Updated: iTunes 8 Now Available!

QuickTime 7.5.5 was the prep, Front Row 2.1.6 the side dish, but now the main event, iTunes 8 itself, is available from Apple for your downloading pleasure!

Apple Says:

iTunes 8 includes Genius, which makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together. Genius also includes Genius sidebar, which recommends music from the iTunes Store that you don't already have.

With iTunes 8, browse your artists and albums visually with the new Grid view; download your favorite TV shows in HD quality from the iTunes Store; sync your media with iPod nano (4th generation), iPod classic (120GB), and iPod touch (2nd generation); and enjoy a stunning new music visualizer.

iTunes 8 and iTunes U are now accessible with VoiceOver on your Mac.

Updated: Now available via Software Update, or you can grab it from Apple.com right now!

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Reader comments

Updated: iTunes 8 Now Available!


Genius thing is useless. Just reccomends other songs in the same album, even when you already have them.

I am not getting the recommending songs I already have problem, but I am also an extreme stickler for having everything correctly labeled. I think if you don't have it labeled just right Genius gets confused and can't tell you already have the song.
Sadly though, genius only seems to work for songs in the iTunes store. So it won't work for The Beatles or AC/DC. Although it oddly works for Oasis (even though all their old albums have been removed from the iTunes store).
I'm guessing apple explicitly disabled Genius from working with The Beatles and AC/DC, since there shouldn't be any reason why the artist would need to be in the iTunes store for Genius to work on it.

Genius has two features: the Genius Sidebar and the Genius Playlist.
The Genius Sidebar is the uh, My Apple Store or My Itunes or whatever option that used to be in iTunes pre-8. At least that's what it seems to be. It basically recommends stuff from iTS based on what you're looking at/listening to.
The Genius Playlist works if you click on a song and then click the Genius button in the lower right of the iTunes window. It then makes a playlist of songs on your PC that are somehow related to the one you clicked on. I presume this is done using some sort of Pandora-esque aggregate listener information iTunes's service collects if you have Genius turned on.

Pandora doesn't use aggregate listener information. It uses the music genome project.
Additionally, genius recommendations at least can check for non-iTunes store purchases on your library, which the old system couldn't do. You had ot hope that it popped up and then you could push "already own". But like it never had any idea about my jazz collection because it was all ripped in, and thus it had no idea I had it all.

I've noticed syncing your iPhone with iTunes 8.0 is MUCH FASTER! I know they said 2.1 would make it quicker, but I think 8 has made it really fast! I used to be 5min or more, now it's like 30sec.

I think Genius will improve with time once more people have submitted their playlists. don't expect too much from in the first couple of days.

iTunes 8 causes crashes in Vista.
7.7 worked perfectly. I installed version 8, connected my iPhone 3G, BSOD and reboot. I have no Logitech software at all...(not that that should matter...)
Tried again, same story. Uninstalled 8, reinstalled 7.7, and I get the ".itl file cannot be opened because it was created with a newer version of iTunes" error.
I'm trying to love Apple, but these increasingly failed launches are worrying me. "Vista user with an apple portable device" is not a rare scenario, and really should be taken through Quality Assurance.
So... now I can't listen to any of my music purchased through the iTunes Store, I can't sync my iPhone.
Apple, you're looking more and more unstable as 2008 progresses. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but today's press conference was absolutely unnecessary; these were minor product line changes, not something worth throwing an "event." Please invest more in QA and less in these events. They're great when you introduce a new produce, i.e. iPhone... but a new version of old software and minor changes in your music players? Not a press event.
Thanks so much for listening, we appreciate you and wish you luck on what I'm sure is not a fun night for you.

Bryan, check out the Apple support newsgroups - there is a thread with well over 100 people complaining about BSOD on Vista and several thousand page views. Clearly this is a big issue. Should be interesting to see how quickly Apple sorts it out. They do look like complete amatures these days.

I'm the second person over at Apple support who has noticed that after downloading iTunes 8 that I cannot get any of the songs I purchased from iTunes to play on my iPhone. The album artwork comes up, I get the speaker icon indicating that it's playing, but NO SOUND.
It's made for a very small playlist that I can listen to.

Downloaded the iTunes 8.0. Now my when I plug my iPhone 2.0, 8GB in to sync with iTunes, entire computer shuts down. My computer uses Windows Vista. It tries to install drivers for the iphone but doesn't get through it. Restarts the computer every time. Any ideas to get over this hurdle? My phone is stagnant now. Can't download new music to my phone, can't delete or change playlists, update apps, nothing. HELP.

I update my iTunes to 8.0, now my musican library doesn't show my library - it's still there I checked. I did the shift -start iTunes thing (windows XP) selected my library - still no library in iTunes...What did I do wrong??? oh I know - I forgot never to upgrade iTunes, it never works right, how silly of me, the same sort of stuff happened last time I upgraded it to......

i tried and tried to update my itunes to 8.0 but i never succeeded. an error occurs every time i reach 14mb.