iTunes 8 + Vista = BSOD? WT*, QA!

Seems iTunes 8 for Vista 32/64 will crash if you hook an iPhone or iPod up to it, or, you know, look at it funny. Gizmodo says some users are having luck reverting back to 7.7, or doing a complete uninstall and then installing 8.0. Apple, meanwhile, is asking for crash logs to try to figure out what's happening.

Could Apple's Quality Assurance department really not have any Vista machines in-house to run tests on? Any other company, and we wouldn't even ask but as reader Bryan points out in the comments:

Apple, you’re looking more and more unstable as 2008 progresses. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but today’s press conference was absolutely unnecessary; these were minor product line changes, not something worth throwing an “event.” Please invest more in QA and less in these events.

We'd joke it was the new Gates/Seinfeld ad pressure, but we figure Vista users aren't in a real laughing mood over this. For my part, I haven't installed iTunes on my Vista machine yet, but now I'll make a point of it. Let's see what happens...

And Apple, break's over, b'okay?

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iTunes 8 + Vista = BSOD? WT*, QA!


I installed iTunes 8 on my Vista machine (Dell Laptop) yesterday afternoon. Plugged in my phone, there it is, no issues. Still no issues today. Sorry to hear others are having issues.

Two small annoyances (ok, one annoyance and one "ewe, that's so amateurish").
iTunes 8 for me only opens in "normal" size, running with a 21inch monitor that equates to a smallish window, which I then have to maximise. The window does not seem to remember it's state between sessions. Secondly on the Preferences -> General, there is a check box with the label "Automatically retrieve CD track names from the internet", where the label doesn't appear to have enough height for the text.
Fortunately for me this is on a WinXP Pro PC, rather than a Vista, so no BSOD here :-)

DavidB, Absolutely no issues for me on Windows XP Pro SP3 with iTunes 8. No window sizing issues.
I did do the iTunes 8.0 install with my iPhone disconnected --- I have read that is recommended to do that.

No BSOD issues at all. I'm running iTunes8 in Vista64. Though, iTunes is still a bit laggy and eats quite amount of RAM.

I'm a Vista owner who would not even consider installing iTunes8 until I hear it's all clear.
I have a music database of 42,000 songs, which Vista issues has corrupted on 5 seperate occassions (I always have lots of backups).
But actually, my biggest issue with this latest Apple announcement is....where are the bigger hard drives?
42,000 songs won't fit on the previous biggest iPod (160GB classic), so there was me hoping for a bigger one.....and amazingly all we get is a smaller one. 160GB largest becomes 120GB largest.
The world has officially gone insane.

I installed iTunes 8 on Vista and the set up went down without a hitch. However when I tried to sync with my iPod Touch I got a notice saying that it couldn't due to an unspecified error.
I'll try a reboot now, but this is annoying. Obviously not BSOD annoying, but still annoying.

Installed iTunes 8 last night on my Vista Basic Dell Laptop. Installation and sync with my 30GB Classic iPod went off without a problem. I would not have even noticed a difference other than the grid layout and Genius sidebar.

I got this blue screen last night after installing iTunes 8 and enabling Genius and then plugging in my iPhone 3G. As soon as it was detected....BSOD. After the reboot, however, I plugged it in and it was okay, but I'm not confident it's fixed yet.

The problem seems to be when you have certain peripherals. If you read the apple forums, folks with HP printers or Logitec accessories (not too many of those out there :-) are running into this issue. Workarounds appear to be unplugging the printer and uninstalling your Logitech stuff. Nice. Go Apple.

I've just hooked up my ipod today and not had any problems not sure how my iphone will react but if the ipod worked, guess the iphone should be okay as well.

That could be the issue. I have both a Logitech mouse and G15 gaming keyboard. Maybe something in the Logitech software is conflicting with the USB drivers.
I did an analysis of the dump file from my BSOD and it was attributed to the usbappl.sys file.

I haven't gotten the BSOD yet, but it does take awhile for it to find my phone once I plug it in. I do have a Logitech wireless mouse though for my laptop.

No issues for me either ... 32-bit Vista.
Only annoyance I have is that the Vista popup asking what I want to do with my iPhone has Chinese characters after my iPhone name now. Odd. Doesn't affect anything, just odd.

I ran into the BSOD several times last night as I tried to update to itunes 8! It was scary as heck because my computer had never ever reacted that way. At first I tried to upgrade straight from itunes. . .got the blue screen. Then I decided to upgrade from . . .it installed and worked fine until I hooked up my iphone. . .then I got that nasty blue screen and my computer shut down. I am using Vista. I am just thankful that all my music is located on a external drive because otherwise I would have died last night. All in all, I've put in a good 3 hours trying to fix this, but still my computer keeps crashing after I hook up the iphone. =(

Vista 64-bit.
Updated to iTunes 8.0 and sync'd iphone 3G last night with out a problem. Disconnected and reconnected several times as well.

Mine bsod's every time. Vista ultimate 32bit iPhone 3g and hp printer turned off. I'm getting sick of apple. Guess no firmware 2.1 for me Friday.

Vista 64 + iphone 3g + hp photosmart C3100 = BSOD
I'm so effing pissed right now. I had to boot up to ubuntu just to research what the hell happened because even SAFE MODE won't work with my vista right now.
Just unplugged my HP printer and the iphone based on the comments above. Hope that works.
1/2 the price and twice the speed apparently = 100 times the aggravation

Vista home premium 32 bit...Itunes8 works fine, cannot connect iphone3g without BSOD..tried reinstalling 8 twice, Apple tech said try making a new user profile on Vista and try itunes8 there...uh huh, BSOD again.. Tried to uninstall and then reinstall 7.7 again, Upon opening itunes7.7 Error message: The file "itunes library itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes. so now itunes won't open but my iphone will plug in and charge without BSOD... Half way there... So I guess when you uninstall 8 it doesn't really all go away... Help!!! tried 8 on my XP work laptop, not a problem... Vista is a picky SOB... Sorry Apple?!?!

Update!!! Reinstalled Itunes8...unplugged the HP 6180 all in one printer.. no more BSOD...Good Job Jeff/Fred give it a shot Matt...lose the HP printer...just while your phone is plugged in...WOW one step closer.. Yeahhh

Thanks guys, specially Dave and Jeff. Pulled out usb connector of my HP 3110 printer and voila! iTunes worked fine with my iPhone!! (also have Logitec usb peripherals mouse & keyboard but they don't seem to give any problems).
Win Vista 32b AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 2.40 GHz

I have a parallel cabled HP LaserJet 6P and I still get the BSOD with the printer off or disconnected. I do not have any HP USB printers. I am convinced it is not an HP USB issue. An Apple rep tried most of the above possible solutions and none worked. Very frustrating!

We've had problems with HP software corrupting Acrobat (or maybe it's the other way) and other strange issues. It got so bad that when time came to replace printers, we avoided HP all together.
Vista 64 bit, installed 32 bit iTunes 8, and all seems to be fine. Upgrading to 2.1 on the phone. Crossed fingers.

Upgraded to itunes 8. Vista Business (all latest patches) Connecting iphone 3g blue screens vista every time. I do have a hp printer so I may try looking at that.

I just got my iPhone last night hooked it up and there was the ugly blue screen. It took me hours to get things set up. I did find if you connected the phone before you booted you could work with it. If the computer was on you should just site down because when it get connected you will have a blue screen and the compture will be rebooting shortly.

I installed iTunes 8 on Vista. Then tried the iPhone 2.1 update. Total blue screen crash. Phone is dead!!!!!!!!! I get the blue screen each time I plug the iPhone into the USB port. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After much wasted time I found this link on Apple's website:
This solved the blue screen problem. However, I had to rebuild the data and applications on my iPhone and some is lost. Apple has to stop having users do some of their R&D.

Vista 32bit w/2 HP printers = BSOD. Apple, you suck! I've had it. I tried to use MobileME and was one of those unfortunate 2 percenters, though I strongly suspect the actual percentage was much higher given the amount days on hold in getting through to a useless tech support chat.
The standard Apple Attitude is disable everything that's not Apple and it should work fine. That's great! No I have a box that's used for itunes and my phone.
Again, you suck!

I installed iTunes 8 on Window XP SP3. Connected my new iPod Touch and had Apple Mobile Device Issues. After a reinstall of iTunes, QT, and Bonjour everything is groovy there. NOW my wireless LOGITECH LX 710 Laser Mouse turns off when I right-click!!!

Gf got me the new nano chromatic for my birthday. I run vista as well, as soon as itunes was installed (since apple handcuffs you to their programs) HP software went nuts and kept trying to install itself. Then the itunes went apeshit (and this is after I had spent better part of the day converting all my music files. Long story short had to reformat my hardrive. Maybe apple should learn to play nice with others. Ridiculous company.

My bf and I have matching HP Touch laptops, i have a new 3g 16g and he has the original 8g. We installed iTunes 8 from the apple update software and it crashed both of our systems. We had to completely uninstall itunes and all apple software, then do a clean download of iTunes. For the download I tried it as save the download, he tried run from download, mine worked his did not! We still both have issues when we plug our iphones, basically iTunes will freeze for 10-15 seconds, during the sync. Now we are dealing with the app installation issue.

I have Vista 64, iphone 3g 16gb (2.1), Itunes 8. All installed fine. Sync is happy to begin with, but after about 10 mins of syncing, my machine hangs - only a hard reboot works here. This has happened every time I've synced so far, and only with the iphone (otherwise the system is stable).
I do have a logitech MX700 USB mouse, so I will try removing the mouse and seeing if stability returns

I have had many recurring issues with itunes 8.0 on Vista Ultimate:
(1) iTunes library corruption - lost all purchased applications ($150+ value) - got a credit for 5 albums from Apple after escalation to manager in tech support
(2) music plays intermittently - there are days where the "Play" button works, and days when it doesn't. Have no clue why. This affects playback of both local music, and music previews in iStore
Agree that Vista is a second class citizen in the Apple world corporate priorities.

Right! Ive reinstalled vista 64 and itunes a million times and tried lots of different versions of itunes but i always get the same problem! when i start installing itunes it always crashes. wen i try to change to directory that it will install it crashes. and it will always try to install it to 32bit folder instead of 64bit!

A brief update on my last post: unplugged my logitech mouse and then synched my iphone - success! 5 gigs of songs transferred and iphone backed up with no system crashes.
Anyone have any theories on why the USB drivers conflict?

hayy, i tried so many times to sync my iphone to the new version i install the couple of days which is the new version of itunes 8, which freak me out, i have vista 32bit, whats wrong with apple its just giving problems each time new updates or upgrade in there website, can any one help me with my problem about my iphone cant sync to my new version of itunes 8. haaayyy

I have been trying to install itunes 8.0 but I get the error message during installation that a "newer" version is already installed! That's impossible right? I tried to uninstall all itunes and apple software but got the same results.

i encounter the blue screen of death while i am install itunes 8 on xp... i can't even finish the install to see if it works anyone that can help??

Cant open itunes 8 in my new laptop with vista. I keep getting the response that it cannot open because it was created by a newer version of itunes. What the hell is that? Any help will be appreciated

I have a Logitech Quick Cam Orbit MP which stops working once iTunes 8 is launched.
Is there any work around or fix yet?

HI.. Im having issues with downlaoding & installing itunes8 i want to no if this problem could be fixed. this is my problem- iv got a vista and its a 32bit and on itunes8 its downloading a 64bit and i dont have a 64bit so i want to no how i can download a itunes for a vista 32bit CAN U PLEASE HELP ME!
thanx :)

Same here. Vista 32Bit - iTunes 8.0.2. Blue Screen a minute or two after plugging my iPhone 3G in.
Are there any real fixes out there?

Im so mad! i just got my iphone not even a week ago, and the first time i plugged it into my computer, it was fine! then after the weekend, i tried and it bluescreened, and has been ever since, so i cannot put music and stuff onto my iphone!
So.. i called apple and was on the phone with them for over 2 hours.. they finally suggested that i uninstall my whole computer, which puzzled me, because my comp. has never flatscreened before i had the iphone, and shouldnt they know that this is a common problem, as i can now see? in any case, i am just mad because the iphone is really expensive and it shouldnt cause these problems, and moreso because their technical specialists dont seem to know whats goin on

I was unable to install itunes 8 on my vista 32-bit (lenovo). it says incopatible with the windows i am runnin..!!

i'm having a horrible time with itunes and no one knows how to fix it. i downloaded and installed it fine but when i try to sign on it says the connection timed out. i spent all day on the phone with pple and no one could figure it on a vista 32-bit can anyone help?!?!?

I have a hp laptop windows vista and I tried updating my iTunes to version 8 but it stalled and I was told to uninstall old version, delete temp cookies, download under safari browser, try changing user accounts and switch administrator, turn off pop up blocker and all this to no avail! Nothing works! Apple needs to get this together before they go off making updates and not testing on every version of pc! I just wanted to get the new functions for my 3g iPhone! Help someone! Please!!!!!

ok this is my setup windows home premium 32bit i pod touch 1stg 32 gb i had the same problem as everyone here how y fix it y deleted every thing that has apple logo on it from windows uninstall including i tunes restart my computer and install i tunes now when you star the new i tunes it tells you that this i tunes can not start reason the library was created wit a new version of i tunes go to the i tunes folder (the one on your document ) and deleted all the files there. then re point i tunes to where you have your music also when you try to sync the i pod set it as new i pod to sync wit this library all this work for me hope this work for you

I am having a horrendous time with iTunes for more than a week after getting my 3GS, and no one knows how to fix it. I downloaded and installed iTunes-8 successfully to my HP desktop but when i tried looking for iPhone icon, it was not there! The iPhone is recognized as "Digital Camera" under Device Manager with this PC.
Tried everything recommended by Apple ("trouble shooting for iTunes") but still does not work.
I spent many days on the phone with Maxis and Apple dealer ("Machines"), no one could figure it out. I am on a Vista Home Basics with SP2 updated.
Can anyone help? Thanks

I have 64-bit Vista home edition and an iPhone 3GS. I am able to sync with the iTunes just fine. My problem is after I've ejected the iPhone and removed the cord from the time I start up, I get the blue screen, and it takes me a couple hours to get my computer to restore. VERY FRUSTRATING. Anyone else experiencing this?

iPhone 3GS synchronies with iTunes 8 with Vista Home Basics - Latest update, I finally have managed successfully to synchronize my 3GS with Vista.
I tested all recommendations suggested by Apple but it did not fix the synchronization issue. The issue was really with the antivirus software MCAfee settings which is real basic - need to provide permission for Itunes and Bonjour to be set as "allowed". Thanks

I have a brand new Dell Vista 64 bit machine less than a week old. Installed iTunes and as soon as I connect my iPod nano I get a BSOD. This is SO ANNOYING! If anyone has a fix I'd really like to hear it. I've can't believe uninstalling and reinstalling will have any effect since I just installed iTunes two days ago. Thanks.

@ dbramble
Exact same problem with a Dell Studio lapto (Vista x64) and an iPod Classic. Blue screen every time it is plugged in or unplugged.

I have a laptop Compaq Presario CQ60, OS Vista (Edition Integrale French) SP2, and installed Itunes version
I could connect my iPhone and synchronize once without any prob with Outlook, etc. The second time and since then, I get a BSOD each time I connect my iPhone.
I have totally removed iTunes and reinstalled -> same problem occured. Thanks for a solution.
PS: I am able to synchronize with a tower PC without any problem (OS XP).

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