iTunes 9.1 now separates universal binaries, iPhone + iPod touch, and iPad apps in Album View

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iTunes 9.1's Album View provides an easy way to sort your universal binaries (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) apps from your iPhone and iPod touch only, and iPad only apps by separating them out in just that order.

If you're not sure how to get to Album View, it's the middle button of the three view icons immediately left of the search box, the one that looks like two rows of three squares. The icon to the left of it is List View, to the right of it is CoverFlow. See the picture above.

It's a small touch but a nice one for those of us who fret about just such organization minutia.

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Rene Ritchie

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iTunes 9.1 now separates universal binaries, iPhone + iPod touch, and iPad apps in Album View


I like having them separated so when I sync, I dot accidentally put iPhone apps on the ipad that don't specifically support ipad resolution. I refuse to do pixel doubling. Just absolutely won't.

@Joe McG You can't buy the same app twice. A universal binary is one app but they have been setup and built seperately for the iPhone and iPad.

My iPad is amazing so cool I go my order early. I want more iPad apps now. I feel like when 2.0 firmware came out. We are just touch the surface for potential. :)

@JoeMcG Tool, you dont have to buy the apps again if you dont want to, most apps will be "bi", you're a tool. get out from your rock and read a little bro.

So I have to buy Things for the iPad. Hmmmm 19.99 not too happy about that one. 9.99 for iPhone. 49.99 for desktop now this. They are cashing in on it

Looking at the iPad apps it's like I'm just looking at the same app store but everything is "for iPad" or "HD".

@Ricky. Go to iTunes prefs -> general. Middle right side: grid view. Pop up button: dark or light.