iTunes Store currently down for 20% of users, are you one of them?

iTunes Store currently down for 20% of users, are you one of them?

Apple's system status page is currently reporting a fairly big iTunes Store outage, with 20% of their customer base shown to be affected. Typically this means the iTunes Store itself, along with the App Store and iBookstore, are inaccessible for many, many people.

Every service goes down every once and a while, and iTunes, while fairly reliable, is no exception. If you're having trouble, know that you're not alone. Let us know if you're having problems, what type, and if it starts working again, let us know when.

Source: system status page via 9to5Mac

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djstarion says:

I'm one of the people that's down.

I've been trying to update Hangouts and it won't connect at all.

Devil Dawg says:

Yup. I'm one of them. My wife's Samsung Note II isn't down though.

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Devil Dawg says:

It's back up for me now.

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cheesmo says:

I get a "cannot connect to iTunes Store" message on my iPhone and iPad.

PhilyWorkInjury says:

cant access from either computer or iPhone. Been trying to download an 2 albums for almost an hour

PhilyWorkInjury says:

FINALLY .... it is back up for me too, and the two albums I have been trying to purchase downloaded very quickly

Fabrice Gerard says:

Same for me ... Am in Vietnam and cant log to Itunes store ....

cmiranda118 says:

Been out for awhile and it messed up my whole phone all my icons are rearranged!! A bit frustrating

ShaySweetie8 says:

MINE WON'T WORK. My brand new iPhone 5 won't let me log in, download, or ANYTHING. When will this be fixed?!

Michael Pollard says:

For several hours I was not able to connect to the iTunes or App Store via my iPad 2 and iMac, but after sending a support email (though I have not yet received a response) the problem seems to be resolved. Server issues I am guessing?

chrl98 says:

Hey guys,

Its back to service now.

Balazs Kemenesi says:

Seems to be a planned update: if you go to the Purchased section on iPad, it works a little different now. There is a neat bar on the left that allows you to group your apps by most recent purchases, and then alphabetically. Small tweak but now at least it doesn't take minutes to get to see your gazillion apps since the groups reduce load times a lot. (In the Hungarian store, btw.)

Sharalyn Overhagen says:

Yes, I am one of them! Very frustrating! I can't get into some parts of either.

Sharalyn Overhagen says:

It is NOT back on service for me.

willdicker2020 says:

yes i'm down also, can't renew my Netflix account

John T says:

I'm the same. Can't download an audiobook (in the UK)

Rulo Flores says:

Same here both iTunes Store and App Store on iPhone and Windows 8 (Monterrey, México)