iTunes 8.1 DJ + Apple Remote for iPhone = Party 2.0?

One of the new features in Apple's iTunes 8.1, released just today, is iTunes DJ. Replacing the old Party Shuffle atop the Playlists heap, it also integrates with the Apple Remote app for the iPhone for shiny party goodness.

How does it work? At first look, anyone at your party with the Apple Remote app can request songs from your iTunes library, and everyone with the app can vote for which song gets played when. Genius seems to work with it as well.

Jeremy was kind enough to grab us some screenshots, after the break! If you've given it a go already, let us know if you've found anything else in there!


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iTunes 8.1 DJ + Apple Remote for iPhone = Party 2.0?


I think my only real problem with this setup is that it isn't really that good if someone actually wants to be a dj, because someone at the computer cannot reorder the list in any way, and then when someone requests a new song it gets dropped into the list in the order they get requested, which could potentially sound terrible if we all of a sudden jump from Techno to a slow song. I think it would be great as a background service so that people could make of list of things they want to hear, and you'd see it just pop up on screen, but I think outside of a light party setting, you'd still want to be able to control the playlist itself.

Although now that I take a second look, it appears that I can reorder the songs (more or less, by choosing play now or play next when my iphone is SYNCED to the library) so I guess you have the master remote still and they all get a say, but you can still move things around, more or less.
So with that, I'm pretty excited about it.

Wow, this would be some nerdy party with everyone walking around with their iPhones requesting songs and stuff :)

So does this mean that you have to give other people iPhone Remote access to your iTunes library? If so, that would be cumbersome, and I'd be uncomfortable doing that. If that's no longer necessary, then that's a pretty big shift in the function of the iPhone Remote.

My remote will not link to my iTunes after updating. Anyone else having this problem? Help.

No you don't have to give them access they now get to login as a guest and can vote and request songs but they have no control over play order. It's pretty sweet.

This is what drives me nuts about Apple.
People are clamoring for long missing features and they come up with crap like this which will be used by .0002% of the user base exactly 3 times before everyone at the party realizes how silly and pointless the whole thing is, and what a desperate loser the host is for throwing this out there to attract gadget geeks to their party.
Wouldn't it be easier just to invite some cute girls?

Just tried this out and it is awesome!! I can quickly and easily change the song whenever I want from anywhere in my house. WTG APPLE!!

Ok here's a question. For other users to connect to your iTunes dj playlist, would they have to be connected to your wireless router? If so I don't think that would be smart, having say a dozen iPhones/iPod touches on the same network, slowing things down.

iTunes DJ is great!
I have a new concept called openDJ. I have hijacked the new iTunes DJ feature to use with the defacto standard DJ software, Serato ScratchLIVE. Basically punters can view my crates, make requests and vote on upcoming tracks over WiFi via an iPhone / iPod Touch. The DJ still has the ultimate say on what is played though.
Check it out:

Just been playing with this after updating to the latest iTunes.
I think it's a great feature, those who are worried about people's choices over-riding their playlist at the wrong time, can easily choose a song and select "play next in itunes DJ" or delete the voted song but add it in manually - as a DJ would with any other requests.
Wonder if there'll be a remote app for a desktop computer - a touchscreen kiosk for instance.

you can actually reorder the songs on the playlist , if you want one to go up in the list, u can manually put a few votes onto by rightclicking the song at clicking "like it" which gives it an extra vote, u can only do this once per song on ur iphone/ipod but on the computer you are able to do this multiple times, i hope this helped

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