iTunes 8.1 and Front Row 2.1.7 Now Available

Ready. Set. Software Update!

Yes, as expected this morning, Apple has released iTunes 8.1 (and Front Row 2.1.7) with support for the new iPod shuffle 4G with VoiceOver, also tied into the updated Apple Remote app [iTunes link] released earlier today for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Anyone got it yet? Is it really faster, stronger, and better for you? Let us know!

[Thanks to Blake for the tip!]

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Reader comments

iTunes 8.1 and Front Row 2.1.7 Now Available


It's a little faster on Windows, not as much as I wanted though.
And there is a new item called iTunes DJ which allows you to better host a party, where the guests can use Remote to suggest the next song on their iPhones. Very interesting.

Hey guys I have a question real quick for ya.. Does anyone out there have XP pro? What I mean to ask is will it work on PRO? Pls just reply to this and I'll check bk often.

You don't seem to be able to pick iTunes DJ as a playlist in Front-Row. That would have made the iPhone remote really fly. Agh, so close

I will say browsing the iTunes store is considerably faster. Pages load nearly right away with no loading now. The whole thing doesn't seem to hang and have the sluggish times it did before. Also according to my tast manager it is using 118MB of RAM, I'm pretty sure it used to be up around 200MB.

I agree
I am finding iTunes considerably faster on Windows Vista than previously. Scrolling down a song list used to be a nightmare and clicking a new playlist on the left hand column used to even take time to load. Everything is really smooth now - i like it!

itunes 8.1 hangs frequently on my vista home premium. just installed it last night. soon as i select a range of songs or try to download album art it just hangs.