TiPb Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for New Users


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Just got a new iPhone? Congratulations! Now it's time to decide if you need a little something extra to go along with it -- a case to protect your investment, Bluetooth for wireless phone calls or music, headsets for wired, batteries and chargers to get you powered, and cables to keep you connected.

There are lots to choose from, enough to personalize your iPhone just the way you want, but if you're having trouble deciding, we asked TiPb's editorial staff to pick some of their favorites. Check them out, after the jump!


Cases come in all shapes and sizes, from the full-on armor of Matt's favorite, the Otterbox Defender to the barely-there BodyGuardz skin. If leather is your thing, check out Jeremy's pick, the Sena Elega Pouch, or if your prefer silicon like Leanna, try the iSkin SoloFX. And if you want to combine a charger into your case, James still loves him his mophie Juice Pack air.



If you just want a Bluetooth headset to use while you drive, or for some walk-and-talk, Dieter is currently going gaga over the Motorola H17. Jeremy is likewise enthralled with the Blueant Q1. If you'd rather have it on your visor than in your ear, Chad likes the Blueant S1 while Rene has been driving with the frenemy, BlackBerry VM605-style. Now if you want to rock stereo music with Bluetooth, the Motorola S9-HD is still turning heads.



The iPhone and iPod touch come with Apple's trademark earbuds but for those with ears that like to listen different(ly), or just better, Rene likes the iharmonix Platinum i-Series, and Dieter's given the thumbs up to the v-moda vibe duo. If all you need is an expensive backup or replacement buds, however, Smartphone Experts has you covered.


Sync'ers and Chargers

Everyone, and we mean everyone, loves the Griffin Power Duo charger. And again, if you just want a second sync/charge cable, Smartphone Experts has one that's perfect, and perfectly inexpensive.


Mounts and Cradles

Still not enough? Well, if you want to mount your iPhone in the car (for turn-by-turn navigation, or to use with a Bluetooth Stereo device perhaps?), the iGrip Custom Fit is always popular. If the desk is where you dwell, then the Seidio Inno Dock is Rene's pick -- and it's friendly to most cases!


Your Recommendations?

What did we miss? Any must-have accessories? Check out the TiPb iPhone Accessory store and drop some ideas in the comments, would ya? Make sure we get this right!

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TiPb Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for New Users


I was interested in buying the Sony Ericsson HBH IS800 stereo bluetooth headset, but it doesn't control volume from either the headset or the iPhone? Sony says it's an iPhone software A2DP issue. Can anyone confirm and will Apple fix this in future updates? I can't believe there isn't a compatibile BT stereo headset that is just earbuds/wire.

Sorry but I can find better accessories than these. Notice how all these accessories are accessories sold on the TiPB store? I can't trust any of these recommendations because of that.

@Devil's Advocate
Of course they all are, that store pays for this website that we all love to have. However I think this should have been labeled as a "sponsored post" like most posts like this are.

No offense or anything, but you really need to proof read and check grammar.
"Everyone, and we mean everyone, Griffin Power Duo charger."

iKlenz is great for cleaning and care . . .
Kensington or other comparable mobile docks a must for the car . . .
incase sleeve w/ detachable bottom for docking is awesome . . .
And, the blueant brand bluetooth ear piece along w/ Apple's wired headphones . . .
Its all good in my iphone neighborhood :)
definitely recommend TIPB store. :) Good selection & affordable shipping

@Devil's Advocate - You can complain about the web site promoting their own products, but I would be surprised if they didn't. And I purchased an Otter Box Defender from AT&T when I bought my iPhone - for $49.95. Now I know better! The difference in price more than offsets any shipping charges. I have since purchased a set of headphones (I have small ears, no way Apple phones will work!) and will buy other items as I can afford them, or find something else I need.

I can't recommend Otterbox Defender cases enough, I work on a mine site and my i phone 3G goes everywhere with me. It has been dropped 100's of times several times in water, Gets covered in silica sand, dust, oil and grime to the extent that after 18 months I am on my second case but still have a mint condition i phone that hasn't missed a beat.

Hi. Great website. I visit it often and tweet about your posts.
I was looking through your cases but could not find anything that fits the iPhone but also allows you to place your iPhone in any charging docks. Most of the cases you have to take off the bottom or remove the complete thing.
I found this new company that has popped up in the UK. They seem very promising and have lots of cool designs to choose from.
The company is called Hotskins and their website is www.hotskins.co.uk. Have a look and see what you think!
Keep up the good work.

iPhone Cases
At the time of this article (January, 2007), manufacturers have already started offering cases for the yet to be released iPhone. In addition to the $499 or $599 price tag, it’s highly recommended that new iPhone owners add a case to their budget. A case is the most important of iPhone accessories, as it will protect your investment. Cingular has not confirmed if they will be offering insurance on the iPhone.
You can discuss iPhone accessories in our forums. You’ll get feedback on compatibility with existing iPod accessories and add your thoughts on what products you’d like to see released.
Phone Screen Protector
The iPhone uses multi-touch technology which requires you use the touch screen to navigate the phone. This will undoubtedly result in “smudges”. While cases can protect your iPhone from drops, an iPhone screen protector will protect the screen from accidental scratches from a fingernail. It is a further safeguard against mishaps and allow you to enjoy Zoolander in all it’s glory.

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I ran Abstinthe, plugged my phone in and clicked JailBreak. But the bar hasn't moved in maybe over an hour. It says "Please wait, This may take some time" but my buddy had his done withing 20 mins tops.Any advice ???Cheers

I tried both several times, didn't work. I had edge until 2 days ago, I turned off and on my iphone and couldn't get online since then; I don't know why.

That's a phenomenal, thoughtful, and wonderful comment David! We are really looking forward to receiving your application I can't wait to learn all about Never Say Never! I keep seeing incredible bits of wisdom from Randy Komisar and recently ordered his book "Getting to Plan B" recommended by Dennis Whittle, Global Giving Founder, an interview we did with him here a few weeks ago. Have you read it?