iTunes Match hits Scandinavia, iTunes in the Cloud expanded in Bulgaria and Portugal

Apple's music library matching service, iTunes Match, has expanded its reach with the news it is now supported in the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. iTunes in the Cloud now also becomes available in these countries. Elsewhere, it appears that iTunes in the Cloud support has been expanded in Bulgaria and Portugal to now include movies.

iTunes Match allows iTunes users to match all their existing music to high quality versions in the iTunes Store that then become available on all your iCloud enabled devices. Pricing in the new countries mirrors what we see elsewhere, costing either 249kr or €24.99 depending on location. This lines up pretty well with the £21.99 currently asked for iTunes Match in the UK.

If you're experiencing iTunes Match for the first time today, be sure to let us know what you think of the service. Likewise, if you're somewhere not mentioned and you're seeing new iTunes cloud related features today be sure to let us know what you've got and where in the comments below.

Source: Macrumors

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iTunes Match hits Scandinavia, iTunes in the Cloud expanded in Bulgaria and Portugal


It's so easy to be unaware or forget that certain services don't roll out equally or globally. I'm sure most of us have had iTunes Match for so long we just assume everyone has it too. I'm sure they're saying,"it's about time".
Out of curiosity, how many other regions/markets does Apple expect to offer this service?

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Any chance that iTunes Match will ever have a more elegant solution for collections with over 25K records than the current behavior...crap itself, rollover on back, kick legs in the air and stop working? Yes, you get prompt telling you your collection is not supported, but then there are no alternatives other than useless hacks that defeat the purpose of a single repository for tunes.