Updated: iTunes 8 + iPhone 2.1 = Apple Remote Problems?

UPDATED: Reseting everything, including the router, solved the problem.

After Apple unleashed 2.1 today, and I downloaded and installed it with nary a snag or bump, I thought everything was pretty much apps with my Apps. Needless to say, tonight I whipped out my iPhone's handy Apple Remote App to help out with a little YouTube searching, only to discover that while my libraries (desktop, laptop, Apple TV) were all still set up, none of them would connect. (They'd all worked flawlessly, immediately prior to iTunes 8 and iPhone 2.1).

I removed the libraries and tried to set them up again, but can't get the iPhone to show up in iTunes in order to type in the verification PIN. I'll continue to trouble shoot and report back if I come across any fixes.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Updated: iTunes 8 + iPhone 2.1 = Apple Remote Problems?


I am having the exact same problem. It works sometimes and then stops, and others it just won't work at all. I have restarted the Mac and the iPhone and it hasn't done anything. Haven't tried anything with the router, as you mentioned, yet.

I had this problem even before installing 2.1. I suspect that this could be a iTunes 8 issue. Even with 2.1 software I'm not able to connect to iTunes library. And yes it's occasional. Some times it works other times it asks me for pin and says the pin is not correct. 2.1 software has improved my iPod audio quality, typing lags and lot others. But contact scrolling is still slower. I've to wait for a couple of seconds after opening contacts before I can actually start scrolling.

The only problem I still have -- and I've always had it -- is that if I have several episodes of a podcast, and I choose one, it will ignore my initial choice and play the topmost (most recent) episode regardless. If I then, again, choose another one, it will then -- and only then -- play the one I choose.

Just to let you guys know that the 2.1 update removes the TALK AND SURF function. You can't talk and surf anymore which is really sad.

It's all working fine for me right now - never had any issues with is pre- or post-upgrade.
The only issue I've had so far is that the CD will sometimes disappear from the desktop after I instruct iTunes to import it into my library. Reinserting the CD seems to get things going again.

I'm having the exact same problem. As soon as I installed iTunes 8.0 I have not been able to connect to my iphone with my iTunes libraries at all anymore.

I’m having the exact same problem with iPhone 3G 2.1+ iTunes 8, when i touch App Remote, nothing happin just go back on the Dock Menu.
Somebody have a solution?

Hi, my english in not the best, im from switzerland.
I`m ahving the same problem, but when i restart my airport extreme, everything works fine for several hours, but then, it will not connect any more. Only restarting the router again will help. But bevor itunes 8 and iphone 2.1 everything works fine.

iTouch with 2.1 and iTunes 8.0 = App Remote does not work anymore - but the syncronisation with my windows contacts works again.

the 2.1 firmware drop signal to Edge more often than usual for me. So now talk and surf is harder now. I hate it.

You can fix it by turning on iTunes sharing and settng it to share your whole Library. After Remote sucessfully works, you can turn it back off.

Thanks John! Your solution worked great with me. I can now use my remote application on my iPhone.
By the way do you know of any plans to incorporate the genius feature on the remote application?

I just notice though that when playing a playlist, it will NOT let me skip to the next song. It just goes back to the previous screen!

Remote worked perfectly for me before the update but since then it no longer ever finds my library after the PIN/pairing process. I tried the above fix but with no success. Any other suggestions??? I loved this app and really want to get it up and running again.

Thanks John. Once again the power of the global internet community solves my latest computing problem.

Well, resetting everything makes it work again.... until it doesn't work again. It's just not a reliable connection. Seems like a simple thing to find a shared library.
I have two different libraries previously connected. Neither can be found. What gives?

For those of you have a problem with the remote application, there is a new upgrade available as of today. Remote v1.1. Haven't tried it yet but I presume it'll do the job.

since downloading iTunes 8.0 I now can't play songs off of my playlist only off of songs album and artists. Anyone have any advice

I got this app and as per instructions I went to iTunes 8.0 preferences to enable the device. The instructions say, "Remote will display a 4 digit passcode. In iTunes select the name of your iPhone or iPod touch in the Devices list and enter the passcode."
Maybe I am just an idiot, but where do you put in the passcode?!? My iphone shows up in the list of backups, but selecting it does not give me anyplace to input a code...

Hi PeeJay,
Make sure you haven't tethered (connected with the cable) your iPhone to your computer. They need to connect only over WiFi, on the same network. If the connection is proper, your iPhone will show up in iTunes with a different icon (looks like the Remote App icon). That's what you click on to bring up the boxes to enter the PIN.
Hope this helps!

well, robogobo was right. you reset everything and it's working fine until you log out of the Remote App and it won't work again. i've got to get this app to work.

OK...got it to work! this is what finally did it.
1). go to "Control Panel"
2).go to "Administrative Tools"
3). go to "Services"
4). right click Bonjour and choose “repair,” then restart.
don't know why but now it's working 100%! man, i love this app. :D

My girlfriend and i juste bought 2 iphone 3g 16G ... and got lot of problem after upgrade to 2.1 ... Email,wi-fi,sms all ok now except that we still got no GPS ... it say that it can't find is location ... I try almost every thing ... is someone can help me please .... Thanks

Since installing 2.1 on my iPhone I can't seem to get a 3G signal and it seems to lose signal for no reason!
2.1 has made my iphone virtually unusable as a phone!

Ok i found de way to make the GPS work ... I simply reset the localisation alert in the general menu ...

For those whovare getting "unknown error occurred" I found that modifying my sharing settings in the iTunes preferences pannel fixed my problem.

Thanks John - your solution fixed my problem straight away. Why Apple don't alert people to this defeats me - it wasn't a problem with the original. Now a great App once again.

Brett I have same problem, "Remote worked perfectly for me before the update but since then it no longer ever finds my library after the PIN/pairing process. I tried the above fix but with no success. Any other suggestions??? I loved this app and really want to get it up and running again." Have nybody found a solution to this, I use OsX 10.5.5

I tried to turn on sharing, could not. Requires Bonjour (wtf?). OK. Find Bonjour in Services. Will NOT start. There is no repair option, at least on VISTA. Ergo, cannot turn on sharing, cannot turn on Bonjour, cannot see iphone to enter pairing code. Remote app is dead in the water. Maybe Bill and Jerry should work this ridiculous behavior into their next ad. Really disappointed.

I have a itouch and installed the remote app. I have powered speakers attached to an airport express. Everything on the remote works great (I can access both libraries on my mac and pc), but I can't control the speakers. In fact, I don't even see the any speakers in Settings - only the "Choose a Libary" option comes up. Also, in itunes, I'm able to choose the powered speakers attached to the airport express from the drop down menu in the bottom right. Any suggestions?

Still no luck after every one of the above fixes tried. I'm convinced this is a glitch in the latest iphone/itunes versions and won't be fixable for many until apple turns its attention to fixing it.

Thanks John!!! Going to iTunes Preferences > Sharing and selecting "Share entire library" did the trick. (repeating here to save some scrolling for new visitors"

Update - I FINALLY figured the problem out and got it working again. Turned out that after my update my norton firewall reset its settings for the Bonjour application to block all connections. All the fixes mentioned checking firewall settings for itunes (which were always fine) so i never noticed this before. Changed the firewall to allow bonjour all connections and presto - worked like magic!

I had the same problem - the device was not showing up. The thing that finally worked for me was to restart iTunes. Then there it was and it works great (for the moment - we will see if I have future connectivity issues).

Mine was not working either - until I started the app before opening iTunes, and now it works well again. Hopefully an update on either the app or iTunes will address this.

Tried everything that everyone mentioned above and still nothing.
Under devices I only see the iTouch/Pod but not the one with the Symbol for Remote (as I have seen on YouTube in trying to figure out what I am doing wrong)
It appears to me that I should be seeing 2 devices under the DEVICES and I only see 1.

a great app. the only problem i have is when ive got it connected and working and then exit out to take a phone call or something, i have to restart itunes on the pc becuase remote cant find the libary. Is eveyone else having this problem?
another falut is when im playing a playlist and click the next track it just goes back to the playlist and doesnt play the next track.
Also ocasionally i will be controling the music, but when a track finishes it goes on to the next one but the iphone still shows the track that has ended even though the controlls are still working!

i can't even get itunes to show me where to type in the passcode. it tells me to choose my iphone in the device list, but then thee is no option after that.

I have an I pod touch first generation with the new software 2.1 and I Tunes 8 on my MacMini.
Passcode entry shows up in I Tunes and when I enter it, it keeps checking and checking and nothing happens...
Tried to switch off iPod touch and Mac. Did not help. Setting in iTunes to discover remotes is set. Entire library is shared. Router was reset. Did a manual port foward to my MacMini. Nothing helped so far.
The pairing of the iPod touch and iTunes is just not working... HEEEEELP ;)

Yeah Justin....I just spent 30 minutes reading ALL about this and your the FIRST person to realize what I was doing wrong...Never checked in iTunes to make sure it was searching for my iPhone!

i have the old iphone and i did the passcode in wrong to many times and its telling me to connect to itunes, so then i downloaded itunes and plugged in the phone to the computer, then a pop up came up and said cannot connect the phone to the computer because their is a passcode on the iphone and to type in the passcode on the iphone. i now know what the passcode is but it wont let me type it in the phone. ive waited about 12 hours and it still wont let me type the passcode in all it says is connect to itunes but it wont let me connect to itunes unless i put the passcode in. what do i do?

I have a problem, just downloaded 2.1 update and I now cant access any of my downloads/games???
Also when I updated it completed wiped all of my songs off of my iphone??
Can anyone help!!??

i update it yesterday and it won't work at all it keep tell me that the sim card i used is not th right i chance over 5 five sim card and the result is the same can some one help me ??

This is for itunes using windows vista. Go to itunes and select preferences from the edit tab. Select devices tab and check the box "look for iphone and ipod touch remotes" and hit ok. itunes will promptly pop up the passcode window to enter digits. Done!

My Remote App never worked, and I have iTunes 8 and the new software preinstalled on my iPod touch. I'll reset my router and my iPod and if it works I won't post again. If t doesn't work I'll post that.

I have been using Remote app on iPhone (with the firmware 2.1) and iTunes without issues over past week or so. However when I try adding libbary in the Remote app on another iPhone with exactly same configuration/setting as the firt one, iTunes simply does not display the phone in list of the devices. If I try to add library on the first iPhone it shows up in the iTunes, while second iPhoine does not. Did anybody run across similar issue? Thanks!

Read all of the above 56 posts in hope that there was some new method to try to convince my computer and iPT to play nicely together. I have had previous success months ago with a different iPT and internet connection. Here is a list of my details and what I have tried:
Device: 16GB iPod Touch
Software: iTunes, Firmware 2.1
Issue: wifi-connected iPT does not show up in devices list
Other Notes: iPod is not tethered - that's just silly.
- disabled/re-enabled library sharing in iTunes
- disabled/re-enabled device detection in iTunes
- disabled XP firewall
- reset the router
- resynched iPod to iTunes
- uninstalled/reinstalled Remote application
- restarted Bonjour
- port forwarded TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353 (BT Home Hub)
I'm really out of ideas now.

Vista + Itunes 8 + iPhone 3G 2.1
Solutions checked:
- turn off all FWs (pc, router)
- turn on lib sharing in iTunes
- turn on iPhone/iPod detection in iTunes
- port forwarding on router (3689 tcp, 5353 udp)
- reset router
- reinstall Bonjour
Nothing changed!
I can connect only during the first couple of minutes after iTunes started. Remote App works until closed. Reopening Remote App causes connection loss. Connection can be established only by restarting iTunes.

I had a problem with using apple remote on the iPhone with my Mac after i reinstalled itunes 8. Initially apple support couldn't help. A couple days later I called again seeing if apple had come up with a solution and in the midst of the phone call I decided to try configuring the iphone remote using a hard wired connection instead of WIFI, and this did the trick. The tech at apple did not have an explanation as to why the itunes 8 would require a sync cable to configure the remote but he made a note of it nonetheless.

Exactly the same problem - seems this happens across pc and mac platforms.
MBP running 10.5.5 / itunes 8 / iphone 2.1 / remote 1.1
After the itunes 8 upgrade I lost both iphone remote and apple tv on my mac itunes devices.
I tunes will now not recognise iphone remote - nor will apple tv. ATV saw remote on my phone prior to ATV 2.2 upgrade and prior to remote 1.1 - but would not allow me to put in the code - wrong code - 20 times. Now it does not even see iphone after upgrade. Same with 3g and first model iphone both running remote 1.1.
I fear a problem with itunes 8 / iphone 2.1 / remote 1.1 and we will need to wait for a fix from apple in an update. This view also expressed by level 2 apple tech.

'UPDATED: Reseting everything, including the router, solved the problem.'
Resetting the router did the trick! It's all so easy now :)
I really was about to go crazy on that! Many thanks!

i have the same problem as everyone in the above comments. i have an ipod touch, i recently downloaded itunes 8, safari, and bonjour for windows Vista. before the DL i had no problems, after it does nothing when i plug my ipod into my USB port. i thought my ipod may have been dead (power) so i let it stay connected with my laptop all night, i could tell it was recharging b/c it was worm. (no recharging battery symble would come on screen).
that did not work. my itunes runs with no problem, i tryed restarting bonjour and nothing happends. i tryied restarting Itunes but i couldn't find it in services. bonjour is not blocked by firewall. im thinking of DLing and installing a later version of itunes and removing Bonjour. ill let you know how that works out for me.

also... when im holding my ipod touch and preas eather button nothing happens. it doesn't comeone.

Crazy - I turned off Firewall (Vista Ultimate+Itunes 8+iPhone3G). Closed Itunes, started Remote on Iphone, opened Itunes viola, remote was there, entered 4 digits then Remote came up with message saying could not connect, check your firewall settings!! grrrr - so turning this off makes no difference. have read all 64 posts and no further forward.

OK, Here is the trick for Vista Home Premium, Ipod Touch, and iTunes 8:
Install the app, unplug your ipod, reset it. Go into the iTunes preferences and turn sharing on for your library. Then restart Itunes. You should now see your ipod/ iphone showing up on the left side. Click on it and enter the 4 digit code that the remote app gives you when you try to add a new library to it. ENJOY.

@John #13 - THANK YOU! I'd been trying to figure this out for the good part of an hour. Problem solved. :)

Open port 3689 TCP and 5353 UDP on your firewall. This worked for me when nothing else did. I tested this on XP, and Server 2008.

@ KURBUS - thank you so much for posting your find as to where they moved the "remote speakers" option when using an airport express - i have been searching for it for like a month and never realized it was there - i thought they dumped the feature - Thanks again!!!

had i nightmare with this like many others have done. I'm PC user. spent hours fiddling with various suggestions put forward but no success. Itunes on my PC simply wouldn't give me the option to enter the 4 digit code.
However i decided to move to my next project which was to plug in my new Airport Express to try and get itunes to broadcast to other rooms. And suddenly my itunes on my PC miraculously asked my to enter my 4 digit code! Pure luck. But it worked and now my itouch remotely controls my itunes on my PC. Hope that helps someone.

i'm trying the thing john said, enabling full sharing of your entire library, and remote STILL won't show up on itunes. dammit apple why make an update if it blocks your own damn apps?

I need Itunes 8 in order to sync my iphone to itunes. HOwever i have tried to downloand 8 several times and i keep getting an error that user is not verifed.what does that mean? how do i fix this issue?

I have the 2nd Gen Ipod Touch, with Mac OS 10.4.11 and Itunes 8. After trying EVERYTHING above I just can't get this app to work!!! Any additional assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I had same problem. I turned off firewall, etc and 8.0
loaded perfectly.
Now will somebody please tell me what a Remote App is?

I have just set up a wifi speaker system using AirPort express, brilliant!!. I have been told by apple that there is an application you can download to my itouch so that I can play music from there to the speakers by wifi. Does anyone know what app it is and how to set it up.
thanks. ps the apple guy didn't know!!

For anyone using Windows Vista with iTunes 8 and still having connection problems with Remote.
If you already tried vista firewall and port forwarding on your router and it is still not working. This is a nice Vista exclusive that you might have overlooked.
1. Click the Start Button and type "sharing" in the search bar.
2. Click the program "Networking and Sharing Center"
3. Under Sharing and Discovery make sure that Media Sharing is clicked on!
It solved my connection problems with remote.
P.S. Vista can blow sometimes....

I am connected to a wifi network, thanks anon.
Ashema - I didn't have media sharing on but it's still not working. I've also checked the firewalls.
Any more ideas anyone?

I've just turned off the firewall and Remote is now working so obviously the problem is there. I have checked that itunes is permited through and it is, can you think of any other program that needs to be added to the firewall permission list? Thanks

Thanks a lot for the update, I've restarted the PC + the router and then when I restarted iTunes (with Remote started on the iPhone) there was another device on the left of iTunes (with the Remote logo). I just had to click on it and enter the code shown on my iPhone and everything worked !
Thanks a lot!

As a few people have said before, I tried everything with no luck, then I turned my router off then on again at the wall and it works again!. Hopefully a bug fix will be on the way.

This is also important to configure in iTunes...opens up your library for sharing to the local network.
Edit-Preferences-Sharing-Share my library on my local network-Share selected playlists, checked selected playlists -checked "require password" added passcode from Remote clicked ok

Solved for me, putting Bonyour on safe list of Windows Vista Firewall. I added the file mDNSResponder in the folder Bonyour (in program files).
I think this did the trick

The iTunes interface for the Remotes app is pathetic.
You see a checkbox for "Look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes," but NO status information. There should be some kind of persistent list, so you can verify that iTunes either sees or does not see iPhones or iPod Touches.
As it is, you check the checkbox, and if there's any connectivity problem, you get absolutely no feedback, no clue as to anything going on. You don't even know for sure that iTunes doesn't see a device, because NOTHING happens.
Apple needs to fix this interface. It's cryptic and frustrating.

Found my issue later. Pathetic interface.
It wasn't at all clear from the directions that the iPhone/Remote icon does not appear in the iTunes prefs window at all -- actually it appears in another window -- left-hand pane of the main iTunes window. If you have quite a few playlists like me, and the list is scrolled down, you will never see the iPhone/Remote icon at all -- unless you scroll back up to the top of the playlists.
The iPhone/iPod Touch Remote list should be in the same prefs window as the “Look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes" checkbox. What makes it even worse is that the prefs window also shows a list of devices, but it's a list of backups, and has nothing to do with Remote. You expect to see devices in the prefs window, but you get nothing.
All told, this is an interface truly worthy of Microsoft's worst carelessness. Shame on Apple.

my set up was working great until i d/l the latest bounjour on Windows 2003 server. stopping and restarting the service fixed the problem.

problem solved for me went into router set up and enabled UPNP and now works like a dream, hope this helps some or all of you

I have two computers: "wired" desktop computer and wireless laptop. Both Windows XP. There's serious Remote problems with desktop computer, but laptop works like a dream. With desktop computer I have tried to uninstall and install iTunes and Bonjour. I have shared library, disabled firewalls and uninstalled Remote from iPhone. I have rebooted ADSL-WiFi-router several times too. Nothing helps! Remote works only if I start it just before iTunes, but it stops working if it's shut down for a while. It never finds iTunes until I restart iTunes again.
I have a new clue: I disabled laptops WiFi and connected it to ADSL-router with Ethernet-cable. Wired laptop had same connectivity problem! After I took cable away and enabled Wifi remote connected normally. Laptops library became active automatically.
What I haven't tried, is enabling UPnP from router. Is it security risk?

Try this I found it under the app in the itunes store. It's what worked for me after I tried everything else.
Select system preferences/security/firewall then pick "Set access for specific services and applications". Then click the "+" and find/select iTunes in your Applications folder and click "Add". Then make sure the setting next to iTunes says "allow incoming connections"
Hope this helps.

It was the firewall for me. Norton was blocking bonjour program from receiving info. Just allowed the bonjour app to do what it needs and now the remote app appears in itunes so i can click on it and put in the password. Before it wouldn't even appear and therefore i had no idea where the hell to put the pass code. Goodluck to you guys.

Only new ADSL-modem/router helped. The previous modem was A-link RR24AP(i) and the new one is A-link RR24AP(i+). Only wired computers had connection problems, wireless worked fine.
I worked more than two weeks with this problem. I
-syncronized iPhone
-authorized iTunes
-disabled all firewalls
-completely uninstalled and reinstalled Bonjour
-completely uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes
-checked and unchecked “Look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes”
-shared iTunes library
-uninstalled and reinstalled Remote
-rebooted and resetted ADSL-modem/router
-updated ADSL-modem/router's firmware
-enabled UPnP from router
-made same tests with XP and Vista
-tested two laptops and one desktop computer
-tested with friends network, wireless and wired setup worked
-tested another friend's network and that worked too!
Those final tests convinced me, that the problem is in the ADSL-router/modem. Even A-link's tech-guy could not help me. He checked modems settings personally and said everything should work.
Finally everything works. I can remote control my wired desktop computer downstairs and I can play same music both upstairs and downstairs with Airtunes!
I hope this helps somebody who has tried everything. Don't give up!

Hello, i'm having a problem with the remote app, it shows on the itunes and when I fill in the 4 digits, it takes some time and then I hear a biip and it say passcode is incoorect. Does anyone have the same problem? How to fix it?

Actually it doesn't say passcode is incorrect, it just beeps and the 4 digirts i entered are gone, very frustrating

I had a similar problem with my vista computer: Remote app would pop up on devices list in iTunes and I could put in the passcode but after that I couldn't connect. Turned off firewall, ported my router, turned on sharing in iTunes, nothin'. However, I could connect to another computer on my network with an older version of iTunes and I could connect to my macbook, so I knew it was my stupid vista sh*tbox. I checked the network and sharing center. It seems like when you take down your firewall, vista protects the computer by disabling sharing because all these sharing settings were off. Like Ashema said, these need to be changed, ie. allow media sharing. Restart computer and router and it should work.
Hope that helps.

Vista+itunes 8.0.2+iphone 2.2 1st gen.
did everything in the above posts.. and finally reinstalled Bonjour which worked for me.

After hours of playing with itunes , my iTouch and the remote app we got it to work!!! It would not initially appear in the devices list and when it would not accept the passcode!!! argghhhhh
For some reason it did not like it when the remote app was downloaded from itunes on the and synch'd to the itouch. After many attempts we could not make the itouch and itunes talk. we checked everything from setting in itunes to firewall stuff... basically everything that google could list!!
Finally we removed the remote app from itunes and the iTouch. But then downloaded it directly to the itouch from the app store. On synching with the iTouch and iTunes it showed up in the devices and allowed the entry of the passcode... now all works great!!!
Hope that helps someone out there!

I just realized that I didn't have Bonjour installed. Once I installed it, the icon appeared. QED.

My problem is similar. Vista w/Itunes. Ipod touch with remote. Airport express running wireless from a Linksys WRT54GS. Everything works fine to a point, but everytime a song changes all sound goes dead. You can see a song is playing (on Touch and itunes) and artwork changes. Only way to get sound is to either hit pause and then play or disable and then enable the airport speakers. Itunes v 8.02.20, Touch v2.2. I've updated all my drivers including the linksys.

Mikes suggestion did the trick. I didn't see the 5353 UDP port with this:
C:> netstat -an | find ""
Mike Says:
November 13th, 2008 at 10:38 pm
Open port 3689 TCP and 5353 UDP on your firewall. This worked for me when nothing else did. I tested this on XP, and Server 2008.

I've been having my own problems with Remote and iTunes ever since buying a new Netgear WNR 2000 wireless router to replace my aging Linksys (with the new router, I could now use my "iTouch" to check email from the bedroom).
Turns out the problem was very simple:
I connected my DSL modem to my MAC, AND to my wireless router.
The correct way is to connect the DSL modem to the router, and connect from the router to the computer.
Either way worked in terms of getting the internet on the desktop, and on the iPod.
But the only way that the iPod could talk to the desktop is if the router connected to the Mac.
So simple.

Guys, I'm having the same issue with the Remote App. iTunes sees my iphone remote, but after I type in the passcode, it thinks for a while and eventually rejects the passcode.
I'm running ALL APPLE PRODUCTS. I have a macbook pro 2.4 ghz, an iphone 3g, and an airport extreme base station. I have already allowed incoming connections to itunes in my firewall settings, i have ticked "look for iphone and ipod touch remotes" in itunes pref, and I have restarted all my devices several times. I've also uninstalled and re-installed the Remote app several times. My iphone is running 2.2.1 firmware, my itunes is version 8.0.2 and my macbook is running 10.5.6. Yes my iphone and my macbook are both on the same wifi network (my personal network at home).
can anybody help??!?!?! this shouldn't be so hard.
oh, and by the way, i also have an AppleTV running the 2.3.1 firmware, and you guessed it, it also rejects the passcode from my iphone. what gives?

Fixed my problem. on router (fritzbox) had to enable:
WLAN devices may communicate with each other

I found what is preventing remote from connecting to my laptop. I'm running something to protect my computer called "Sygate Security Agent", which monitors and blocks port activity. It flashes red briefly whenever remote tries to connect. It's a work machine, so I can't actually turn the stupid thing off! But maybe somebody else has something like this, that they are premitted to turn off. I think I'm out of luck though :(
Strange though, that remote is incompatible with security software?!

I downloaded the new itunes 8.0, and i can not sync my iphone! i removed the new itunes and it worked fine. but then I was not able to load itunes until i upgraded. So now my iphone will NOT sync, hell it wont even charge plugged into my pc. Sigh. any clues?

Hi there, Remote now finally works for me but it took a long time since I also couldn’t get passed the “verifying” code. I tried almost everything, checking iTunes preferences, resetting my router, firewalls, etc. The thing that made it work in the end was in my SYSTEM Preferences > Internet & Network > Sharing. You have to activate “filesharing” there. Try it!

The only thing that consistently works for me is to restart my router - After trying everything - sharing library in itunes, look for remotes, enabling ports 3689,5353 in my firewall, turning off firewall, restart computer , restart itunes/iphone , turning off then turning back on the wifi on iphone, reinstaling bonjour , restarting the bonjour service. NONE of these things worked but when i restart my router - there is the remote - working like a charm , but then when i restart the computer i have to restart the router so i can find my library in the app. otherwise it keeps saying can't find library.
Might have something to do with the DCHP lease time in the wireless settings on the router, if i figure it out i will repost. Hope this helps.

I have tried every solution in the book, including turning the firewall off, and here's what I found - In System Prefs / Sharing / Firewall, click the Advanced button. Then click Open Log. Console will launch. On your device, launch Remote and try to add your library. In Console it should say something like:
12190 Deny TCP in via en1
That's the problem. Haven't found a solution yet but I'm working on it.

Mine was working perfectly until i installed an update for the remote yesterday, 3 april, and now it dosnt work. It cant find my library so i deleted it and tried to satrt again but now i cant find where to put the passcode in.
ipod touch 2G, itunes

I had unreliable connections between Remote and iTunes on my laptop - sometimes access, usually not - until I changed the security setting of the router from WPA to WPA2. Not sure why - but now I'm able to see my library without a hitch.

I was having the exact same problem as everyone here. Then, while searching the web for an answer, I stumbled upon someone who had a solution. It might not work for everyone, but it worked for me.
In Windows Vista, go to Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services. Then look for "Routing and Remote Access". If it is disabled, double click it and select "Automatic" from the startup type drop down list.
Once the service starts, close the remote app on your iPhone, and relaunch it. With any luck, the iPhone will be listed under the devices tab and you can enter your four digit password.
I hope this works for everyone else, as it did for me.

Having similar problem. My Iphone shows up in ITunes, asks for the pin in Itunes, I type the code as displayed on my phone into itunes. A message at top flashes that says Verifying your access code and then nothing happens.
My wi-fi must be setup correctly otherwise I wouldn't even see my iphone as a device in itunes.
Please help!!

hi ; i need some help here plz
my swet itunes cannot sync with my iphone it says i should restore it and im afraid if i did it will lock
plz tell me what should i do.......

i tried everything. my itunes can see my ipod touch but cant see the remote. i tried restarting everything. I changed all the settings listed above. still nothing. I am running vista, itunes 8 and ipod 2.2 software. plz help

RIC!! Good job - Vista by default has that "Routing and Remote Access" service disabled - by setting it to automatic and starting it up - that fixed it. I did have to in iTunes run through a "forget all remote devices" under Preferences | Devices tab but then once I did that restarted iTunes it all worked fine! Thank man for the good advice!

patience gone! fucking shit house! tried all of the above and still cant get one fucking thing to work! fuck it!

Used to work fine on my iPod Touch, but now it just wont appear under devices! I have a new MacBook Pro, and have tried playing with the firewall and sharing settings but nothing seems to work.

Ok, here's what I found...
In the menu bar, click the airport icon. Then click create network. Use the default settings for now, and click OK. Then, from your iPhone, go to Settings > Wifi > Turn on wifi. Your computer name will be listed, this is the subnet you just created. Select it. Launch iTunes from the Mac and then launch the remote app from the phone. It should work, has never failed to with me.

I am having a fairly large problem with my itunes. For some reason, when my ipod is connected to the computer, it won't allow me to edit the apps in the sync list under the devices- iPod Touch.... can anyone help?

First, it worked and after a few moments it didn't work anymore. After I turned my firewall off, it worked again. The point is, I have McAfee SecurityCenter as firewall too. So if you have 2 firewalls, just turn off the windows firewall. That helps!

My problem is that although my iPhone3Gs will connect as a remote it will quickly lose my library and be unable to find it again. I have tried everything; reinstalling bonjour, allowing bonjour and itunes thru my firewall, turning my firewall off alltogether!, sharing my library, search for ipod & iphone remotes checked, I've tried everything everyone has suggestions... So, any suggestions? This is especially frustrating as this was my main reason for wanting one :(

Tried everything above - no joy. I have an iPhone 3GS and latest version of iTunes running on WIndows XP. Draytek router/firewall and Zonealarm. I've opened up the ports on the Draytek and given permission for iTunes and Bonjour on Zonealarm.
Restarted router, restarted PC, reintsalled itunes, reinstalled ap, connected with cable/without cable, allowed sharing, look for iPhone remote, started services above, nothing.
For a brief period yesterday the remote icon appeared in itunes but did not recognise code. Then it dissapeard...

For some reason my Zonealarm firewall had set my home network to the "Internet" Zone (ie lets me connect to network but prevents anybody connecting to me). Changed this to "Trusted" Zone and voila.

I resolved the connect issue on Windows when I renamed my Workgroup to the same name as my Wireless box. rebooted and straight in on the Iphone 3.0 and IpodTouch, connected them both at the same time as well.

Houston, I have a wierd problem. Latest itunes on Vista , then wireless via Juniper SSG20 to a ipod touch with apple itunes remote app installed. I can monitor the firewall to see packets both ways but there isnt any....ipod remote app doesnt send anything so perhaps is listening.
Vista pc, I see no packets on the SSG20 counters even though i have itunes app in the windows firewall enabled, and have allowed tcp 3689 and udp 5353. I even turned windows firewall off to check - no difference, no packets seen. Is there another app that has to be on the box with Vista to kick it into life? I've toggled network sharing, look for remotes in itunes. ...hmmm!

131 Ian's solution finally worked for me and made the iPhone FINALLY show up under devices, but then I couldn't connect to the internet. When I switch back to my regular WIFI, the iPhone can't find the iTunes library again. :(
I've been trying to get this to work for like three months. I have no firewalls on, I allow all connections.

Thank you #131. ian - I've been trying to get this app to work since I downloaded it...like a year ago. Never have been able to get it to work. I don't know how you figured it out, but thank you!

This is how I got my iTouch to finally work in Vista...
You must turn off windows firewall for this setup to work.

  1. Turn off Windows Firewall click Start > Control Panel > Security and turn windows firewall off.
  2. Next click Start > Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services and look for (Routing and Remote Access) in the list. If it is disabled, double click on it and select Automatic from the drop down list and click OK. Now look to the left hand side of the box it will say (Start), click on this and start the service if it hasn't started already.
  3. Now turn off your iTouch/phone and restart it and choose the remote app and with any luck, the iPhone icon should appear under the devices tab on the left hand side of itunes (if not then click add library on iTouch to receive a new password and hopefully the icon should now appear, you can now enter your four digit password.
  4. Once connected and iTunes confirms this, repeat step 1 and turn your Windows Firewall back on.

You should now be good to go and still have a firewall in place for added protection.

After 2 whole evenings wasted, serveral youtube and google posts looked into without sucess - your post is perfect for my problem
vista pc iphone 4
you are a genuis thank you for posting!

I have soulved this promblem by updating the firmware of router.

I also seem to find this is much more reliable if I force my router to use WPA2 instead of WPA1 (or WPA1+WP2, specifically).

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