i.TV 2.0 Intros Push Notification, iTunes Download, and "Remote Control Framework" for iPhone

i.TV just let TiPb know they've submitted version 2.0 of their popular iPhone and iPod touch app to the iTunes App Store. What's in store for us this time out?

  • Push Notification for TV shows
  • Tap to download from iTunes
  • TiVo Remote via the introduction of "Remote Control Framework":

i.TV now combines the TV guide and the remote control on an iPhone or iPod touch. Remote controls are powered by the i.TV Remote Control Framework, which allows third parties to develop remote controls for use on the i.TV platform.

How's all of that sound to ya?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

i.TV 2.0 Intros Push Notification, iTunes Download, and "Remote Control Framework" for iPhone


Hopefully its faster and more stable. It's pretty and looks a lot better! The functionality looks like its improved by at least 200%. lol. I use this app a lot and I'm especially excited for the push notifications. :)

Now this is what I like to see. Technology being used beyond it's initial intent and purpose. That's an awesome use of Push-Notifications.

Hopefully they will finally allow multiple tuner support. I can't ever get OTA HD and my basic cable channel setup at the same time. Until that's done, the app is useless to me.
I hope it is also more stable and quicker. It's a great idea, but has been a mediocre execution to this point.
The remotes part is interesting, but I wonder how many devices can be driven over Wifi or bluetooth. Maybe Squeezebox, Sonos, Playstation, media center computer, and Xbox. However, how many TV, DVD/Blueray players, and AV Receivers have WiFi, IP command or Bluetooth controls? Cool idea though.

Would love to see this in the UK and with Sky remote capability. Looks like it would demolish the rival apps out there

I already love this app and this is going to make it so much better. Very excited for this update.

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