iTunes Festival app coming next week, is iOS 7.1 coming with it?

iTunes Festival streaming app coming soon, but requires iOS 7.1?

The first iTunes Festival is going to kick off in a week at SXSW in Austin and rumor has it Apple will be releasing an app for iPhone and iPad to allow users to stream the content live. According to Daring Fireball the app will require iOS 7.1 , which has yet to even hit gold master status.

There's two realistic scenarios here. The most obvious is that the app won't actually require iOS 7.1. The next is that it won't ship in time for SXSW. Both seem much more plausible than Apple releasing iOS 7.1 to the masses in less than a week's time with no gold master.

I guess we'll know for sure in a week but until then, are you looking forward to potentially being able to stream iTunes Festival on your iPhone or iPad? Let me know in the comments!

Source: Daring Fireball

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iTunes Festival app coming next week, is iOS 7.1 coming with it?


I hope iOS 7.1 includes iTunes Radio here in Canada. Do you know if iOS 7.1 does Daring?

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correct me if I'm wrong, but a GM seed hasn't always happened with x.1, x.2 releases (though it does sometimes). that would make later this week or next week plausible

Ally you know I always agree with you...always! But I guess when John's birdies say something they are normally as gospel as Jim's yep or nope! Hope your not offended as you rock too!

I agree with mjk5025, I don't think a release without a GM is off the table. Then again, it's Apple, so all we can do is guess.

It's been a long time since beta 5. So I think either we will see a GM or final soon. The app I don't know about the timing does seem tight.

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Would they not just release a normal iTunes Festival iOS app via the App Store like they normally do?

iTunes festival app or not I hope they push out 7.1 soon. This last update may have broken iMessages. iOS 7 is quite glitchy IMO. Got my 4S in smack dab in the middle of iOS 6 so have no reference point but it seems it was way more stable than this. Had no problems. Anyone having issues with iMessage?

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