iPhone 3G S Speeds and Feeds Revealed: 256MB RAM, 600Mhz CPU


T-Mobile Netherlands (via Wired) has let slip the formerly elusive specs for the iPhone 3G S:

  • 256MB of RAM
  • 600Mhz CPU

Anandtech (via Macrumors) gives further info:

Although unannounced, the iPhone 3GS uses (again) a Samsung SoC but this time instead of the ARM11 + MBX-Lite combo it's got a Cortex A8 and PowerVR SGX; just like the [Palm] Pre.

So add that to the fast PowerVR SGX graphics core, and -- to quote Steve Jobs -- it's a screamer!

Update: Apple Insider has a great run down of the technology inside the chipsets.

Rene Ritchie

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There are 14 comments. Add yours.

Danny says:

What did the previous iPhone have?

tkd27 says:

@Danny: 412MHz CPU and 128MB RAM. The RAM is literally double. Apple has no excuse for not doing Flash now (not that they will do it, they just have no excuse).

Rene Ritchie says:

@tkd27 other than historically bloated, buggy Adobe Mac OS X Flash builds that still have no signs of being optimized, cause unprecedented amounts of browser crashes and hangs, are a vector for malware attacks due to bugs in code interpretations, and use a shady hidden Flash Cookie system to violate privacy.
But yeah, other than that... ;)

iDavey says:

Well actually it was 620Mhz but it was underclocked to 412Mhz to preserve battery.
So with this put out there that the Pre and iPhone has the exact same CPU and GPU...we know that they both can basically push the same limits on apps.
Throw in Android and Doughnut using Open GL ES 2.0 and the future Snapdragon/Tegra chipsets being made for Android...we're going to have a nice little showdown of who pumps out the most beautiful AND functional apps.

iDavey says:

I heard that they might be trying to find a way to implement Quicktime into the iPhone. Is that true?

iShirk says:

your kidding right?...
Quicktime has been there since 1.0
And was optimized in 2.0
This coming from a p o r n lover ;)

Jeremy says:

Funny I remember telling people this just the other day, regarding double the RAM, and many doubted me. You know who you are... ;)

iDavey says:

o_O @ Shirk LOL
But I was speaking in replacing Adobe as a Flash provider for the iPhone. I remember reading that somewhere...don't remember where though.

john says:

So with this put out there that the Pre and iPhone has the exact same CPU and GPU…
we know that they both can basically push the same limits on apps.

Not quite - Pre uses HTML and Javascript for apps...in addition, lots of resources are used for supporting multitasking.
iphone has compiled apps. so the 3gs will smoke the Pre.

iDavey says:

Not speaking on the "compilation" of apps. The iPhone would have to have more apps than the Pre I hope.
But you are right with the multitasking bit. But from just current apps...they seem to possess the visual appeal and functionality of apps in the App Store. So even with that...

ForbiddenB says:

iPhone 3G will become obsolete as more high-end games will start to use the fast processing speed and high capacity ram that 3G couldn't handle.

antonioj says:

With 256mb of RAM and better battery, multitasking will probably show up in OS 4.0

iDavey says:

Don't count on it. The ARM Cortex A8 uses more power than previous processor. If you would like to see what happens to battery life after multitasking is added...look at the Pre. In theory...because the processor speeds things up and gets the iPhone into standby quicker thats what lets it preserve battery life. Throw in constant multitask (not unlike the Pre) then you get battery life like the Pre

Ben Clare says:

256MB of ram! I remember not too long ago when computers were built with that much ram. With even better battery just adds to the +.