iPhone 3GS production to hit over two million units in final quarter of 2011

According to industry sources, the ever popular iPhone 3GS is set to hit manufacturing quantities of over two million units in the final quarter of 2011. The reason for the huge numbers is apparently down to Apple’s increasing penetration into the entry level smartphone market.

Apple has been pushing the sale of its 8GB iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 pre-loaded with iOS 5 globally, and besides, AT&T has also been promoting iPhone 3GS to contract subscribers with zero subscription rates, the sources revealed.

The sources also believe that the first quarter of 2012 will also show strong sales of the iPhone 3GS with manufacturing figures expected to be around 1.4-1.6 million units. If you consider that that iPhone 3GS model is now nearly two and a half years old, these figures are quite astounding.

Source: Digitimes


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iPhone 3GS production to hit over two million units in final quarter of 2011


wow!!! to be honest i love the iphone period. but i much prefer the 3 design over the 4. how it feels in the hand its amazing. of course with the next iteration of the iphone i would hope for a better feeling form factor. the 4 feels to boxy.

It's an iPhone and its free, people don't need all the other features. The base features of an iPhone work across all of them, just the screen, I need retina display! lol