iTunes Genius Now Smart Enough for Movies and TV Shows

Looked at our iTunes and what did we see? Genius enabled for Movies and TV. For those playing along at home, Apple first pre-announced this feature before making iTunes 8.1 available for download, then removed it just moments before the download went live, then said it wasn't quite ready, and now has unleashed it on the world.

Sorta. Not all iTunes-purchased videos seem to generate Genius results yet, and some produce... non-intuitive recommendations to say the least. Those of you who have ripped your own, legally purchased DVDs to your collection under the principles of fair use might have a particularly hard time finding matches if you haven't undertaken the arduous task of entering all the meta data, and even then...

So, feel free to share your Genius Video results in the comments, the funnier, the better. Eagle Eye returning Coyote Ugly for you to?

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Rene Ritchie

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iTunes Genius Now Smart Enough for Movies and TV Shows


Is it possible to load movies from a DVD into itunes and then sync to my phone the same as I do with music CDs? Sorry for the newbie question.

@kurt, yes you can they just have to be ripped into a format the iPhone supports. Do a google search and you will find lots of converting software.