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How to re-download purchased music, movies, and TV shows with iTunes in the Cloud

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iTunes 11.1.5 is out with bug fixes, improved iBooks compatibility on Mavericks

iTunes 11.1.5 is out; fixes bugs, improves iBooks on Mavericks

Apple has released iTunes 11.1.5. This release fixes a problem that could cause iTunes to quit when a device is connected, and improves compatibility with iBooks on OS X Mavericks. You can download this update either through the update section in the Mac App Store or from Apple's iTunes website.

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emjayess says:

Thanks. I've noticed some weird behavior such as iTunes just freezing up, requiring a forced quit. Not that often, though.

T-Will says:

Hope they fixed the issue where iTunes is a gray screen when returning from sleep.

yaynative says:

Downloaded and installed 11.1.5 from, but after installation the about screen on itunes shows 11.1.4. I'm running windows 8.1 64bit.

edit- 11.1.5 is now showing up.

Rob White says:

For Macs why would they not have just included this in the big security update for OS X 10.9.2 instead of another separate update? This seems redundant to me & maybe speaks to all of the teams in Apple not quite on the same page sometimes? Regardless I installed it.

Wyatt says:

iTunes is an application. It's not a part of the OS so it isn't redundant.

donblay says:

iTunes isn't part of Maverics. It may come pre-installed on your Mac, but it's not part of the opperating system.
So I wouldn't say it's like right hand not knowing what the left is doing, it's just they are separate and unrelated things. It would be like the mechanic replacing your stereo when you bring the car in for an oil change

Rob White says:

I said nothing at all about iTunes being part of the OS. I'm well aware it is an application & not embedded. My point was it could just as easily have been included in the update that was released a few days ago. Simple.

Wyatt says:

How can it be released with the OS update when it's not part of the OS.

"For Macs why would they not have just included this in the big security update for OS X 10.9.2 instead of another separate update? This seems redundant to me & maybe speaks to all of the teams in Apple not quite on the same page sometimes? Regardless I installed it."

I don't think you understand what you said.

donblay says:

But then the iTunes application update would have had to been in the Maverics update, and as you said, they are not combined or embedded. It's not the same code, nor is it even addressing the same bugs.
But if it seems redundant so be it; its installed already and all is well.

Wyatt says:

Exactly, there's always redundancy when we are talking security threats that affect multiple forms of communication but run on separate code.

Rob White says:

One more time Wyatt & we'll leave this alone.

Updates are nothing more than a packet of software the OS unpacks & installs as necessary agreed? If you don't understand that no worries it's not going to end the world. Separate code or the same it could have just as easily been packaged together into the single update & distributed once. 81 MBs would not have been a much bigger chunk to add to the 500 MBs for the security fixes in 10.9.2 Apple released a few days ago. OS X could handle distributing the code to whatever bits of software needed it. That is a core functionality of UNIX & always has been. Small bite size morsels or large buckets of code are not a problem for UNIX as it can handle & unpack/distribute it as necessary for patches, security, or features.

My point, more an opinion really, is why not just release it all at the same time? OK? We good now? OK. I stated my opinion, like in the beginning that is all. Good day.

Becjr says:

I'm really glad I can get notified of updates from iMore because I had to depend on Apple's update notifications I'd get them 2 or more days late!
... You might check into that Apple.

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asuperstarr says:

Just downloaded thanks for the update.

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RorryAffiat says:

still waiting for the "info" tab sync to iOS device back to iTunes, so i can sync my contact just by group, not all of them with iCloud.

tape_ says:

is iTunes DJ/Party Shuffle back yet? if not, I don't care.