iPhone 3G Supply Running Low at Best Buy


We are all aware that WWDC is only one week away. If history is any indication of what is to come, that means we should be introduced to the next-generation of Apple's iPhone and if we follow previous patterns, we should start seeing the iPhone 3G supply starting to run thin on all levels.

AppleInsider is now reporting that Best Buy headquarters has sent out a memo to all of it's stores saying to expect little to nothing in terms of iPhone 3G supply for the next few weeks. Last year we saw similar shortages but they occurred a few months prior to WWDC, April to be exact.

So, after all the previous rumors covering Austria to Australia, Canada and back what do you readers think? Ready to pick yourself up a new iPhone? Sound off in the comments!

[Via AppleInsider]

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Reader comments

iPhone 3G Supply Running Low at Best Buy


I think I will hold onto my current 3G until the fourth gen comes out. This will most likely have Apple's self-developed processors and will be more of a revolution instead of an evolution. Video recording along with faster processing won't make me upgrade. The 3.0 software will finally give my 3G the capabilities it should have had in the beginning. The new phone would have to do some amazing things that the current 3G does not. A compass does nothing for me.
Then again, I would be upgrading if I didn't drop my first-gen in the john three months ago forcing me to upgrade to a 3G.
I will be interested to see how AT&T screws iPhone users into a new texting plan with increased rates on MMS texting when 3.0 drops. Just you watch and see.

Actually, let me rephrase. I will buy a third-gen iPhone once AT&T's data networks support it and are up to snuff. I understand AT&T can pull the switch and run the update for HSPA 7.2 but will the network be able to support the demand?

Not ready to trade in my Old iPhone for a new model.
Something about having to pay off my old contract's ETF, and/or pay full price.
I'm tempted to say I will skip a generation. I've come no where near filling mine, so I don't need more storage, and I think I can live without a Compass for a while longer.
About the time every carrier starts talking about LTE deployment I will be looking for a new phone, and by that time there should be a dramatically faster iPhone.


I understand AT&T can pull the switch and run the update for HSPA 7.2 but will the network be able to support the demand?

Yes, the network will be able to support it, because you can't get 7.2 speeds on current devices, so that means they will only be supporting the iPhone V3 at those speeds. This allows them to build-out the upgrade over the next year, while serving the same speeds as currently available to the overwhelmingly vast majority of deployed handsets.
That is my understanding of the situation any way.

What will happen if my 3g breaks will i get another 3g or new model iam on my 3rd 3g all due to hardware failures

I'm a first generation user and I bought my iPhone the day of iDay...I think it was June 29,2007(first day)...that'll be the day my contract expires right? So if the new iPhone comes out in July will I be without a phone until...?

@ Mr. E
Your phone will continue to work and have service after you contract date. The only change that will happen June 30th is that you will no longer be subject to an Early Termination Fee.

@Mr E
It's not like AT&T is going to turn your phone off when your contract runs out. As long as you pay, you're phone will work. The contract just keeps you from jumping to another network.

The good news for you is that you will be eligible for a subsidized NEW Version 3 iPhone from AT&T. The Bad news is you have to Re-UP for another couple years of lock-in.
If you weren't planing to move to another carrier, you end up getting a subsidized phone at the advertised buy-in price. Or you can continue to use your V1 phone for as long as Edge is supported by ATT (long time).

I'm definitely getting the next gen and I don't care if I have to pay full price for it. I just got my 3G in Dec. 08 and I love it but I'm a "Latest & Greatest" gadget girl. Besides my mom wants my 3G and because of that she'll help me pay for the new one! But even if that weren't the case I'd still buy it myself.

If you are on a current subsidized plan, and you want to upgrade, and you pay the ETF, or Full Price, what does ATT require to add/substitute the new device?
There was a time you couldn't buy and additional phone without a new line of service. Is that still the case, or will they let you substitute one phone for another on an existing plan?

I cannot wait for the new iPhone, but I have a feeling we are ALL going to be disappointed. I hope they do announce the new phone, but I am NOT getting my hopes up.

I got my wife an iphone in April and she said she wanted me to have one too, but when I heard that there was a chance that a new one was coming out, I figured that I'd wait until the summer to get one...if I'm going to extend my contract 2 years, I might as well maximize the benefit by getting the latest phone. I'm wondering, however, how many new phones they'll sell immediately. I guess everyone that bought the first one two years ago and didn't upgrade will be up for a new one, but I wonder how many 3g people will upgrade. I'm hoping the lines won't be too bad on opening day.

All the nay-sayers who are saying the new phone won't be that good need to hold back a second. The only information we have now are unsubstantiated leaks. Remember the live chat thing that was on this site during the 3.0 preview event? Everyone was so angry about 45 minutes in thinking none of the expected features were going to be there and on and on and on... Let's learn a lesson and not make a snap judgement this time, I think Apple is going to have something worth dropping another $199-$299 on. There are SOOOO many 3Gs out there that Apple is going to have to make it something big to pursuade the millions of us to upgrade.

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