iTunes Preview Accidentally Leaks iPad Apps?

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PadGadget did some digging around Apple's web-based iTunes Preview and came across what look to be some already-approved iPad apps. The give away? The use of HD (High Definition) or XL (eXtra-Large) in the title to signify the bigger 9.7 inch, 1024x768 pixel iPad display. Some of the titles discovered include:

  • Ammoin HD
  • Azkend HD
  • Flight Control HD
  • Grind HD
  • HD Recovery
  • Labyrinth 2 HD
  • NBA Hotshot HD
  • Numba HD
  • Plants vs. Zombie HD
  • Sparkle HD
  • Worms HD

You can't download them yet, of course, but unless you're one of the biggest reviewers on the planet you probably don't have an iPad to play them on anyway...

Anything in there you're dying to play? I suspect Plants vs. Zombie HD is getting Jeremy's hard earned cash day one...

[PadGadget via MacRumors]

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iTunes Preview Accidentally Leaks iPad Apps?


Apple really gave no guidance about naming the iPad version other than to prohibit the use of the word "iPad". I have a feeling that most developers were at a loss to come up with a name that people would recognize. Now that the "HD" cat is out of the bag everything else on the iPad is going to be called that from here on out.

I agree with Icebike... We need to see some awesome utilities come out for this. I am planning on using this a lot in meeting to take notes.

OMG the home screen looks so rushed and incomplete. Why couldn't they use all that space to their advantage and create some category folders that you can swap in and out or something similar. A bunch of little iphone icons looks so stupid on this thing. So little effort.

I must say, labyrinth will be so much fun on the ipad! It's practically life-sized. And I'm looking forward to the day someone creates a photo/video editing app that really has great functionality! That would complete this thing for me!
And I agree that the home screen should have folders, but I'm sure apple will include it in the future.

hehe,cool, I wanna play Tiger Woods Golf, and I found a ipad column shows a list of games, some are very funy, take a look: 10 best iPad games we can't wait to play|| ifunia ipad column

HD is at minimum 1280x720...
If apps are going to regularly be using "HD" like this, It's going to make me really mad.

Flight Control is a very underated game. It's simple yet addicting. My girlfriend never plays video games yet we fight over my iPod Touch to play! And of course whoever gets the highest score has supreme bragging rights. Now I can't wait for Flight Control HD.