iPhone 3G White Hands-On -- Gallery and Video

Here we are - A gallery of the iPhone 3G in White and some comparisons to the original iPhone 2G. Short version: The iPhone 3G is a bit thicker, a smidge taller, and (most surprisingly) noticeably wider, it feels just as good in the hand because of the curved back. That wider part also means there's a slight border on the left and right of the screen -- but all in all the iPhone 3G is essentially the same slab as the original iPhone.

The plastic backing feels very solid -- it's very hard plastic and though it's not likely to be as scratch-resistant as the original metal, it's a damn sight tougher than most smartphone plastic we've seen. It is a fingerprint magnet back to front, even in white (though the white hides it better).

The headphone jack is flush (yay) and looks to be well-constructed. Unlike many a smarthphone we've used before, there's no jiggle whatsoever when you plug a headset in. Ok, we'll say it, the headset jack on Treos would often get busted because the soldier points would fail -- that doesn't look to be a concern here. Also great: Speaker quality and call quality are FAR SUPERIOR to the original iPhone.

We're going to have much much more throughout the day, including a full hardware review, a full review of the iPhone 2.0 OS, some app reviews, and a new chance for you to win stuff from TiPb. Keep on coming back all day, but for now check out our gallery and unboxing video after the break.

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iPhone 3G White Hands-On -- Gallery and Video


So, the plastic back seems to be more scratch-resistant than the plastic on the 1st gen iPod nanos or the iPod 5G (iPod with video)? I hope so, because those would scratch if you just looked at them funny.
I will miss the aluminum back, but will welcome better reception.

yeah f-ing right the palm centro sucks n the only reason some1 wuld say its betr thn the iPhone is cuz thy cnt get an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amer...A palm centro. Your on crack right? Love it or hate it the iphone is cool. People don't line up for days to by a Palm Centro.

I LOVE MY PALM CENTRO TOO!!!! I don't just say that because If I wanted an iphone I could get one. AT&T service sucks! I wouldn't go back to them for nobody's cell phone. iphones are truly overated. I love mac,but most of their prodcucts are overpriced and overated. I still have and ibook. Haven't upgraded to the Macbook because 1 they look SO similar (ibook keyboard looks better) and there really just isn't enough of an upgrade. My bro has an ipod touch does looks like and does everything the iphone does accept makes phone calls. I get tired of looking at it. Basically after awhile it just becomes annoying.

How about the fact the macbook is thiner, better screen size/resolution, much more powerful, oh and did i mention has an intel processor. And, by the way, how old are you anyways? :-o