Confirmed Again! iPhone 3GS Beats Pants Off iPhone 3G, Android, Palm Pre at Javascript


Once again validating Dieter's iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre web rendering smackdown, MacRumors reports on Medialets' latest Sunspider Javascript tests pitting the iPhone 3GS against the iPhone 3G (both on 3.0 and 2.2.1), Palm Pre, and Google Android G1.

As MacRumors points out, not only is iPhone 3GS' clear, current speed advantage impressive, but the 3x improvement iPhone 3.0 gives the iPhone 3G is most impressive as well.

Bill Gates' "power of software" indeed...

Rene Ritchie

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computerjeff05 says:

I am a big iPhone junky and LOVE my 3GS. But I think this test is unfair because it was compared to the 3G with outdated firmware. It should show the 3G vs 3GS both running 3.0.
Also, anybody know if Apple is working on implementing Bluetooth AVRCP into 3.01? It's kinda retarded that I can't change tracks on my bluetooth headset, kinda defeats the purpose!

computerjeff05 says:

My bad, I see it now.... but anybody know about AVRCP?

mystic says:

"I am a big iPhone junky and LOVE my 3GS. But I think this test is unfair because it was compared to the 3G with outdated firmware. It should show the 3G vs 3GS both running 3.0."
Look again.

Mr E says:

? porn now allowed on the iPhone 3.0 bc I download this app called iwoopie, it allows u to download YouTube videos to your phone, pretty neat concept, but when I opend it was all asian porn?...confusion followed.

only1jonarius says:

When trying to d/L apps and upgrades with Cydia the blue bar reaches the VERY end then this ERROR mess pops up: "Couldnt configure pre-dend dpkg for grep, probably a dependency cycle". Next "Restart Springboard" button appears then Cydia CRASHES!!! Can some1 plz give a solution for this problem?

icebike says:

I too was amazed at how much improvement OS 3.0 makes, but then just about all browsers have made huge strides in JavaScript processing lately, and this benchmark is focused on JavaScript. Safari is no slouch in this area.
But one has to ask, What's Palm's excuse? They have the same processor the 3Gs has, and yet it runs about the same as the 3G? Are they using an obsolete JavaScript engine? Will they catch up by merely trotting out a newer JavaScript implementation?

Rene Ritchie says:

NB: Off-topic comments may get deleted, please comment in an appropriate post or head on over to for much more!

icebike says:

9 new articles today.
I can't see that being a slow news day.
The post in question (before it was deleted) was way off topic to the Story. (as is yours and mine).

oneAwake says:

Why is it so hard for these so-called testers to produce a video? To date CNET is the only one to video tape their test, accurately. I have a hard time believing the 3G is neck-and-neck with the Pre after the 3.0 update, that is complete BS. As to Dieters test, he kept starting the iphones browser first. Who in the hell are Medialets?!? No video, it did not happen, PERIOD!!!

oneAwake says:

Forgot to mention, do you honestly expect people to believe, a website (medialets) that features the iphone on their home page, will be objective? This is a joke!

Jellotime91 says:

Hahaha look who's laughing now pre-tards... :)

cobra302 says:

boy that os update for the 3G made it comparable to the pre! wow, now that impressive. i think its a given at this point that the S is a lot faster than the normal 3G.

BarryL says:

My 3gs is far superior to my old 2g iPhone in all areas. I never upgraded to the 3g and glad I didn't. Everything is better on here. There is still no competition out there for the 3Gs!

Jojo10040 says:

One more reason why my iPhone is better than your palm pre!

Appleking says:

The iphone is better because it renders faster jojo you dumb fuck, webos is superior to iphone in every way. I feel ashamed to come to this site because of fanboys like you.

Omari James says:

Wait so the Pre and the iPhone 3G S are the same speed 0_o

Stonedog says:

iWoopie is widely used in Japan and the videos you see aren't porn they are soft-porn/swimsuit model videos that are popular over here.

Noniwoopie says:

Well iwoopie sucks becouse no videos work at all

Pre Porn says:

I love my Palm Pre and would put it up against the iPhone any day. The best part about it? Carrier!

sweedlytype says:

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