iTunes Launches Facebook Fan Page, Offers 20 Free Songs


Wow. Apple's iTunes Store now has a Facebook Fan Page. During today's It's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event, Apple announced iTunes 9 and said it allowed users to share via Facebook. Apparently you can share some love for iTunes right back.

And if you do, you can get 20 free songs by indie artists. The process sounds hecka convoluted, but TUAW takes you through it admirably.

Let us know if you become a fan, and get your music!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iTunes Launches Facebook Fan Page, Offers 20 Free Songs


I've been a fan of iTunes for a LONG time and have received a few free song deals.. including lollapalooza songs...and indies spotlight hits too...

Yeah this fan page has been around for quite some time, especially the free song packs like "spring break", "indie", etc. However, I wish all the sharing was done inside iTunes not taking you out of iTunes to You would think with Apples tight FB integration in iPhoto it would be a little more seamless. Maybe we'll see that in the future.
OH! also, The sharing feature isn't on apps yet. I share a lot of apps with friends on FB and would like to see that come to the app store soon as well.

The page is old, the free deal is not.
And TiPB often disables mobile mode around big events - for some bizarre reason, it DECREASES server load. (They did this around WWDC when they were experiencing heavy traffic)

iTunes has taken over Facebook and even Twitter. With it’s latest integration and reviews shared to social networking profiles. I would like to see iTunes become a social network but I doubt that will materialise!