It's Time to Change the AC Adapters

Remember that recall on the ultra-compact iPhone 3G AC power adapters? Well, today's the official day to go by your local Apple store and swap your old broken for the new, er... not broken.

Sure, some of you may have placed your orders via the web already, but if you planned on hoofing it over there in person, it's time to get with a hoofing.

Let us know how your exchange goes!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

It's Time to Change the AC Adapters


I ordered mine online right after the swap announcement and received it yesterday. It definitely seems much sturdier and the prongs taper a bit at the end. I, of course, was using my "broken" one up until the new one arrived yesterday and I survived unscathed. Now I just need to find a DHL location to take the box with the return piece.

I got mine swapped online day of announcement, and I got the box to swap 2 days ago.
I think it's WAY overpackaged, and I hope Apple plans to reuse the box after I'm done with it. It's the same size as an iPod recall box.

mine arrived via DLH after ordering via web. I went to DLH's website and did a pick up. I agree about the packaging, very wasteful.