iTunes 8 Vista BSOD Fixed + iPhone 2.1 Breaks MobileMe Push?

Apple has posted a support document to help those users (including many of those here at TiPb) who have been experiencing the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death) when hooking up an iPhone or iPod to iTunes 8.

The solution? Uninstall iTunes and the MobileMe control panel, and reinstall the new version. Seems most people being affected have HP peripherals or Logitech drivers. I have neither, and my Vista install went fine, but if anyone did have the problem, please let us know if that fixed it!

Meanwhile, a couple of us here at TiPb have noticed that, apres-2.1, our MobileMe email is decidedly less pushy. We're deleting and recreating the account on our iPhone's, but no joy so far.

Anyone else?

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iTunes 8 Vista BSOD Fixed + iPhone 2.1 Breaks MobileMe Push?


I have had little issues with MobileMe. When I first upgraded I did not have push. All is well now though. [Keeping my fingers crossed]

I noticed mobileme not pushing on wednesday, so it could have just been an iTunes 8 issue. Currently updating to 2.1 now. So I'll see if this changes anything.

Not working for me also :-( I was just telling everyone this morning that MobileMe emails were working well for me. Not any more! Oh well.
Having said that, 2.1 has fixed most of my other problems and it does seem to be quicker.
iTunes 8 broke my Airport Express though. One step forward... one step back.

@Steve Lame. Mobile Me has been working for the vast majority. Exchange is fine if you want to use MS-centric technologies. Many people prefer not to.

Exchange doesn't give me Mac to Mac sync, or Back to My Mac, which I use constantly.
I run both Exchange and MobileMe for mail, for different accounts. MobileMe has been near flawless for me thus far.
And Exchange is not exactly low maintenance either :)

Current OS: Windows Vista 32-bit
I had installed iTunes 7 when I got the iPhone 3 weeks ago wihout any errors/issues.
After reading various forums re iTunes8+Vista issues, I uninstalled iTunes 7 and all other Apple apps from my PC. I rebooted the PC and downloaded the "updated" iTunes8. The install went smooth but launching iTunes gives the following error:
"The iTunes Library.itl file cannot be found or created. The default location for this file is in "iTunes" folder in the "Music" folder"
Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.

I checked and the iTunes Library.itl folder does exist and path is as:
RsB > Music > iTunes > iTunes Library.itl
cannot figure this one out...


  1. I deleted the iTunes folder from MUSIC folder
  2. Opened iTunes
  3. It worked fine and recreated the folder

It seems to be working fine now

My push stopped working as well shortly after upgrading to 2.1. It use to work fine, but since the upgrade it doesn't work at all

I had a slew of problems that 2.1 did seem to fix but my push has completely stopped working as well. Regular push email NOT mobileme (which I can't afford or advocate since the email push WAS working great before)

I had the same problem with push not working after the 2.1 update. It's some kind of bug which I'm sure apple will fix fairly quickly. Here's what I did and after several test emails it seems to be fixed;
1) First I backed up my iphone so that I had a current backup should things go wrong
2) Next, I deleted my mobile me account from my iphone (which removed all contacts, dont' panic, this is normal, they will all be restored) and restarted the phone.
3) Next I plugged my phone into the computer and once itunes started up and detected my iphone, I set up my mobile me account on my phone again.
4) Then, I synced my iphone with itunes, this time checking the option to sync mail accounts. After the sync I had two mobile me accounts on my phone. (It must have put the last version that I synced with back on the phone instead of syncing with the new account, which is where I think the bug is) Anyway...
5) Next, I unplugged the phone and deleted both mobile me accounts and restarted the phone again.
6) Then, I plugged the phone into the computer again and once again setup a new mobile me account on my phone once itunes started and detected my phone. I was also sure to name the account with same name I used originally (Apple Mail).
7) Finally, I synced my iphone with itunes again, and again making sure sync mail accounts was checked and waaallllaaa, it worked!
I know this seems like a rig job, like hold the iphone with your left hand stand on one feet and spin around three times, but hey, it worked. And I'm sure there is an easier way to do this. Maybe I could have just synced the first time with the sync mail option checked and it would have worked, maybe it was because when I deleted mobile me and set it up again on my phone with a different name I had a problem. I don't know. I just know that these are the exact steps I took and it worked. I am a pretty computer savvy person and I don't post much but I know how frustrating it is when something like this isn't working correctly. So even at the risk of looking like a fool, I just wanted to post what I did to get push working again for me. Hope it works for you guys too!

Sorry guys, looks like it only worked for a little while. Today push is not working again. Damn this is getting aggravating!