iPhone 3GS Power a Boon for Jailbreak Console Emulators

Zodttd (via Gizmodo) whets our appetites for iPhone 3GS jailbreaks to come:

I now have psx4iphone running very speedy on the 3GS. It’s at the point where Final Fantasy 7 is fullspeed at very least without sound. The build is rough around the edges, as you can’t switch games without restarting the emulator, and only memory card saves are currently working, no save states just yet. Both these issues are being worked on.

For those not into the jailbreak scene, that also whets our appetite for higher-end gaming to come as well...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone 3GS Power a Boon for Jailbreak Console Emulators


[sarcasm]You can run PSX games full speed on your 3Gs. So... I can run them half speed on my 3G. I'm still not upgradding.[/sarcasm]

If FF7 could be played on 3GS, WITH SOUND, I would go get it in a heartbeat.
Yes I'm a FF7 fanboy.

@Dmys: well put that money aside as it will come.
@ others
It's just an app made with the sdk and since it can't be submitted to the app store, that's why René says "3GS Jailbreak to come" cause we can get it then through cydia etc.

The 3gs is not jailbroken yet. This is simply a developer working on his app (psx4iphone), and showing its progress running on the 3gs device. Just because an app won't be accepted to the app store, doesn't mean it won't run...
Most jailbroken apps start off as appstore apps (the development tools are the same). FYI, all you need to get your own apps (of ANY kind) running on the device is a $99/yr developer account.