iPhone 3GS -- What We Didn't Get

iPhone 3G S Hero

Yeah, we're the entitled generation. We want everything, we want it now, and free isn't good enough -- you better pay us to like it!

Well, most of us aren't that bad, but our expectations have no doubt been set high, almost impossibly high.

So, while Apple is touting their faster, video shooting, voice controlling, compass spinning new iPhone 3G S, we just want to remind them of just what we didn't get... after the break!

  • No new casing. No colors. No matte finish. No black bezel. No aluminum unibody. Nothing. The iPhone 3G S is stuck inside the same shell as last year's model. Doesn't Apple know that smartphones are fashion accessories now? How will other people know that we have better, newer versions than they do if the casing doesn't show it off?

  • No HD. No OLED. No Hi-Res 480x800 display. No 16x9 display. No HD-Radio. No HD out via AV cables. Nadda. When even Windows Mobile and the Zune have better screen specs than what Apple produces, well... it's like looking up at the end of the movie and seeing the monkey on top of the horse.

  • No Mobile iChat Video. So what if AT&T's network would come crashing down around our ankles the first time Kevin Rose jumped on it, Mobile iChat with a front-facing camera for video is something we wanted. International readers, we're sorry AT&T is holding you back. We realize the Asian iPhone likely already materializes holograms....

  • No CDMA. No Verizon. No China Mobile. No EDVO Rev whatever. The iPhone 3G S stays locked to GSM.

  • No 802.11n. We got faster CPU, faster GPU, faster web rendering, faster HSPA cell data, faster everything -- except Wi-Fi. Sigh.

  • No FM Transmitter. Um. Okay. We don't really care about this, but if you do, we'll share your rage and incredulity.

  • No MobileMe 2.0. We got Find my iPhone. Remote Wipe. iDisk (iDisk?!). But we didn't get server-side email rules, server-side calendar subscriptions, no remote back ups, no photo sync. And that stinks!

  • No Multitasking Background apps Except for Apple's built-in apps, which have always multitasks, the newer, faster, stronger iPhone 3G S doesn't even provide for limited 3rd party apps.

  • No glowing Apple logo. Come on. You know you wanted it. It would have sold more units than multi-touch. What. Were. You. Thinking.

  • No Steve Jobs. No cameo. No "one more thing". No phone call. No voice mail. No video. No poppa.

Did we miss anything? Were there any other new hardware or hardware/software features you really wanted that evil Apple still haven't given you?

Sound off in the comments!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iPhone 3GS -- What We Didn't Get


Although I was hoping for a new iPhone.. i really liked the thin 16X9 concept.. i am SO excited that the 13 inch mac book got the internal 7 hour battery! I might be purchasing my first mac soon! and i plan on buying my new iPhone HDVideo with 64GB next june ;)

I'm pretty content with all the features that are gonna be on the 3gs, they gotta have something for next year and apple seems to like to take baby steps, just sucks I'm gonna have
to jailbreak again to record video, I miss that feature, would ne nice if the dev team found a way to get iPhone 3gs video recording working on 3g

Zune has HD but no phone. My money is on hd coming to the iPod touch in Sept, then iPhone next year. That's my prediction.

Weeeeeee!!! I just Pre-ordered mines like 3 sec ago. Im upgrading from my 1st Gen, Its been acting up on me lately and decided to go ahead and upgrade. Cant wait till its shipped to my Work address. I can just see the envy in my co-works eyes =)

wow i'm so mad! Apple changed nothing! all we get is faster? screw that!!! Maybe my standards for a new phone are impossibly high, but don't we, the customers, deserve anything? We came up with better rumors than that! come on Apple!!!

Well the software upgrade did give us Notifications, for those apps that can use it. This should make Skype and your favorite IM client actually USEFUL as soon as they get upgraded.
But as for hardware, Faster and bigger memory might be the big take-away for this update. Maybe that allows for new functions in software (that miserable Flash for instance).
Nope, I'm not impressed. I'll take OS 3.0 and like it, but I'm holding on to my 3G till the 4G is out.

Hmmmmm so much hype. I was waitin 4 this conference 2 choose better smart phone. I had finalised either iphone 3gs or Nokia N97 or Samsung Omnia HD. Now its clear. Iphone is ruled out. Maybe next year if it comes with latest features. Why till next year? Cos apple always takes baby steps and that too very very slowly. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

I love the way this article is written haha it made me literally laugh out loud LOL. nice Job. Not u Apple I meant @ReneRitchie

Wow Apple missed the boat entirely.. Imho it definately leaves the door open for me and other competitors. Apple without Jobs is Microsoft!

Many of these are old features on other phones. How about Tasks for the Corp Email users on Exchange? NOPE! BB & WM will still rock the F1000 Enterprise, common Apple, you loose to BB & WM(?!). PS tried to like the iphone, but it crashed 4 times in 33 days... and bad ATT coverage was just too much, I switched back. Maybe in 2011?

I feel a little disappointed actually. I was so sold on upgrading from my 2G phone. I held off last summer because I figured there would be some big advances one year down the road, but really there is nothing that exciting. If they had made even a few changes like change the casing to a matte finish, given us some sort of glowing Apple icon for new message notification, or added a front facing camera for iChat (even if it was crippled by WIFI restriction, then I would definitely upgrade. Now I might have to reconsider since (I can't believe I am about to say this) the "next" iPhone might just blow me away and if the upgrade process is as user unfriendly as this one is shaping up to be, I don't want to have to wait 6-12 months to be upgrade eligible. Also for me the jump in data plan price from $20 to $35 for comparable SMS message ability is hard to swallow. I might be the only person wishing for a capped data plan...as long as it was cheaper that is!

I am disappointed. When I originally got my 2G iPhone, it was because I was returning a defective Treo 650. I had selected it over the iPhone at the time because it had voice control, MMS, copy/paste, a bunch of other things...but that iPhone looked so snazzy, so intuitive.
I kept my iPhone based on its potential. Now, it looks like the latest iPhone is similar to my Treo with an Apple makeover...I know the iPhone is basically better because of all the other innovative features that phones like the Treo will never have. But, the innovation is becoming thin to me. I must admit, I did expect...well, more.
And AT&T really made an underwhelming announcement by Apple simply frustrating. I am stymied by their lack of preparedness and commitment to their customers. (Could it be that they think we are stuck with whatever they offer?...or don't offer?) AT&T is toying with its own survival. The competition is getting stiff. Even holding a prodigy phone from Apple is not enough to ensure their success. AT&T really lost points with me on this one.
I really don't know what I plan to do now. I am not compelled to rush to get the new iPhone and at the same time, I am ready to have a phone with more of the features I sacrificed two years ago...
Geez...I sound like a hater...but really, I just expected something different from today, the least of which was that AT&T would have their ducks in a row.

After this year's WWDC, I'm done reading the hype and expectations of nerdom. I'm just going to take what Apple delivers and go with it.

Lame as it may seem, the thing I'm most disappointed about is the lack of a matte-finish phone - I miss my old T-Mobile Dash, which had a great matte finish that was both scratch-resistant and very grippy - in a year of use, I never dropped my Dash once, unlike my iPhone, which seems to take a tumble every couple of weeks.
I'm fine with Apple continuing to do incremental upgrades to the software and hardware - continuing to build on the solid foundation they started with. The memory increase is great, the improved speed and camera are both nice, and overall it's a package that, for me, is worth upgrading to.

what a let down... AT&T is baically making it impossible for me to get this phone. Fine. I dont want it anyway, ill stick with my 3G

AT&T is joke. The second an iPhone is available on Verizon there will be a mass exodus which will cripple them. They better get their stuff together because this is a joke. How do you screw up a new product launch this bad? Apple didn't help themselves by launching a lame upgrade. Why would I ever pay full price for the new model when I just upgraded last July?

so very disappointed. i love the unibody macs how they have no seams to pull a part. i hate the mettle edge around the iphone screen! mine comes apart all the time. could they have done just a little upgrade to the case. i can see that they cant change it because of all the accessories companies out there but nothing come on! I guess its time to do my own moding. Im going to have to buy because i need video. nokia makes the same phone every year but but in different case at it sells. what we need is i phone flip!!! if that is apple can come up with they defiantly missed it. they even made a commercial ITS THE SAME!

I'll be signing up for my 3Gs tomorrow so I can pick it up in store that day. I'm actually taking off that day to take my son out for his b-day (his is on the 20th).

It’s a shame that we can’t upgrade our network from AT&T to someone else. On of the things that became very apparent is that AT&T is holding the iPhone back. Lots of features are missing...I hope it will support different VoIP APIs like Vopium and others.

Are you guys serious? I can't see of feal any difrence on this "new" Iphone. Looks the same they sell software like selling features that cant offer in hardware, its like sending sand to our eyes.~iPhone for me its a dead product...

What about flash??!! I guess I won't be using my iphone to take pictures at clubs. I am after another year waiting for flash, disappointed in apple!

I was going to upgrade my phone at any cost, but after seeing this tiny upgrade, probably not. What a disappointment. I just got my 3G in December and would have paid the extra money, but not for this. Just get the free 3.0 software and be done with it till the next model.

Kind of underwhelming, but at the same time, we got most everything I really wanted: (1) iPhone OS 3.0 (of course), (2) faster processor (hope it's faster enough, but only time will tell), (3) 32 GB (W00t!), (4) better camera with auto-focus and video, (5) orient to heading in Google Maps (even works when stationary thanks to compass). I'll be upgrading even at the cost of $499 for 32 GB (I paid that in Feb '08 for a 16 GB iPhone 2G).

I've got the 2G and still don't see the point of upgrading... ichat would have pushed the iphone into the clear lead .. instead of the watered down improvements that we have seen. If the N95 has had video calling for over a year I don't see why this isn't on the iphone?

I think the update is not what features the phone has delivered, but what developer's will be able to do with this now. At the end of the day you either like the platform or not. I like the platform, cause i have some apps which work great.

I was looking forward to the new iPhone but there really is no reason to get it.
I might actually switch over the the BB Magnum, or just wait until the next iPhone comes out.

Excuse me I didn’t get the memo, are we pretending this is a new phone?
Just my opinion but if you own a 3G and you buy this you are a fool. As long as iSheep like you keep supporting this bloodsucking behavior you will continue to get bit over and over again.
This 3rd iPhone rehash is closer to what the first iPhone should have had but it's STILL INCOMPLETE! Clearly the ’s’ stands for suckers. That is what Apple thinks of you. Stand up for yourself. Show some self respect.

Aw stop with the damn whining already people! It's like listening to a 3 year old who wants a bigger lolly.

Also, at least in the WinMo department, I've used phones that cram all of the features that the iPhone doesn't have into one package. That's not necessarily what you want. You want something easy to use, attractive, and full of all the features that you'll use (that you swear you use all the time.) I'll be honest - you aren't going to get that yet. You'll be touching your pretty pretty HTC Touch interface and then have to navigate a menu that requires a stylus. I'm serious.
If you hate the iPhone, why did you buy it? You knew what it had, and Apple never promised all the things it didn't.

"No 802.11n. We got faster CPU, faster GPU, faster web rendering, faster HSPA cell data, faster everything — except Wi-Fi. Sigh."
And the ironic thing for a large portion of the iPhone using population down here in Australia is to get any benefit from faster HSPA cell data we need the iphone to give us access to UMTS900MHz, which once again it doesn't do. So I'm stuck with downloading over WiFi or dial-up slow 2G.
I think a jolly good kneecapping is in order for the brainiac at apple who decided against including this for not only us Aussies but and ever growing number of European networks.
2 Thumbs down Apple :(

The Asian iPhone, far from projecting holograms, doesn't have 3G or WiFi and I think it reports back to the People's Government if you think dissenting thoughts. A far more capable processor and double the RAM and double the storage capacity w/ video record/edit and voice control isn't an upgrade? Maybe if I cross my eyes I'll think its no diff than a 3G like some of you. I'll say it for the millionth time, carrier arguments are religious nonsense. VZW sucks in some areas, ATT sucks in some areas. ATT has actually been the least problematic carrier for me (well, Cingular, but gulp same thing now). It's a nice set of improvements at a nice price for those eligible.
If you can't upgrade without paying the premium for upping early (I suspect this has to do with the unsubsidized nature of the first gen vs. the subsidized 3G and how that relates to accounting of ETF fees and such on contract extension), then you either decide to pay the penalty or you wait 'til next year and rub it in the faces of those who bought a 3G-S that you are getting a 64GB capacity and a higher resolution screen and better battery life, upgraded voice recognition, etc.
Also no MMS and no tethering is not true, MMS in August, tethering soon after. Take some time off from complaining and read ATT's PR.

"Why would I ever pay full price for the new model when I just upgraded last July?"
It bears repeating - they don't expect you to. They expect this to be the upgrade for 2G users and 3G users with extra money to blow and next year's model to be the upgrade for 3G users and 3G S users with money to blow. The tick-tock keeps them from losing too many subs at once and always gives the folks in contract a decent option come upgrade time.

We're whining. yes. Here's why it's ok.
We were willing to give our money to Apple as soon as the rumors began. Now that we see we have gotten a phone that has minimal improvements, we find ourselves questioning if we should even upgrade. You will find that at the end of the day the answer will be that most people will not upgrade since the changes aren't that drastic. Here's why we don't like the same body as the previous iPhone version: All they had to do was change a couple of things visually to set it apart from the older version, but they kept it the same - This means that even as a status symbol it's not an improvement - you'd actually have to show people you have a new one - mind you, that is really shallow and superficial, but that's the way some brains work. If you're not gonna give the public the majority of things they've been asking for, then give them a new design to go along with it.
Now Apple doesn't get our money, We don't get a better iPhone experience because of it. We're left waiting for next June so that our choice to upgrade in the harsh economic times that we live in can feel like a great idea because it will feel like such a big improvement.
Bad business if you ask me.

Do people complain when HTC releases an update to a phone, going from say the AT&T 8525 to the 8595, which was just an OS update and the ability to tilt the screen up when you slid the keyboard open?
Really, is that a big thing? I see an endless stream of new WM models and they're all incremental improvements. How is Apple being any different?
People hype the iPhone, and then get upset. Apple doesn't hype it, because they don't have to; they have a rabid fan base who hypes it and then cries to themselves when they don't get what they want. Meanwhile, everyone who has a television set and isn't a fanboy buys the thing anyway.

Can someone explain what benefits would come from unlocking/jailbreaking a current 3G iPhone (vs. buying a new 3Gs)? I, too, am disappointed in the lack of new features, so I am thinking of going the jailbreak route until next July's version.
Can jailbreaking allow me to...
-Capture video with the current camera?
-Lower the price of my $30 unlimited data plan?
-What else?

Why nobody care about battery life amazes me? Five hours at best! They need to allow to change batteries

Like most, I've wanted an iPhone 'cause it's "cool" and have had an upgrade coming since April 1. You guys have all just confirmed what I've already been thinking....
Just get a BlackBerry and an iPod touch!! =)

It looks just like the older model, and really other than video does about the same thing. The fast CPU will be nice, but the processor speed is just equal to the higher end cellphones that came out last year. As far as the network, do you really think you will feel the 7.2mps that it is capable of with AT&T? It can barely handle 3.6mps and real world speeds are way slower than that.
This is just another example of how apple does things. Limited features with incremental improvements in a very pretty user friendly package. This worked in the past with their ipods and computers but the cellphone market is way more competitive than this. This might hurt them in the long run.
For me I'm kind of glad. I had no desire waiting in another line for a cellphone this year.

All the improvements sound great. For those wishing for a different finish or color, come on. It's a tool, not a bracelet. That said, I don't understand why Apple didn't change the appearance at all. Perhaps in '10?
What about a weekly view on calendar in landscape mode? I cannot be the only one who finds monthly and daily modes to extreme. We need a weekly view. Does anyone know if it is coming?

The benefits are simple. As someone that waited in line for a 3G last year, I can get a phone with double the processor speed and twice the storage with a better camera at the same price. Anyone who is complaining about that should step back and consider what other manufacturers are offering. Two years ago, everyone was drooling over a phone with no 3G and 4gb of storage for $400.
I will not buy this version, but only because my 3G with OS 3.0 is still freakin' awesome. I'll wait until next year, based on the assumption that we'll have 32 to 64gb storage and a better display (along with flash (software) and flash (hardware?) and a host of other "incremental" improvements. Go ahead and jailbreak, if anything, there will be a glut of 3G phones on the resale market in the event you brick it.

I'll stick with my iPhone 3G with 3.0, thank you very much. I don't think they have changed the iPhone enough to justify buying the 3G S. And when we can jailbreak 3.0, we will get tethering, multi-tasking, themes, etc.
I am waiting for a REAL iPhone change.

It's a huge mistake not altering the case of the iphone, even just a little. For one, like was mentioned in the article, we want people to know we have the new iphone. And 2, most people don't understand processors, ram and stuff like that so they are unlikely to shell out $200 for a phone which looks exactly the same as the one they already have and are happy with.
I wasn't expecting the earth, a matt textured back and black bezel would have been all that was needed. Just something to differentiate it.

I kinda expected more myself, but in non-iPhone related news, I'm glad I waited on upgrading my MacBook! I see a 13" MacBook Pro in my future :)

i agree the only reason ill be getting this phone is i need to open a new line on my account so ill use it to get that and then ill give my 3g to that line because im not paying like 500 bucks or what ever it is tp upgrade to that. but on the bright side only 12 months till the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD what ever they will call it so by that time ill be eligable for an upgrade on my line and hopefully apple gets it together and does something cool to make us want it like: LTE HD OLED 16x9 screen diffrent look(nothing outrageous just diffrent) but for now im a bit dissapointed

If I decide to buy the 3Gs, I'll just sell my 16GB 3G for $600 on craigslist and then buy the 3Gs with no commitment for $699. I don't want to extend my contract and I really don't mind spending $100 for twice the storage and a faster processor!

It doesn't matter to me. My contract is not up till 8-23-10. So I well be getting the next gen iphone year not this one.

There is still a lot to offer from the new iPhone 3Gs, but I believe you can not get everything in one shot. I like the video recording and when and if MMS comes to AT&T I will be happy for now. I have a 3G and contract ends next year so when the iPhone 4 HD =) comes out, I will jump on that. Until now the 3.0 OS is a very nice upgrade and will keep me happy for now.

I am happy I waited to, I see the same macbook pro in my future as well. I am waiting for Best Buy to get it, so I can use my reward points and also have 18 months same as cash. Only reason to shop at Best Buy, get new stuff but take advantage of same as cash. Only about $90.00 per month =)

a compass? really.
I went to check out the pre yesterday and it's REALLY nice, everything I expected it to be. I will wait a 3-5 months and see how both devices are looking and then make a decision.

Why are people so uptight about video chat? Have you lived in a country where it's widely available? It's everywhere in Asia and Australia, and everyone I've talked to has used it once and then they stop using it cuz it's not practical. Let's try an experiment....

  1. Pick up your iPhone
  2. Pretend it has a camera - hold it like you were on a video call
  3. See how long your arm lasts
  4. Think this is silly? Just keep counting...

OK, I think I proved my point. Sure, you could use a stand, but if that was practical, I think I'd see video-chat stands commonly available for the millions of phones that already have this feature. And guess what - I haven't.
Anyway, if someone can really open my eyes why this would be a kick-*** feature, then I'm all ears.
And on a few different notes. CDMA? Are you kidding? For the 3 countries in the world that still have those networks? (OK, one IS China, but China doesn't have 3G yet if memory serves correctly.)

Just to reinforce my commitment to my exisint iPhone 3G, at&t will be charging $599 & $699 for the pleasure of the iPhone 3Gs for it's existing customers.
Now please, everyone, are the updates REALLY REALLY worth $599 / $699???????
I have 1 year on my existing contract, I'll wait for the 4G.
In the meantime, with a jailbroken iPhone 3G, I can create videos, multitask, themes, run Skype/Slingbox on 3G, etc.
Then there r 3rd party apps to MMS and do Voice activation. So except for speed a digital compass (who cares), and a better camera, there is not much that Apple is offering for $599/$699

Wow...you know Apple phoned it in when they made the compass feature a major highlight of the product...haha
expected way more from Apple to be honest
I guess that's why Blackberry will always rule


I’ll just sell my 16GB 3G for $600 on craigslist and then buy the 3Gs with no commitment for $699.

Good luck with that. When people realize they can get a new one with a warranty for $99 (149 for 16gig) why will they buy your ATT carrier locked phone.
And, by the way that "no commitment" phone you plan to buy is carrier locked as well.

We get what was announsed in March, don't we? Apple has newer promised a new iPhone, but we get the iPhone GS. We don't get the rumored iPhone, but who believes in rumors? I don't. The iPhone GS with OS 3.0 is much more than the iPhone 3G with OS 2.2.1, not to mention what Appmakers may come up with after this. The platform is unique. That's why the consept have potential to grow into heaven, step by step. I am pleased because I'll get what was expected, ande more.

Bluetooth file sharing is the most obvious glaring omission for me. A basic, standard feature even on the cheapest of 'dumbphones' these days, it is absolutely ludicrous that a phone as advanced and expensive as the iPhone does not have it.
I was hanging out for an announcement on this at the WWDC, but sadly nothing... I'm afraid this is the deal-breaker for me, looks like i won't be buying an iPhone for at least another year :(

Well... I waited to see what they would announce and I'm leaving att for the Pre. S must stand for suckers because seriously... I played with the pre and it seems to multitask and do everything I want.Ima miss my apps on my iphone but meh... I get too many dropped calls anyway...

I'll hold on to my 3G for now, thanks to the big improvements coming in OS 3.0. But one feature I'm jealous about is the Voice Control, specifically voice dialing. It is the #1 thing I miss from my V3 RAZER.
And why isn't it a part of OS 3.0? The app "Say Who Lite" works almost exactly like the voice dialing demo for the 3GS, and it does it beautifully on the 3G's processor. But it is an app, which requires the unweildy sequence of power-on, unlock-swipe, find-app-swipe, launch-tap, crash-car, etc.! I want to just press the home button or, better yet, my Bluetooth headset's button, and say the contact name! That requires OS integration.

No Changes in Appearance! XD
I Got an iPhone 3G like 2 Weeks ago, as i didnt know about the 3GS. :(
But seeing as their are no appearance changes no one can say " woaw youve got an iphone! :o, oh no wait, it isnt the 3GS."
Woo. ! :)

I was looking forward to giving my Blackberry 8900 to my wife and getting the Iphone 3GS but I can't find a reason to do that. I was expecting half of what I have in my blackberry to come on this Iphone, but not even that. My BB 8900 has Bluetooth, voice dialing, WIFI, UMA( which allows me to make calls over a wi-fi network. Expandable memory, fast processor, 3.2mp camera and video camera, MMS, I can PIN text, voice and video messages to other blackberry users for free. Never crashed on me and no dropped calls, Sim unlocked by t-mobile for free to use on any GSM network, Great screen resolution, I can change the outer casing, It doesn't slip out of my hands like the Iphone does. Opens all my documents ( word, excel, powerpoint), multi-tasking. If I am missing something please go ahead and add them.

Multi Phone Numbers on the same phone.
I'd like to have a work number and private number on the same phone.
THe Razor could do this. Why not the Iphone?
Is there a tweek that makes this work?

IPhone 3G S is quite lack luster. No "Bluetooth voice activated dialing" again!! No "Push to take functionally" AGAIN!! No "Turn By Turn GPS" program. What the Jailbreak are the people at Apple thinking about? I don't think it's their customers. ATT should have nixed it. I can get most of these features on a "Free Cell Phone".

Well am I dissapointed in the new iPhone? Will I be buying one? Well no I am not dissapointed in the new iPhone I think its cool that Apple are keeping the old iPhone 3g I will be getting the iphone on friday when it comes out but if the iPhone 3gs is to exspenive well I am just going to get the iphone 3g.I will be buying it on Pay as You Go. Cannot afford a bill phone.
Also I am really interested in the new macbook pros but it seams kinda pointless that the macbooks that just came out are gone. For the people who have bought them if they have a problem with them will they be able to get them fixed? or are they fucked? I think its about time apple added an SD card slot in though and I do think I will be getting a macbook pro for my bday just the 13 inch

I have a 3G and the novelty has worn thin. I'm selling it on ebay and going back to Virgin Mobile. Yes, I will have a regular, boring phone but I won't feel like I am being cheated when I pay the bill. Virgin offers unlimited calling and 1000 messages (including MMS) for 55.00 a month with no contract and I will have a phone that if dropped or lossed can be replaced at Wal-Mart for 29.00.
The iPhone hype is over. The release of the 3Gs proves it. The iPhone lacks features that basic phones had had for years and then they act like they created something new when they sorta give it to you (MMS late summer 2009???) WTF is that about.

You hit the nails on the head!!!
Also, no flash on the camera, no forward facing cam, no flash support.
We iPhone users were hoping for something completely different for this 3G S. Now, there is no way to tell if someone has gone out and plucked down the money for the NEW phone due to them looking exacltly like to old ones. WTF Apple??? We all wanted something new and different in the hardware that would have made all 3G users envious just to SEE the new phone (had it looked ANY different).
Oh well - maybe next year!

I was so excited about upgrading my 3g but after seeing how exactly alike they are I'm just gonna stick to my lovely 3g 3.0 it does the same thing except for video recording... What I really was hoping for is flash at least on the new phone but they don't even have that.. Seems like the g1 is ahead of the iPhone..my cousin n I fight over whose phone is better in my book his is a winner but I won't tell him lol...

For my work I am in the car a lot. I have been holding out on getting an Iphone because it did not support the 15 year old technology of voice dial. So I watched the video on the new GS and it says you can use the voice dial with a headset. GREAT! I stand in line for an hour or so and get the phone. After pairing with my bluetooth headset I find that I cant voice dial. I call Apple and discover that it only works with the wired headphones that come with the GS. Who the hell uses wired headphones. Technically it is illegal to wear them while driving in California. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Back to Verizon and the Storm :(.

unlikely blackberry, iPhone doesn't have multi apps running in the same time...why apple don't see this? Is it because they just thought everybody will love it and no question about it?? Come on Apple, don't be so damn stupid!

Guys. You have new hardware for now. Stop whining and make your own software. If you still aren't happy then stop whining and wait until another incremental upgrade with new hardware comes, then make your own hardware. Else gtfo and get a different phone and stop criticizing.

I've been using windows mobile since the pocket pc 2002 days. I must say a lot of the powerful windows devices out there now are rather sluggish even if cooked roms are flashed. I don't hate the windows mobile os it has rather good features, but I decided to finally get an apple iPhone and yes, it does cut back on features and keep things simple such as not having multi tasking like windows mobile. To be honest, I actually prefer the smooth interface of the iPhone and I am over the slow performance of windows mobile. I guess it depends on what you want to use the phone for. If your a business man or woman, something like the touch pro 2 would probably suit you, but as for me I just like the fact that the iPhone can do all the basic stuff I need plus be a really cool multi media device, something that windows mobile lacks on many devices (sometimes not windows fault, but device manufacturers not including proper drivers to utilise the devices eg.. see www.htcclassaction.org, although outdated, newer devices still have multimedia issues.)

No Multitasking oh... I stay Online 277 With my nokia n97.But we cant do this in iphone 3gs what a waste of buying it i bought and sold it within a week..you guys consider this:) Online 247 with nokia great device:-)

Apple is not stupid ! frankly.
We kept complaining about why is the phone missing this and that. apple i guess could create a phone beyond your imaginations, but they dont so as sony and other's.
only for a reason Money Making ^.^

Just bought iPhone 3G can't contact it to a computer ATM to make apple I'd so using girl friends one for now, have no idea how to do a software date on it cox it really needs one going very slow and needs iOS??