iPhone Risk: Chinese Connection Come August?

iPhone Risk China

China might just be getting itself some iPhones! Oh, sure, there are already tons of iPhones in China -- almost a cottage industry of them -- but this time we're talking official from Apple, no unlock needed, spiffy new iPhone 3Gs. In China.

Not from China Mobile, who's off again, off again relationship with Apple is well documented, but from competitor China Unicom. Maybe even by August!

Hen Hao!

A huge territory with a massive subscriber base, China was one of the few countries not announced by Apple as part of the 70+ at WWDC. If true, only Russia and a few others (looking at you, Antarctica!) would stand between Apple and total global domination... (or at least market presence!)


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iPhone Risk: Chinese Connection Come August?


A deal between Apple and China Unicom seems to be on the cards and beijing olympics would compell Apple to sign a deal with either of the telecom players to ensure they do not let loose a huge market.