iPhone 3GS on sale for $0 at Bell, Telus

iPhone 3GS on sale for $0 at Bell, Telus

AT&T has been offering iPhone 3GS at $49 lately but Bell and Telus in Canada now have it on sale for $0 for a limited time. Sure it comes with a typically ridiculous 3-year contract, sure you can get the much better iPhone 4 on sale on the same networks for $159, sure you can get an unlocked iPhone 3GS straight from Apple for $549, but if you absolutely, positively have to have an iPhone for FREE (with contract!) get on over to Bell or Telus before the sale ends.

Anyone think iPhone 3GS at $0 is compelling? Want it on your network?

[Bell and Telus]

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iPhone 3GS on sale for $0 at Bell, Telus


Not sure about the three year contract seems a little much. The 3GS is still a great phone I have one and I will probably have it for another year at least (if it survives.)

Let me know when the monthly service fees are on the order of $40/mo for 500 min, 500 text, and 1 GB of data.
Otherwise, it's still an advertising ploy. The cost of cellular service has basically doubled over the last ten years.

Who cares about when the iPhone 5 is coming out. The 3GS is a great phone. The problem is in Apples software updates. Well not a problem in that we get new features or fixes but the dumbing down of previous devices. Not that they don't get all the goodies because I don't expect apple to give goodies forever but something funky always seems to suffer. I had a 3G for 8 months, then a 3GS for about 6 months and now a 4g. I buy from craigslist then resell when I'm done. I only upgraded to the iPhone 4 because I got it from a desperate person for $250 about 4-5 months ago. I will keep thus phone for a very long time. I love it. I do know that before it gives out Apple will dumb it down. Oh well. That being said I would not buy 3GS even for free with a contract. Buy the time the next iOS comes out I think the 3GS will suffer big time. It 3 years it will be useless. The think us apples makes great products that last a good while. Waiting to see how my iPad 1 will get the smack down.

About 200 bucks no contract seem fair for a 32gb 3GS at this point. The phone is still useful as an ahem phone and music player and wifi only wifi browser with a prepaid plan like those offered by H2O wireless.

3 YEARS? I wonder how bad the ETF would be if you had to get out of that contract.
I love Canada dearly, but you have crazy phone contract lengths.

We DO have 1, 2 year and monthly contracts as well.. In fact where I am in Saskatchewan, IMO, Sasktel currently offers the best wireless data plan and speeds in north America ($60 month unlimited HSPA+ internet, unlimited eve/weekends after 6pm/300 daytime min)
Speed wise, I consistently get 6Mps+ DL/ 3Mbps+ speeds with full bars.
Considering how HUGE Saskatchewan is coupled with its really low population, this is quite a feat...

Big woop. Sign up for the unlimited plan with SmarTone-Vodafone in Hong Kong and you can get an iPhone 4 (16GB) for free; not to mention the monthly fee is US$51 for an ACTUAL unlimited data plan.