iPhone 3G Unlock Still Pending -- Will Unlock OS 2.2/Baseband 02.28.00!

While the Dev Team still hasn't released the final iPhone 3G software Unlock, they certainly aren't taking New Year off. In addition to squashing some last minute permission errors, they have an extra-special surprise for 2009:

The soft unlock has undergone many changes in the last two days. The most significant one: the soft unlock will now be only for baseband 02.28.00 (the most recent baseband).

Jeremy is keeping an eye on all the details and will be bring us word as soon soon as the Unlock is live.

So, even if it's a beta, who's going for it?

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Reader comments

iPhone 3G Unlock Still Pending -- Will Unlock OS 2.2/Baseband 02.28.00!


Wait, i dont think understand... so it doesnt matter and now an iphone that has the latest basband CAN be unlocked? but all the people that followed the precautions about preserving their original baseband will need to upgrade it?

Is this issue still relevant when the iphone is available unlocked in most parts of the world. I just had to pay a small fee when I bought mine in France and I got unlocked straight away by itunes

it seems you must upgrade base band and firmware in order to use yellowsn0w. I personally still have 2.1 running only because of the txt messaging issue with 2.2. 2.1 displays only "new txt message" as opposed to 2.2 displaying the senders name along with ""new txt message".

Hi Kaysha, I am really curious about how you get your iphone unlocked in France. Would you please share the tip; I leave in France and own an iphone 3g 2.2 with an Orange sim card, and I have not found yet a way to unlock it. I would be glad to know how to get rid of the lock thing.
Thanks - Ktall

My carrier unlocked my iPhone without charge, iTunes did the actual physical unlock though.

Orange France will unlock the Iphone free of charge after you had it for six months
If its less than six months old on mobicarte they will ask you to top it up with around 75 euros as there is a bonus amount which takes the balance to over 100euros
Orange then contacts Apple, within 7 days when you update your phone on ITunes 8 with a DIFFERENT SIM you will be greeted with a message saying your Iphone is unlocked
PS The Iphones in Belgium are factory unlocked...

-Has asked Orange to unlock the French Orange simcard/iPhone - Time goes, but Orange does not respond, the info. from Orange is that they do not know how long it takes (if/when they can do it)!!!
The subcription is nearly a year old and the request for unlock was done 3 weeks ago!