Jun 8th). ALL of my friends who placed orders have already received tracking information.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Just talked to an ATT rep who verified that if you pre-ordered through att.com your phone WILL NOT SHIP until the 19th.

That sucks Shaun. I pre-ordered through premier on the 11th and they had a blurb about about how it would be shipped to arrive on the 19th but could be delayed due to lack of supply, etc. Seems like that was bullshit.

Mine switched to “Prepared for Shipment” a few hours ago... this is really ticking me off though... I order on the 9th... no tracking info... people that ordered this week have tracking info... absurd!

Mine has been stuck on Prepared For Shipment since about 10AM yesterday Pacific time. Even if they tell me it is on the plane from China tomorrow, I now no longer believe it is possible for delivery by Friday. I will probably have to wait until Monday or Tuesday like a schnook. At least I have the 3.0 upgrade on my old iPhone to keep me semi-occupied until then.

Prepared for Shipping
Custom configured
Ships: Delivers by June 19th
Today's the 17th. I ordered it on the 15th. Isn't Priority Mail 1-3 days? I sure hope they're sending it from someplace close, like next door or something...

I ordered June 8 at 2:43 PDT...I've have a prepared for shipping for the last 48 hours...I don't get it. are the 16GB phones backordered or what? Because everyone who ordered later than me seems to be smooth sailing.

West have faith... I work for FedEx and clear international freight for a living... I see shipments go from China to being delivered in the U.S. within 18-24 hours (when they paid for such delivery... generally the stuff that people pony up for that is life-or-death medicines and implants, but it's not uncommon to see documents, textile samples, parts needing repaired, etc also ship in that time frame) so I'm sure UPS is as capable as us.

JoeHo is right. There was an immediate charge when I ordered, but it has since disappeared. It was not an in & out, but just disappeared.

I ordered mine on the 8th, called ATT today and a supervisor told me nobody will get their phones delivered until next Monday or Tuesday. I have the email saying mine will be priority overnight delivered by friday but now I don't know what to think.

ATT is known for their lazy updates when it comes to tracking online orders. Best bet is to sit tight till Friday since they actually ship devices without updating the tracking info, it happened many a number of times when I ordered iPhone 3G(s) from ATT Premier site.
Their customer care is pathetic, they have no clue what's going on actually! I think that ATT forwards orders to Apple which in turn diverts the orders to Foxconn in China which ships the devices. Yes, you are getting the devices directly from China!

You know I have to be honest here. I am waiting for an iphone that I pre-ordered as well, but seriously people stop acting like a bunch of babies! The phones will arrive on or after 6/19 and that is that....Why is everyone expecting to get their iphone on the 17th or 18th or whatever. Why do you think you will be given something before the release date?! The only mistake Apple and AT&T made was giving you tracking numbers in the first place because now everyone who has a tracking number is making everyone who doesn't have one worry. Wait until the 19th and then, if you do not get your phone, then you can start complaining and worrying and talking about getting some sort of compensation. Here is the status: You will get them on or after the release date and no matter how much you beg and call apple and at&t for an update, that is the only answer you are really going to get.

i feel ya, jamesd, nobody is going to get this phone before the release date.
but, good news from the att front. i pre-ordered a 32gb black phone in-store june 13 and got a confirmation right away. i was supposed to get another email when the phone shipped, but of course being impatient as i am,i have been checking the link for a status update from the first email every day. to my great surprise and excitement, late today it finally changed from "in progress" to "shipped" (though i have not yet gotten the email from att as they said i would) and is slated to arrive at the store by 3 pm 6/18. i have no delusions that i will be picking it up tomorrow, but i have a bit more faith (finally!) that i could pick it up friday...

I preordered my on the 8th from a AT&T store. The lady that was helping me was very nice and after I was done with my preorder, an email was sent to me about my order. On the 12th the order was put down as shipped and slowly it has been going through the motions over the past couple of days. Now my tracking information has it in Ontario, Ca and it has it down to be delivered tomorrow to the store. I bet most of you will get your iPhone by Friday. Oh, I also haven't been charged yet but I expect it to happen very soon.

i ordered my iphone on June 10th, 2009(Wednesday)...i got a email say thank you for your order....my credit card has been charged right away... i check my status everyyy damn hour...and on June 15th, 2009(Monday) it made progress and says "Prepared for Shipment"...again i checked every damnnn hour...and still till this current time my status is still Prepare for Shipment.
everyone including me who has their status on Prepared for Shipment WILL NOT GET OUT iPHONE ON THE 19th IF IT DOESNT SHIP TOMORROW!!!

Still "prepared for shipment" if it doesn't ship in the next 6 hours or so I'm screwed... as I need it to ship in that time, so I can print the stupid authorization otherwise I'll have to pick it up Monday at UPS and I'll be hopping mad!

i feel you Ryan....mine is still Prepared for Shipment as well...good thing i also reserved it at the apple store 1 mile away from me...planning on going there at 5am :(
i hate apple for this BS they are putting us trough....i also checked my credit card account balance...and it seems like they charged me b4 but now i have my full balance...again this is BS! screw apple

I now have a shipment confirmation. Coming FedEx... no info on the tracking number yet but likely stateside as it's not an international awb.

It was probably an authorization of funds, which taps the card to make sure funds are available... and it wasn't taken out of your account, your bank was just holding it anticipating the purchase, then released it after a few days. Dominos does that to me all the time when you order online, then if they don't have something and have to cancel your order... it stays on there for a few days before falling off (really annoying)

My credit card company refunded my payment to apple for no reason...when I called the lady from apple she said my credit info was on file and everything is going well

darnit...hey but last Q...u sound like a real chill dude...okay...so i have a wells fargo credit card with a $2000 limit...i was at $1590 before buying the iphone...at first they put me on hold..so it was about $1210...just 5 hours ago i checked my balance its back to $1590...you know whats up with thaT?

@Ryan Mercer - that's interesting that it's FedEx and a non-international airway bill number. I hope that I get the same this morning, 'cause frankly I'm a pretty chill guy, but I will be rather upset if I don't get it tomorrow after ordering on the 8th. Mine's still in prepared for shipment as of 7:28 AM.

Oh my this thread only shows how self indulge people are, even getting impatient. There is only one thing that will happen to all of us who ordered the iphone 3gs, that most definitely we will receive our order in due time. We all still have phones in our hands right now and even this internet as a medium to communicate. Lets just celebrate that we still have some extra cash to splurge for another toy unlike others.."Patience is a virtue"

hey zeagus can u check if your credit/debit card was charged for the purchase...i called my bank and it says hey have no records of being charged by apple....FML!

I pre-ordered my 16g black from AT&T online on the 11th. My order status says "In Progress" with no tracking number info. My CC hasn't been charged. This will be my first iPhone and have even made arrangements for my husband to work from home on the 19th for it's arrival. If it doesn't arrive I'll be mopey all weekend!

thank youuuu.....at least one person is in the same situation as me...hey lissa...i totaly hope it works out for you...as for me...im about to give apple a ear full of nasty naughty words if my order has been canceled :(

I have not seen a charge come through as of yet. And its not self indulgence, its an overdeveloped sense of entitlement in most cases :) sometimes resulting in weird, overblown and unrealistic expectations. I just want what I was promised, the item delivered by the 19th and so I am irritated (mildly I assure you, it is just a gadget) that others have tracking information and I don't while they ordered way after me.
What I think is weird is the number of people who don't understand credit card auth-checks and who feel entitled to discounted pricing when AT&T have already given them discounted pricing less than a year ago. Those people will get most of the features from OS 3.0, minus the speed bump, video, and compass and can be first in line to order next year's iPhone HD ;).

Alright Apple has me nervous now. My status is still in "Prepared for Shipment" for 2 days now. I took off of work just so I could be at home tomorrow when I thought it would deliver. I ordered on the 8th so why has mine not shipped when others who ordered much later than me have?? I sure hope it ships out today and is overnight...

just got off the phone with apple...the guy says that they will only charge you once the item has been shipped and invoiced...wtf is going on!!! still on prepared to ship...but hey Mike...when i talked to they guy he said it takes 2-3 from the prepared to ship process to actually shipped...so i should get a notification anytime soon and he said it will be delivered by the 19th forsure!
if i dont get it on the 19th....im seriously gonna boo boo on entrance of my local apple store :)

sweet jesus...my iphone has shipped......woohoo!!!!
im sure all of your guys will too!!!! regards to everyone...i will keep u guys posted

my tracking number is from fedex which means it is within the united states already!!!
our iphones are here!

NeMo, is it overnight shipping? I guess they did have a shipment stateside waiting. When did you order yours?

Hey Mike...yes it is...it says "Shipment date June 18th, 2009....Delivery date June 19th, 2009"
I'm Juiced!!! hopefully u get a Shipment conformation email anytime soon

i got my email notification after bitching at the apple rep for a good 15 minutes on the phone...then i got it 2 minutes after...literally....2 minutes after!


Order Date: Jun 8, 2009 at 01:17 PM PDT
Apple store says Prepared For Shipment and no tracking number yet. Worse it says:
Ships: Jun 19
Delivers: Jun 22
What is up with that??? I ordered on the apple website. Also I paid for overnight delivery, even though it appears i didn't have to do that. (i ordered some screen protectors at the same time and they have arrrived already). Won't be too happy if i don't get it tomorrow like others that ordered a few days later than me.
Although i did not receive a tracking number i did get this email from apple:
Thank you for your recent iPhone 3G S purchase at the Apple Online Store.
Due to a technical error, we communicated an incorrect delivery date.
We want to assure you that your iPhone 3G S will deliver on June 19th. You can
track the status of your order at .
Received this email on June 9th, but the website still shows 6/22 for expected delivery.
Mostly i would be upset as I am working from home tomorrow to be there when they deliver...

I spoke with Apple yesterday and they said don't worry about the bogus delivery date, there is nothing wrong with your order, it should change to shipped soon and you should expect it on Friday.

Nothing has changed in my status on AT&T Premier since the day of the order - June 10:
We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly.

Yeah, I got a tracking number finally! Unfortunately, there is no information available yet. Hopefully it is in the states and I can receive it tomorrow. It is Fedex.

FL, US 06/18/2009 6:42 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY
06/18/2009 6:40 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
06/18/2009 6:33 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
06/18/2009 5:55 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
KY, US 06/18/2009 4:12 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
KY, US 06/17/2009 11:40 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
TX, US 06/17/2009 8:36 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
06/17/2009 3:05 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN
Tracking results provided by UPS: 06/18/2009 9:41 A.M. ET
so? today is in store? yay !!! cant wait.. but still i didnt recive none a email from att or apple...none..

I ordered mine on the 15th, and am still in the "prepaired for shipment" stage. It says delivered by June 19th on the acknowlagement of order email, but I guess we'll have to see.

WOOT! Ordered on the 8th, just got a Fedex tracking number and they say to expect delivery tomorrow.

Apparently it was picked up in Memphis this morning and is on it's way to me now for delivery by 3PM on the 19th!

I feel you Dan, but I ordered mine on the 8th through Apple's store. I am still on "Prepared for Shipment" with Ships: Delivers by June 19th.
But I do feel better that others in similar situations got their tracking information. I hope I get mine today.

I placed my iPhone 3GS pre-order on June 11th. Just got off the phone with ATT and they quoted a Monday delivery date. The said shipments would start on Friday and be delivered on Monday. I'm glad I called instead of taking a day off on Friday and waiting around for the delivery.

I just got the same reply via chat. Shipping on Friday to arrive Monday. I ordered on the 10th from ATT.

Ordered on the 10th from Apple and still saying "Prepared for shipment." Wondering at what point I need to panic and call Apple.

Why is it ATT is not shipping until the 19th ans apple is shipping for delivery on the 19th. Very frustrating. I hate ATT.

I order mine on the 10th. The charge was showing pending until today. The charge is not posted or pending...what happened???

Ordered June 10th 32gb White from Apple site... Just now received my shipment confirmation. It never did have a status, just fyi. To be delivered tomorrow!

Bummer, Erik & David. All of these people say they ordered so late, but we ordered early (me on June 9 thru AT&T) and get ours last. I haven't called, but my order status is still "In Progress." I guess I should sit tight and expect it Monday. Expect the worst and we'll be pleasantly surprised if it does come before the weekend! Cheers

pre ordered mine on june 10 thru the ATT site. just received confirmation with the fedex tracking number and the estimated time of delivery is June 22. /frown
"Expect the worst and we’ll be pleasantly surprised if it does come before the weekend!" =)

Ordered on AT&T Premier website on June 10th. Just got email notification Fedex initiated (not shipped yet) with anticipated delivery Monday by 430PM.

Got an AT&T Premier email notification.. it also has delivery set for the 22nd.. :( weird thing about it though, it it only lists the various sim.. not the 3GS..

I'm hearing about 2 DAY shipping and it proves again that the best mobile phone is on the worst carrier. The email I got from AT&T states, "Pre-orders for iPhone 3G S will be shipped with overnight priority" I preordered on June 9th and I still have no shipping info. Just says In Process. If they ship 2 DAY after promising overnight, it will really put a damper on Father's Day.

Hey guys, just wanted to confirm what a few of you have already stated. I ordered through my local ATT 2 iPhones and they are both here in my hometown, out for delivery to my ATT store right now. Still no charge to my debit card, or emails from either Apple/ATT stating they've arrived. But I imagine that won't come until my store receives the phones, scans them into inventory, and receipt of that inventory is sent to Apple's/ATT's billing/shipping departments. Sooo excited, guys! It's almost time!

So its seems like those who ordered through Apple will receive thiers tomorrow and those through AT&T will get them Monday. Is that what I'm reading? If so, I really feel bad for those that ordered through AT&T. They got screwed and I was so close to ordereing mine there. I could have easily been in that boat and I would be so pissed right now.

I know what you mean, Gary. The only reason my wife and I are getting our phones now is because it is my Father's Day present from her. I would be bummed if I can't get mine tomorrow. But one thing is for sure, all of us here will get ours eventually, and soon. Just maybe not as soon as we all had hoped.

Meanwhile children are starving to death around the world.... boo hoo I have to wait until Monday for my iPhone. Give me a break you selfish bastards.

Ordered mine through AT&T June 8th and I just got a shipment notification. Two 16GB models will be shipped via "FedEx 2day Service" for delivery Monday the 2nd. What? Are they too cheap to send it overnight saver or something to get it here by the 19th? Anyone know where AT&T ships their phones from? It could be there are so close to me that 2-day will still arrive overnight. I have seen FedEx deliver early when the shipping and arrival cities are close.

@ Joe - My kids are starving as well. I refuse to feed them until my new phone arrives. I insist on having my food delivered to me and I don't have a working phone to order it with. Lighten up a little.

I just recieved shipping confirmation from apple via fed ex, but with delivery date of June 22. No tracking info yet through the fed ex site.

After talking with ATT several times it seems that the status of your order is unreliable. For those that ordered before the 13th- you'll get it on Monday unless you have a tracking number that suggests otherwise. I believe all/most of the people who ordered through apple will get theirs tomorrow. The only reason I ordered through ATT is because the Apple server was down at the time. Now I know better for next time!

I ordered my 32GB on June 9th from the Apple store. For several days it has shown "prepared for shipment" (as many others have posted). I received my confirmation email @ 12:08 saying that my iPhone has shipped from Memphis, TN via Fedex "standard Overnight" with an expected delivery of 6.19.09 by 4:30 (I live in MI). I personally would not be in any hurry to get mine but I am currently a VZW customer and my billing cycle ends on 6.21.09 and I don't want to deal with starting a new one and whatever charges I may incur if I don't have to. FYI

I ordered 2 from the ATT Retail store on 6/12 and I just received confirmation from UPS they were delivered at the store. I cannot believe if they received the item today that they will hold it until Monday. So I wouldn't trust what the ATT folks told you @David.

@Tyco how do you know yours is shipped from Memphis? Mine does not say anything about where it's shipping from :/

Well my shipping conf. email says Delivery date June 22nd. The fedex website says est. delivery by 3pm June 19th. I guess ill have to wait and see.

I chose to have it delivered to my apt so if they ship out tonight or tomorrow then Monday would be about the soonest I would get a delivery.

@David- I ordered through ATT for the exact same reason as you did. Their marketing of the 3GS is very deceptive. Here is a quote from my email "is being processed and will be shipped overnight to arrive as early as June 19, 2009" This was also on their website when you ordered the phone...to arrive as early as June 19th. This is misleading and deceptive on AT&T's part. If not one person is getting their's on the 19th who ordered in online through ATT, then it should not say to arrive as early as the 19th. It's also misleading to say overnight delivery..very frustrating.
On a more positive note, I can use all of this experience for one of my master's classes I'm taking right now, it's perfect.

Ordered from Apple store June 8th, been stuck on Prepared for shipment message for the past few days and still not shipping confirmation :( . Also anyone having problems connecting to apple's order status page?