iTunes U: Stanford Releases iPhone Application Programming

iTunes U has posted the first in what promises to be a series of video lectures on iPhone Application Programming [iTunes link] from Stanford University. Led by Evan Doll and Alan Cannistaro, it's recommended for people with previous C, UNIX, object oriented programming languages, and graphics tookit experience, but will likely prove of value to anyone interested to in coding the next great iPhone app. Ars Technica says:

Videos of all the lectures, lead by Apple engineers, will be posted on iTunes U two days after each class meeting [...] The slides from the lectures will be available to download as well. The school notes that the material will be the same that enrolled students get, but unfortunately, following the lessons via iTunes U won't make you eligible for college credit.

So, who's adding it to their feed?

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iTunes U: Stanford Releases iPhone Application Programming


I downloaded and enjoyed it once they got started but they could have cut out a good part of it for the Internet audience as a whole. I didn't really need to hear about the class room set up, the grad assistant or their e-mail list. The first episode was over 700 megs. I watch Photoshop User TV each week and the download is significantly smaller and the quality is better. I am however looking forward to future sessions as I am new to cocoa programming but the intro was good in making it easier to understand.

Might have a bit of a look. I decided a long time ago, that computer programming is WAAAAAY beyond me... Like honestly, I've read books and the introductory chapter baffles me - much less when they start actual coding!
Great work on Apple's behalf, assuming their partly behind this, as it's a rather good way for people who may be interested/capable to get a look-in!

hmmm. I'm tempted! But I'm scared it's something that pull me away from MY school :) I'll probably hold off til summer.
@Patrick My guess is that they feel as though they are already being generous by providing the lectures for free and don't feel obligated to edit them. You have to jump through a LOT of hoops to sit in a class (for no credit) at a university, so Stanford is being very kind by allowing this.

Yep I added it and watched it. The only thing I learned was that I'm not qualified to take the class. I have never done c++ and umm no mac ( yet) bummer!

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The tutorials are great to start with and also to gain basic understanding which is more than what Apple's documentation will tell you. And its free... :)

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