iTunes Connects Developers With Crash Logs

Ars Technica reports, with some very nice commentary and screen caps from Equivalence (iTunes link) for iPhone, that:

One of the most requested features from developers, automated crash reports, can now be submitted by users via iTunes 8.2. Developers can access the reports via iTunes Connect.

No code is ever perfect, but anything that helps developers make their apps more solid for more users is certainly appreciated.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iTunes Connects Developers With Crash Logs


I hope this comes with adequate security warnings, and restrictions on just what could be sent.
Putting on my "worst scenario cap": some random "Free Personal Information Manager App" waits a week after you enter in your credit cards and pins and then loads all of them in memory and crashes.
Gleeful crooked App developer leaks it to his buddies in the Russian Mob...
I never send crash reports unless they show me the exact data being sent, and include memory maps.