iTunes music goes live in 56 new countries, movies in 4 new countries

iTunes music goes live in 56 new countries, movies in 4 new countries

Apple has just expanded their already formidable lead when it comes to international, online content from the iTunes Store. In total, 56 new countries now have access to iTunes music, including several in Eastern Europe and a plethora in Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. New iTunes movies countries include India, Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey. Eric Slivka from MacRumors has compiled a list.

MacStories previously reported that Apple offered music in 62 countries compared to Microsoft's 8, Google's 1, and Amazon's 7. With today's additions, that brings Apple to a staggering 118 countries for iTunes music.

For movies, Apple had 62 to Microsoft's 20, Google's 8, and Amazon's 2. Apple now has 66.

Compared to Apple's growth, it's not that the competition looks like they're standing still. It looks like they're in rewind.

For the full list of new iTunes music countries, hit the link below.

Source: MacRumors

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tomoneus says:

That's great news for me ... I could easily reach great music easier in iTunes now.

SpeekeezyDotCa says:

Yet still publishers in other iTunes markets from Latvia to New Zealand markets cannot access iTunes Japan, China, Korea and so on. There is a real story there.