iPhone OS 4: iTunes streaming music in widget UI, is this how Pandora and Slacker will work?


We've already seen how iPhone OS 4 now includes double-tap to launch the fast-app switcher for multitasking, and how you can now swipe left to get audio control widgets for the iPhone, but it seems those audio controls are working for iTunes streaming now as well - and maybe more?

Likewise, I've mention how iTunes streaming audio is working incredibly well under iPhone OS 4, and the widget controls make it even better. Which led me to think -- if iPhone OS 4 can swap out the iPod app for the iTunes app when it's using the new background music API, could this be the way iPhone OS 4 also shows you other streaming music apps like Pandora and Slacker? Instead of iPod or iTunes, the Slacker or Pandora app would be shown to the right, and the widget controls would let you play, pause, etc. those apps?

Makes sense to me, but we'll find out for sure on Monday.

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iPhone OS 4: iTunes streaming music in widget UI, is this how Pandora and Slacker will work?


My palm pre been having that since it first came out. Iphone os 4 isn't anything mayor. Most of what it adds been in web os since like day 1.

I thought they said during the OS announcement that you could use the iPod controls to control background music apps? I'm pretty sure i didn't dream it.

@J1CA You have to do a restore.
In iTunes, click the "Restore" button and either restore from a back up, or set up a brand new fresh phone. I'd recommend doing a fresh phone.

Cyrus are you really boasting about a f$$king palm pre? Can I say garbage!!! iPhone translates into "everybodys daddy".

Any word on what happened to/is replacing the massively useful double-home for favorites (or whatever user has assigned)?

This does look nice. We will see Monday. I wonder when we will be able to download the new update after Monday.

Audio control a la "webOS", next update will be widgets a la "Android OS" Wow! Apple translates into INNOVATION!
They need to fix their crappy notifications pop-ups
Sent from my BB

I love the innovation OF the cloud and streaming capabilities of OS4 APPLE won't stop innovating, but how can users take adantages of all this features that require data... INTENSE DATA. This caps of data will bring a lot of overcharges if you go mobile... They want us to use WIFI but then being in a wifi centric place doesn't make you that... Mobile

@timothy if you love your droid, why are you on an iphone blog spamming? Jealous that your crappy droid can't get google's latest update without a hack, hmm? Go be lame on android central.

you don't swipe left; you swipe right.
just like the spotlight search we already have, the controls are hidden to the left, but you swipe to the right to reveal them. you put your finger on the left side of the screen and swipe to the right. just like unlocking your phone.
let's please start using the correct language. :-)

Exactly @Raffy. These new ATT changes contradicts the innovations that Apple is trying to accomplish. Im sure VZW will band wagon to the data plans shortly, but for now we just have to see what Apple throws out on Monday.
Sent from my heavily data used iPhone
( yes still even under 1 gig) :)

That's cute. Widgets.... what an original idea! Man, Mr Jobs is just completely revolutionizing mobile OS concepts. Multi-tasking, widgets, notifications. IPhone is totally the only phone that has these capabilities. What a joke....

Other phones do many things but the iPhone does most better. I said Most, there are some things iPhone lacks but every phone lacks something. Bit for the most part, as a whole, the iPhone can't be beat.

I can't wait, when do you think we will have it available to download? Didn't we get it right after the WWDC keynote last year?

funny how people forget android and palm and evry other smartphone out now is based on a foundation copied from apple and the iphone. slightly tweaked but all ideas originated from apple, thats "revolution"

The Evo just came out. Let's not compare the two until Monday. And as I said, there are things the iPhone lacks, however, the iPhone does do a lot of things well. Remember, the latest report on market share point to the iPhone way above android and android is on many phones on almost all carriers. Look I personally could care less what phone anyone has, but I enjoy my iPhone. And I'll continue to enjoy it, unless another company surpasses Apple...and so far that hasn't happened. The Evo is awesome and I'm not saying I'll never switch but for now, I'm waiting until Minday.

If you're going to leave a comment then please use correct English and grammar. Thank you. If not then I believe you should be ignored.

@JalapenoStick : Too bad there will be a new replacement for the EVO within 4 to 6 months that will make a lot of EVO owners kick themselves and look at their phone as "not all that impressive". We have history to speak truth about this. What was that One phone that was out before the EVO, I am thinking it has something to do with a Nexus of sorts.

can't believe the number of android dickheads on this site. If they were so happy with their purchase why would they need to be here ... the biggest problem that andriod has are the f**king morons buying it ... they all seem to be the same inferiority complex suckers. Somebody please show me some iphone trolls on a android site.

Until someone can come up with a platform that will rival apples from the ground up. Apple will be ahead of the smart phone game. Apple succeded by developing their os that kept even the 2g in the game until 4.0. Android is made by google. I believe that the only google phone that is out is the nexus one. The nexus one is not even sold online. They gave up on their own phone. Have you ever used any android phone? Even on the evo the scrolling through the apps lags.... The quality of the phone speaks for itself when a year old 3gs can still compete with the new android phones. It's not always about the specs...

@Schrutefarms The real question is whether YOU have used an Android device. There is no lag in scrolling through apps. And the 3GS does not keep up with modern Android devices. Thats been exposed by video after video...and thats performance AND software.
Its pretty telling when someone asks what the iPhone does that Android doesn't and all you get is a blanket "its better from the ground up" statement. You can't find an actual feature in these posts to save your life. Then someone says "Nexus One". Please...Incredible, Evo, Droid...those aren't selling?? Even the MyTouch couldn't be kept in stock. Thats not even looking at the Samsung Galaxy S or now the Shadow thats starting to appear and thats still not all coming just this year. I mean if the Nexus One sales help you feel better I guess more power to you but you do know your lying to yourself right?
And please stop with this everyone copied the iPhone. You can tell whose never seen an old Palm or IPaq. You might be surprised when you unlock one and see the same grid of icons that you can operate with your finger. Capacitive touch and pretty transitions is about all the iPhone added. to be followed by some vague statement about features the iPhone has added

I'm more than aware that alot of smart phones have android. What I meant was that google actaully designed the phone top to bottom... My view point was never on sales. It was on overall experience and keeping the value of the phone current. There's a new android every two or three months now. I'm not saying that's bad, but as a consumer... If I just bought the evo... And the there was a "evo shadow" four months later... I'd be irritated.

Yes Google designed the Nexus One top to bottom and everyone loved it. The reviews are nothing but good. It has become the prototype for all modern Android phones. What people didn't like was their online store idea and that is why the phone didn't sell. It's ridiculous to say the Nexus One wasn't good when its clones like the Desire and Incredible sell like hotcakes.
Also I have an Incredible. The Evo and other phones have mote features than mine. That doesn't cause my phone to stop doing what I bought it for so why would I be irritated. When my two year is up I'll upgrade to something better than the phones coming out now. For the business parties it ensures that there's never a lull in the excitement to pull in new users.

the problem is Apple doesn't always make sense, the iPad naming, so although it makes sense I wont be sold until they say that's how it will work.

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