iTunes Connect Unavailable December 23 - 28, 2009

iTunes Connect Unavailable December 23 - 28, 2009

No sooner did Apple get their new iPhone developer-centric RSS feed up and running than they're used it to announce that iTunes Connect will be unavailable December 23 - 28, 2009:

iTunes Connect, the tool you use to manage your applications and access your reports, will be unavailable from December 23 through December 28, 2009.

Access to iTunes Connect will resume December 29, 2009.

The post is called #holidays, so is this totalitarian Apple trying to force developers to relax a little and enjoy some down time? Or will the busy Cupertino elves be doing some re-working behind the scenes? We haven't heard any rumors of a new iTunes Connect, or new functionality for the New Year, but if Apple can keep chipping away at developer sore spots, it could make for a great 2010...

Rene Ritchie

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Derek van Vliet says:

I have never heard of a site having to be taken down for 6 days to update it. While I would like to think that iTunes Connect could be getting much needed updates, I think Apple would have given us that as a reason for this if they had the opportunity to.

Swiftman says:

I don't know much about iTunes Connect, but you say it is used to manage your apps... Does this include changing the price? If so, we won't be able to get any special Christmas deals! Not cool, Apple, not cool at all.

UntidyGuy says:

Things that won't happen those days:
No promo codes.
No price changes.
No adding ad hoc beta testers.
It probably means that they need to slow down app submissions and all sorts of transactional stuff in order for everyone to take off for the holidays.

atlwx says:

It's to cope with the run on the app store with all the itunes gift certificates... last year, if I remember correctly, they had big problems after Christmas...

Degsy says:

Staff at Apple are allowed holidays too last time I checked. You guys read far too much into things.

demopublican says:

Only those things? PROVE IT? As for me, the email I got from the appstore folks says it's going to be down. That's all it says (like above). That would really mean app uploads, price changes, review process and reports--pretty much everything. It you're right, Apple did a piss-poor job at telling developers what they will allow. Cause all I got a message for was the site will be down.
I was going to upload a few updates to a number of apps I have since I'll be on vacation from work. This sucks. Very lame. I guess in the time, I'll port my apps to Android.

demopublican says:

Yeah and their holidays should be a appropriate times that fit the business.
Disneyland folks work on xmas, New Year, 4th of July and labor day. And they take vacation other times. I think with CONSUMER products, they should be open when people are on vacation to BUY stuff.

cpayette says:

It's an automated site. This is not an issue of Apple staff needing vacation. They could have kept iTunes connect running and just decided not to respond to emails for the weekend.

mr_swan says:

Does anyone know at what time the site will be available again? Start of business day in the US? Midnight in US?