iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release 2: Now Available, Blocks Carrier File Change

Along with iPhone 3.0 Beta 5, which appears to hide away MMS functionality for AT&T, Apple also seeded the second pre-release version of iTunes 8.2, which looks like it blocks editing of the iPhone carrier file. In previous beta releases, developers were able to use the carrier file to enable tethering, something built into iPhone 3.0 by Apple but entirely dependent on as-yet-not-given carrier approval.

Did AT&T ask for the new lockdown? Perhaps the MMS stripping as well? Nothing but speculation so far...

(Thanks Andrew for the tip!)

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iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release 2: Now Available, Blocks Carrier File Change


I'm sure it's just a change in the version like the tethering tweak, which I used a a lot during my trip to California!

Don't think so. Unfortunately AT&T have unlimited data and don't want people tethering PCs off iPhones.
Here in Australia we pay data by usage and this change effects us as well. Hopefully it will be enabled by default for people paying by usage

Rogers has repeatedly told me I have 6GB of data to do with as I wish, and to tether away. AT&T is Apple's home turf, mega-carrier though, so they likely dictate the course of all our ships...

And, oh, if you only knew how awful AT&T was.
I live in a city of almost 300,000 and I can't get call service walking around DOWNTOWN half the time. It is rather sad.

Blah blah blah..... I just upgraded to beta 5 and I have tethering and mms available so my advice to everyone is just to upgrade and not Restore! DO NOT RESTORE!

@Andrew... Well if AT&T is so bad there then why did you get an iPhone? In my opinion you should have gotten an iPod touch

I'd have to rely on wireless networks then...
I'd rather have awful service someplaces, than not have any service at all.

Ic well I live in Omaha Nebraska and we just recently got 3G here and it's been nothing but exceptional service here in the middle of nowhere..

Yeah I know what you mean I had to go for a long time withought any promises Bering met but lately everything has been peechy...... I hare hamster yoga... Haha

If ATT makes it so i can not get MMS i will be shutting my service off and only using my iphone as a ipod and nothing else until i jailbreak and unlock it. cause att will seriously tick me off if they do not allow the iphone to do MMS like it is able to do after the 3.0 update.

At&t includes mms with their texting plans. They're not going to try and block you from using it.
It's disabled right now because AT&T doesn't want any possible network quirks on an already shitty and terrible network caused by a bunch of iPhone users sending mms every 5 seconds..

Tethering and MMS works - the "Mobile Network" Option is accessabel and contains new field especially for MMS and visual voicemail. Tethering works
If you like screenshots, mail me

@sam basically all i wanna know is if when the 3.0 update releases will att make it so we can send mms messages? cause i have been waiting for that feature since i got the phone.

Haha its funny that everyone is blaming AT&T for possibly doing this... Apple has almost completely control over the iphone, blame the awesome company called apple