How To: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.2.1 with Pwnage Tool Preserving Your Baseband (Mac OS X Edition)

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Neither TiPb nor the author take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this or any software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing. If you're not sure, don't do it.

Note to New Macbook Owners - if you have a late 2008 model aluminum MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air and have not previously Pwned your iPhone (under firmware 2.1 or earlier), the issues we blogged about previously mean you will have to use a different computer to Jailbreak 2.2.1. Sorry folks. If you have already Pwned under 2.1 or previous, then you can simply put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore with the freshly created IPSW. (If you don't understand what all that means, keep reading, or go to our Jailbreak Central Forum for help)


blockquote>This applies if you have a locked iPhone 3G and you wish to update to 2.2.1 but preserve the iPhone’s current baseband software. Preserving the baseband will ensure that you can still use “yellowsn0w” the iPhone 3G unlock application. To upgrade your phone to 2.2.1 and preserve the state of the baseband you need to create a custom .ipsw with PwnageTool. This custom .ipsw will not contain the baseband update but of course will still give you any new stuff from 2.2.1

*You must be on firmware 2.2 or below in order to preserve your baseband. If you are already on 2.2.1 prior to Jailbreaking you will not be able to unlock your phone.

Let’s get started, after the jump!

1. Get the Tools

First things first, make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes [8.0.2] Then you will want to create a folder on your desktop to keep things clean. Name it whatever you'd like. Next you want to download the Pwnage 2.2.5 tool to the folder you just created. Now download the 2.2.1 iPhone 3G firmware. Make sure to place that in the above folder as well. If you are able to use Firefox for this download, please do so. In the last set of guides, many of you had issues downloading the file with Safari.

2. Install the Tools

Now double click on the PwnageTool file to mount PwnageTool. Once mounted click and drag the PwnageTool application into the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop. Then double click the icon that was just created to launch the PwnageTool.

3. Expert Mode

This is a easy one, select "Expert Mode".

4. Select your Device

Which in this case would be the iPhone 3G.

5. Browse for IPSW

Click the blue arrow button to continue. You will be brought to the "Browse for IPSW" page. It should automatically find the correct file, then click the blue arrow to continue. If Pwnage does not find the file, you must manually browse to the IPSW file that is in the folder you created on your desktop.

6. Menu with 7 Options

You will then be brought to a menu with 7 different options. We will only address the "General" and "Custom Package Settings". More advanced users can make any changes they see fit. Select the "General" tab and then click the blue arrow button to move forward. When you are in the "General" tab there are a few things you must take care of. Here you will decide your partition size, 530 MB should be good. Next, if you are using your iPhone on an official carrier (AT&T, O2, Rogers, etc.) uncheck "Activate the phone". Lastly, check "Disable partition wipe-out". Hit the arrow button to continue. Next select the "Custom Package Settings" tab. Be sure that "Cydia Installer" and "Installer" are both checked, hit the arrow to move to the next step.

7. Ready to Begin Pwnage Process!

Click the "Build" button and then click the arrow to begin the Pwnage process. Now simply select where you would like to save the custom IPSW file that will be created. The folder you created on your desktop would be a good place. Your IPSW is being created. Please be patient during this process, it could take up to 15 minutes. During this time Pwnage will ask for your administrator password, this is normal, enter it.

8. DFU Mode

First you will be prompted to shut off your iPhone. This next part seems to give some people trouble, pay close attention. Pwnage will ask you to hold the home button and the power button for 10 seconds. Then, you will have to release the power button and hold the home button for 10 seconds. This *should* put you in DFU. If you have succeeded you will see the following graphic. *Important Note - The new Macbooks that were recently released prevent you from entering DFU mode. It is possible to go from 2.1 Pwned to 2.2.1 Pwned but you will not be able to go from 2.1 stock to 2.2.1 Pwned. Got that? In order to proceed, you must enter recovery mode as outlined in this Apple Knowledge Base article.

9. iTunes Restore

Now we have to go into iTunes and restore the iPhone with the custom built firmware. Do so by pressing the Alt/Option button and click "Restore". Simply select the following file, "iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5G77_Custom_Restore.ipsw", from the folder on your desktop. iTunes is now restoring the firmware on your iPhone. This can take up to 10-15 minutes. When complete you will be asked to "set up as a new iPhone" or "restore from a backup". You can select either option but my recommendation is to start fresh and select "set up as a new iPhone". Congratulations! You are now the owner of a freshly jailbroken iPhone 3G with the 2.2.1 firmware! Have questions? Run into problems? Check out our Jailbreak Central Forum for help!

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Reader comments

How To: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.2.1 with Pwnage Tool Preserving Your Baseband (Mac OS X Edition)


i Jailbroke 2.1 and had my phone that way for a few months before restoring it to 2.2.
I have to say, The lag and crashing is not worth it, 2.2 seems like a dream, everything is super responsive, and snappy. All i really used on the jailbroken phone was intelliscreen, and even that was buggy.
I am no longer a Jailbreak guy -- Have fun everyone.

LOL. Jailbreaking didn't make Apple's apps more buggy. Apple did. 2.2 supposedly fixes a great many such problems, but you might try jailbreaking your 2.2 before you try and compare the bugginess of the two. Personally, some of the more common apps (Snapage, Cycorder, NemusSync) have NO proper analog in the AppStore world, and won't until Apple extracts it's head from it's sphincter regarding opening the OS to developers.

Everyone please keep in mind, that you use the above method IF YOU WANT TO PRESERVE THE BASEBAND for the ability to unlock your iPhone 3G.

If you don't care about UNLOCKING then feel free to use the latest version of QuickPwn. Updated guides for that process will be posted in due time.

To return to factory default, do I restore from iTunes using "iPhone1,22.25G77Restore.ipsw" over "iPhone1,22.25G77CustomRestore.ipsw"?
I'd love to do this but I want to be sure I can back out if indeed things do get weird.

@Michael, you can simply restore normally via iTunes to return to a normal state.
@Guest, Sorry, it's that we are ignoring you, it's that there currently is no PwnageTool to jailbreak while preserving the baseband.

Sorry if this is a dumb questions but does this preserve your already installed jailbreak applications? Or will I have to reinstall all of them? Just curious. Thanks.

Hi, I have an Iphone 3g bought in the US, and it is (was)unlocked with the Gevey-3G chip. Last night I upgraded it from 2.1 to 2.2 via Itunes. Since then it doesn't work anymore as a phone (all other functions are ok), it just displays a "No Service" message. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks in advance.

I have tried using both PwnageTool and QuickPwn and have had no luck. QuickPwn gets to the point where it is supposed to make the file and it just sits there and does nothing. PwnageTool seems to work fine until I try to restore it through iTunes. Its extracts the file but then I get an error. I have tried several times with several different downloads of PwnageTool to no avail.
Please can anyone help? I really need to use PDANet for college because I don't have internet at home.

Ryan, Everything I have read says that all the jailbroken apps are erased. But there is an app that you can find with Cydia called Backup App that creates a list of your jailbroken apps that is backed up through iTunes. Once you jailbreak your phone again, go to Cydia re-download the Backup App and it will download all of the jailbroken apps that you had. All you then have to do is rearrange your springboard again.

I may not be a master at the english language but I know this statement makes no sense "First things first, make sure you are not only running the latest version of iTunes [8.0.2] " does that mean use 8.0.2 or keep the current version i have

@Jake, it was edited and we must have missed that. Will be corrected tomorrow. But it's pretty straight forward. Be sure to be running the latest version of iTunes. Which is 8.0.2. There was a second part to that which was deleted.

OK, I downloaded PwnageTool application from this site and after it asks for my password it fails. So has anyone really had success jailbreaking 2.2? 2.1 was so easy and straightforward.

I jailbroke my iPhone 3g and now when I insert a active att sim ( tested and works on other iPhone 3g fine) and it dosent show any signal or the AT&T logo , this was the 1st time I jailbroke the 3g and I used pwnage on a mac and help would be greatly appreciated thank you

I may have figured out something useful to any others that are having problems. After much trial and error, and frustration, I may have got it licked.
Problem: QuickPwn would just stop working when buildiong the file and Pwnage would either fail to build the firmware or iTunes would register an error shortly after I put in my password during restore.
I was running that on a brand new unibody MacBook Pro 15" running the latest build of Leopard.
I seem to have solved the problem by using my 800mhz iMac running 10.4.11. My iPhone restored from the custom firmware and at the moment, I have it plugged into my MacBook Pro doing the User Restore from my last sync and so far so good. It would seem that it may not be possible to jailbreak the iPhone on the new MacBook Pro.
Would anyone like to confirm or disprove this theory?

It took me three tries, but I finally got it. The first tme was a bust because the root partition snapshot shows 500M while the text says 530. Being a visual kinda guy, I left it at 500. (Might be nice to swap that image out!).
The second bustout time was because iTunes started a Restore without my modified ipsw, but finally by the third time I got it.
My goal was tethering, with works great with PDAnet:
If it's true ATT will charge $30 a month for tethering, this one mod saved me $360 a year.

OK, I'm about to give up an smash my iPhone to justify getting a new Blsackberry touch. I mean FUCK Apple for making the iPhone were it is not jailbroken from the store.
I thought I figured it out, but it was just installing the unmodified firmware. I have tried a dozen times now, with several different downloads of Pwnage. Every time I got to restore the phone iTunes reports and error (21) on both of my systems.
I am beginning to think that 2.2 cannot be jialbroken on a 3g phone.
Can anyone please help me figure this out. With out internet at home right now I'm screwed because its the last 2 week of school and I have several research papers to write.
Please someone help!

To anyone having issues using Pwnage - a few tips - Take your time, READ the guide carefully - a few times if you have to, if there is any doubt - don't do it!
This works perfectly fine but remember if you don't care about a future unlocking you can simply use the latest QuickPwn. (We do not have a guide on that for 2.2 at the moment.)

@KJ, using Turbo Sim and updating to 2.2 will render your device USELESS... please do research before attempting something like this. We have covered this completely on the front page more than once.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using QuickPWN vs PwnageTool? I did a first-time jailbreak last night with QuickPwn (on a 2.2 3G), and it was alot easier than these instructions make it sound.

This works like a champ! I unlocked a 2.2 stock phone and everything worked as described. The only 'item' was that when I put the phone into DFU mode iTunes 8.0.2 didn't see it. After unplugging and plugging it back in iTunes saw it and i could load the new FW.
Great work, thanks guys!

So i had a quick question, might be a dumb one but what if i used quickpwn on my iphone 3g when version 2.1 came im guessing my basecode i was wondering is it ok if i used pwnage 2.2.1 instead of quickpwn for the latest 2.2 update so i could keep basecode same...or have i already lost my shot at a future unlock by using quickpwn for iphone 3g ver 2.1 ... and if i use pwnage do i say yes when it says iphone has been pwned previously.. also if i use the pwned method keeping the basecode unchanged..does that mean the fix they had for dropped calls in the new update wont be reflected on my device...Thank you

hi, is anyone having a problem with edge after installing to 2.2? i have 2g iphone running on tmobile, but edge is slower than usual. Has anyone encountered this problem?

is there the possibility to see the which baseband version is on the iPhone?
Which is the pre 2.2 baseband version and which is the version after the normal 2.2 upgrade?

My first attempt on my jailbroken 2.1 failed, iTunes kicked out something like "unable to update phone." I re-downloaded the firmware, ran again with the partition size of 500 (the default when I ran it) instead of 530, and it worked fine. Well, I had to disconnect and reconnect the phone after restore, before it would activate. Hope that helps someone.
Thanks everyone.

IMPORTANT: If you did this and have NO SERVICE
When building the new firmware you need to use Expert mode... select the 2.2 firmware... click on the General tab and UNCHECK the activate my phone box. Then re-restore.

Guys i just want to ask you if i can still jailbreak my iphone 3G after i updated my firmware to 2.2 via Itunes 8.I live here in Japan therefore my phone is locked with Softbank. Can i still jailbreak it?Help will be highly appreciated thank you guys.

@Max, the directions are clear as day. If followed properly you should have no issues.
For anyone having issues and needs help, please seek it in our forums. You will always find your answer in the forums much quicker there, not to mention more reliable. There are many members willing to help you out. Good luck.
You can get started by registering here in the following link.

To whoever put this page together, great instructions, had tried a few times unsuccessfully to JB my iphone 3G 2.2
Now all is well and the outside air smells so sweet.....

Quick question ... if I have already upgraded my firmware on itunes will I still be able to jailbreak 2.2 with this program?

Thanks for NOTHING!
It completely fucked up my brand new phone. It wont even recover anymore with the recovery mode through
itunes. I now have a non usable phone with a frozen screen.

I have a jailbroken 2.1 2G iPhone. If i want to Jailbreak to 2.2, how do i backup all my current games and settings etc? or will itunes put these all back on via sync?
Also to get the cracked apps working will my current ver of mobileinstalation work on 2.2

Hey so I'm having trouble at a very easy step...
When I get to the point to restore my iPhone with the custom restore that I created - I am unable to access the custom restore file. I hold down the Alt/Option button and click Restore - yet no window opens, it simply asks me if I wish to restore my iPhone - the general restore.
I'm not sure why this is giving me so much trouble but I cannot make it past this point.
Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated.

I've having problems between steps 7 and 8. I create the custom build then pwanage wants to exit. Step 8 is done with pwnage.
How do I get back to using Pwnage to get into DFU mode? Also, there is nothing stating when you should connect your iphone. Is it assumed your phone is connected the entire time? Might be helpful to state that.

Hi Im from japan I jb my Softbank iPhone 3g 2.2 firmware and it was successful I just wanna ask if this jb will affect my bills?

Thank you guys for making this website. It's very comprehensive and well explained. Best of all, your guide helps me jailbreak perfectly! Cheers.

First of all, apologies for my ignorance, but, say
What ever jailbreaking method you use, can you
As people state, restore your iphone as it was
Out of the box condition through itunes? Will
This resolve any issues people may have had
With the baseband issues??
I have jailbroken My iphone 3G 2.2 before, then
wanted to install An app that I downloaded and
thought I would try using ziphone so I could install
an app from my pc, my iphone did absolutely nothing,
it just froze with a cartoon man with some Russian
word on my phone, so I had to restore my phone,
Got it back to normal and tried to install ziphone,
Just was not happening for me at all…
The jailbreak above is the first one I jailbroke my phone with,
Worked a treat (did not use the method show above)
Using this method, can you install an app using windows xp
To your iphone? I don’t want to use the installer on my phone
All the time as it gets quite costly to download all the time…
I downloaded an app, to my computer, a free one, but
One I would like to use none the less, but don’t know
How to either use the installer or to copy it over to my
Phone form my pc?
sorry for the massive post

I just jailbroke my iphone!!!
Now i just hope it does not brick up later!
Thx all of you who made this possible!
I just have a question, how do i update my iphone to a newer version? Would i re-jailbreak my phone using this website or do it through itunes?
Also, how would i un-jailbreak my phone if i did not want this software anymore?

I just Jailbreak my iphone 3g use QuickPwn with firmware 2.2. However, my Proxy SIM does not support new baseband. So I just can use AT&T sim only. I try to restore back to firmware 2.1 but I could delete the new baseband. What should I do? Please help me. Thank you all.

Most of the tutorials I'm finding to jailbreak to 2.2 are for new iPhones that haven't been jailbroken yet.
How do you jailbreak with an already 2.1 jailbroken phone? I'm using an older (not "new") MBP.
Thanks in advance.

This is probably not the best place for this, but here goes.
I have an iPhone 3G, and I had jailbroken 2.1 on it. I had the Categories app, and a lot of my apps are in the Categories folders.
I screwed up trying to upgrade to jailbroken 2.2, so I had to restore from iTunes backup. As part of the restore, I upgraded to non-jailbroken 2.2.
Now my iPhone is fine with non-jailbroken 2.2, but there are no icons for the aps that were in Categories folders. They are still installed (many have entries in Settings), but there are no icons. Since the phone is not jailbroken, I can't change anything in Categories.
As best as I can tell, Categories does something to tell the iPhone not the display the app icons on the front page, and that "thing" is still in effect, even though the phone is no longer jailbroken and Categories is not installed.
I sync my iPhone on my home computer, and I am away until Friday. I could attempt to jailbreak on my laptop that I have with me, but it's a new MBP, and I don't want to risk having to restore, since I can't until Friday.
Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give.

Hi Mike H.! That's exactly what happened to me too! What I did was I restored in via iTunes and restore as a "new phone" it it went back to it's original state. It took me two restoration before I finally get it done. I think that's the only way to do it.

Hi Jeremy! First, I jailbroked my 2.2 using the PWNAGE it worked for about 3 days until I made an app update (original Apple app via APP STORE on my phone) my phone just went on a "SAFE MODE". And noticed that my phone features are not working (keypad, speed dial, voicemail). I tried to restore it in iTunes and it returned to its factory settings. Can Apple detect any jailbroking activity on the phone in case I claim it for some warranty issue?
Secondly, on the first tutorial that you guys have the ROOT PARTION originally is at 500 only as compared to 530 for the new one. Is this significant to cause jailbroken 2.2 unstable?

MacDripper, so when you restore as a "new phone," is the phone back to factory new, as in no apps/settings/etc?

Hi everyone,
First of all, thanks to Jeremy Sikora for this. I did jailbreak successfully from following the steps here. There are a few questions here that haven't been answered. Theser are from my personal experience only.
- yes, we need to have our iphone connected to the computer from the beginning of the process.
- try to have the iphone awake all the time so it will not have any problem with step 8.
- root partition size 500 didn't work for me. 530 did work.
- step 8, press the sleep/ wake button and slide the power off on screen simultaneously.
Hope these help for everyone who hasn't jailbroke it yet.
I actually did unjailbreak it since my iPhone acts weird after I jailbreak it. There are some articles about the reasons not to jailbreak iPhone.
How to unjailbreak it, on iPhone, Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings.
--Note: This will delete all media and data. All settings will be reset as well.
: This might take up to four hours, according to the user guide, 2 hours for me.
Then, setup as New iPhone in iTune. There will be ZERO evidence of jailbreak.

Hey what would happen if I only wanted to install "installer" and not cydia. Would that effect the firmware or the install?

Mike H. Yes it will. But iTunes will ask you if you want to sync with computer your using and if you have the apps, contacts etc. on the computer you used for restore then it will have those contents.

I have a 2g Iphone. I want to know how to upgraded it and unlocked at the same time. Do I just j=use quickpwn again or do I need to follow this tutorial. i am confused sinc ethe only thing I found is related to 3g . Please tell me whcih is the way to update, jailbroke and unlock my 2g iphone to a 2.2 firmwre

Hey there,
I tried to jailbreak using this how-to, however, I got the successful screen, but also a 2001 error from iTunes, then my iMac froze while trying to restore, and it keeps doing that other times as well but at another stage and another error. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi guys, I'm using the Turbo SIM for my iphone 3G, updated to firmware 2.2 (which then is locked), then jailbreak it...but then it has no service, just like some of the comments above.
Is there any way to undo that? It's kinda sux to be able to use the apps but not the phone, u see XD. Has it got to do with the baseband? Does downgrading the baseband a solution to the problem??
Anyone..please!! Thanks :)

Ok so basically I followed all the steps, got an iTunes error but it didnt crash this time, however, I set the phone up as a new phone, but I don't have Cydia installed or anything, basically it's a fresh phone without jailbreak which I thought I was doing...I used Pwnage Tool 2.2.1...any ideas?!

I have a 2g Iphone FW 1.1.4 and about to update to 2.2!!!
My only worry is, that i read I have to update my iphone via iTunes to 2.2 normally and do the unlock, jailbreak later through QuickPwn!!!
I'm quite afraid to update my iphone with the normal 2.2 FW on iTunes...
Do I really have to do that??? Or is it enough just update it with the Custon FW from QuickPwn??? (as u show here)
Thanks ;)

Just a simple question that I haven't seen a direct answer to. Has anyone upgraded to 2.2 with Pwnage Tool, not upgrading the baseband and still been able to use their Sim Card Unlock?

Hi! I have Jailbroken Iphone 2G. I want to upgrade it to 2.2 firmware and put a new jailbrake. Do I've to apply original 2.2 update or I need to find some modified firware. As i understand I'll lose my Jailbrake if I'll update it via Itunes. But will I still be able to use my phone before aplying 2.2 jailbrake.

Please make a PwnageTool available for other platform(s). I'm Windows/Linux faithful and I don't even know anyone with a mac...

hey there, i've followed all of the steps on my iphone 3g and when it's time to restore i get the error 21 and have no choice but to restore to the factory 2.2. is there anything i can do to make this work? any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi, I didn't read ALL the comments, but I have an iPhone 2G running 2.1 (jailbroken), and after using quickpwn, my phone will not sync an music or apps, or anything for that matter. It does show up in itunes, but that's pretty much it. I was thinking about restoring using pwnage tool, but if I don't have to I won't. Please help!

Hi, I'm abroad and want to use my iPhone (not 3G) with a new and different sim card from the one the phone came with. If I'm using this method to jailbreak it, when during the process do I put the new sim card in the Phone?
Thanks for the help!

I tried my 2G and 3G iPhone, iTunes shows Error 2001 every time.
Replace the file in Device Support, still the same Error message.
Any ideas?
(iTunes 8.0.2, OS X 10.5.5, Macbook)

Someone thought they were doing me a favour and so updated my itunes to 2.2. The iPhone was unlocked before the update and running fine with a non AT&T sim and the Gevey 3G chip.
Now it doesn't work.
What can be done other than using the phone as a very expensive iTouch?

Thanks a lot, that was simple and easy and made my phone, that wouldn't even switch on any more work normally again!

Hi, I followed the instructions for the 3g iphone. I couldn’t put it into DFU mode, and then it had that “do you want to try again” screen, then itunes launched, and the phone went into recovery mode. I recovered my phone and reinstalled my apps. But I’d like to jailbreak it. Help please!
2 things: 1) A few months ago, I had previously done the jailbreak for FW2.1 and returned my iphone to its original state–ie no more jailbreak. Then I upgraded to FW2.2 w/ no problems. 2) I’m using a powerbook OS X 10.4.11

I got an error 1600 when i tried to restore using itunes.I am using an iphone 3g with a t-mobile simcard and a gevey turbosim.I followed the directions as carefully as possible,but I still got this error.what do I need to do?

I have a question. Can i install Cydia only with quickpwn on a iphone 3G with the 2.2 firmware with out messing up the baseband. I don't want to unlock it with quickpwn. I am using a Turbo unlock sim for the 2.2 firmware. I just wanted Cydia for the cool apps. Thanks.

I have an unlocked iphone 2G using ziphone. I want to use 2.2 firmware. I have itunes v I am confused what is the first step for jailbreaking? Do I need to first install itunes 8.0.2. Then restore factory settings using firmware 2.2? And then proceed with pwn? please help me. I cant wait . Help me fast

had to use apple method to go into recover mode, started recovery and less than a min into it....recovery was unsuccessful prompt from iTunes.

Everything went great and was working awesome until I turned the phone off. When it came back on all of the icons were in different spots and when I go to the phone icon, I am not able to dial or use any of the icon on the bottom of the dial pad. I can call from the contact list but unable to end a call or see the menu that comes up when on a call, I can receive calls but not able to end Not able to get voice mails either. I am able to access the internet through wi-fi and the 3G network. At the top of the screen it says to touch to return to call but when I touch it nothing happens. Please help.

pwnage keeps saying "sry i has fail" does anyone else get that. also when check the logs the fail part was something about updating ram disk.
PS: does any one know where i can just download the custom firmware??

token34, to answer your question in short... yes. i had 2.2jb but i installed kate and then my phone screwed up. my service is nothing compared to what it was jb. i had 3g almost everywhere. now im almost always on edge.
3 best things about jb is backgrounder, pdanet, customize, and better service (so i think)... thats for but the last is an opinion.
so i got a question. im using a 2008 black macbook (not the new new macbook) and i had 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 all jb. now 2.2 screwed up and it wont go into dfu mode. am i doing something wrong? i do it just like the youtube vids and this pwngtool says. any help or advice will prolly help. thanks.

random, i got a custom firmware for the 3g. i can happily send it to you. i was running it fine ever sense it first came out... till yesterday when i got kate. if you can help me out with going into dfu mode, it would be much appreciated. read the above comment to get an idea of my problem.
to get that custom ipsw, just email me at ill set up a file transfer for you or anyone thats in need of it

Hey I want to unlock my new iPhone 3g 2.2 so I tried using quickpwn and it was doing fine till I got to a part when a cat was sitting on typewriter and it said success but it didn't to anything onto the iPhone can anyone help please?

I unlocked my iphone 3g 2.2 through a TURBOSIM and did jailbreak. Everything works cracked apps, Tzones....but can't dial with the keypad. I could make calls through the contact list and txt fine...PLS HELP!!!

Hi i have 2.2 and i just did the unlock and on the last step before the restore and just after my restore was built my iphone turned off and will not turn back on!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY IPHONE! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK figured it out..... You guys should just say dont do this if you are using 2.2!!!!!!! Isnt that basicly it???? Am i just a stooopiddd noob? I have 2.2 ( i just got my iphone) and it f-ed up my iphone..... should i just wait for apple to allow this or what should i do.... i probably sound really dumb but if there is a way and someone tells me i will do it! i followed the steps last time but it bit me in the arse......

I have upgraded my iPhone to 2.2. I tried to jailbreak it using website instruction. It says "SIM Failure" after i inserted T-Mobile SIM. Signal bar has one bar. cannot make phone calls. Sometimes it says No Service.
Please help.what should I Do now. need instructions. Thanks guys.

Kevin, I experienced the same problem. Uninstalling Kate, Mobile Enhancer, and RIP Dev preferences solved the problem for me. Found this suggestion after some googlin'. Hope this helps for you too.

So i have the iphone. I want to customize it like alot of people cause the capabilities of the iphone,other than what apple will restrict us to are quite alot.
jailbreak/quickpawn---yellowsnow...what are these weird names???
basically jailbreak/quickpwn tool will install some software on ur iphone (called CYDIA) and flash ur phones chips (rewrite the iphone code) so u can use CYDIA software to change,install and customise ur iphone...
YELLOW SNOW is a code that u install into the CYDIA software that allows these clever little hackers to find a loophole in the 3G basebank (just think signal) so u can connect to other service providers....this is called "UNLOCKING" ur phone.
I jail broke my SOFTBANK JAPAN 3G IPHONE BUT HAVE FOUND THAT IT WONT SYNC WITH ITUNES (iphone requires sim pin blah blah blah to activate. SOFTBANK IPHONE NO SIM PIN MATE) AND THAT THE SIGNAL DROPS OUT.(no network coverage)

I just wanted to comment for those who are having problems with iTunes not recognizing their iPhones (i.e. if you get the 2001 error).
There is indeed a problem with 10.5.6 where iTunes / OS X will not read your iPhone if it is in DFU mode. There are three ways to circumvent this method:
1) Use a USB Hub (this worked for me)
2) Replace some kernel files (see link here:
3) Downgrade your OS to 10.5.5 (I don't know how to do this or if it's even possible).
Using the USB Hub was the easiest and worked for me.
Best of luck!
FYI: I was upgrading a jailbroken, unlocked iPhone 2G with 1.1.4 to 2.2

?, I have a new ipod that already has the lastest firmware, do I have to download it again to jailbreak my ipod touch. Im working with windows XP, and Im still having problems with jailbreakin my pod.

i like to jailbreak iphone but I realize when app shop come with more application I don't need to do this

Ok i have read all of the posts but none like my problem EXACTLY...i have a 3G, and it was jailbroken 2.1 from quickpwn....all was fine, and i talked to someone who said they did 2.2 i tried and failed...quickpwn 2.2 locked up on me and i tried it multiple times...I had categories like Mike H, and all hidden apps had to be restored...has anyone gone from jailbroken 2.1, had a probelm with 2.2, but then had success? someone told me that once u have an error with 2.2 and quickpwn u are screwed for good, no more jailbreaking....i hope thats not true bc i lOVED cydia and winterboards....please help?

ok went against my better judgement and tried it anyways, and lost it all with the common error am restoring original then have to sync it all up and restore about 2,500 songs, apps, contacts, calendars, and what not....the hell with 2.2

hey guys,
I tried to upgrade my iphone 2g 1.1.4 to 2.2
Now I've some problems with step 9.
I tried to restore my iphone in itunes with the custom .ipsw and now I've the 1600 error.
Is somebody able to help me??

ok so when I go in pwnage to browse firmware file and select the one that i downloaded from the link you provided, it says that it is the wrong firmware file.

Hello All,
I have the Ip[hone 3g one version 2.1. I currently have a problem with it so I am going to apple to get it replaced. The 3g iphones in the apple shop are currently on version 2.2. If I get one of these can I use quickpwn 2.2 to jailbreak it and then use yellowsnow to unlockl. Please help as I ahve to visit the apple store today and I am thinking of just keeping the faulty phone as I need it unlocked!

hi guys i read all post's all very good information, this is my first iphone ( 3G ) i was Blackberry lover but now using iphone .. i have question i just use Quickpwn and Jailbreak my phone eveything working fine if i need to go back factory setting so i just need to connect with itunes and click click restore opetion ?
Thank you for helping me in advance....

hey guys i successfully jail broke the 1phone 3g version 2.2 but now i have a problem because my fone works but i dont't get any service no matter where i go or which simcard i use can some one help e please please reply to

Hi, I´m in the process of jailbreaking my iphone.... will I loose my info I had in it before?

Well i bought an iphone from my friend and dont have a SIM card and want to use it as an ipod. How would i do this?

To #105's problem.
I just got out the same nightmare. Tried to update to 2.2 from 2.1 on a pwned first gen iPhone. Tried everything, many times, 'till 3:00 am, nothing worked, the phone was bricked. I was stuck with the USB to Itunes logo and every attempt to restore was met with error codes 6. 21. and so on. Went to bed for a short one, the phone attached to the USB cord, and by morning, oh miracle! the phone was back to sort of life. Ready for emergencies only meaning back to factory default. From there I was able to go back to 2.1 directing pwnage tool 2.2 to a downloaded iPhone1,12.15F136CustomRestore.ipw.
Not sure what happened there but I am back from iPhone hell.

hey this is probably a dumb question but how do i un-jailbreak my iPhone 3g after i have jailbreaked it?

Kyle, you can update your iPhone through iTunes. They just released the iPhone OS 2.2.1 so if you update, you'll lose the jailbreak. I did and I regret it :(
Anybody who can help me downgrade to 2.2?

post 93 and 107. I had the same issue. I read another post where the guy said that he uninstalled Kate, RIP Dev and Mobile Enhancer. I did the same thing and tried to do the keypad after each one. It looks like Mobile Enhancer is the problem, unless it is all 3 programs combined. Hope this helps!

Post 103 and 105. I read on the Pwntool site that if you unhack your phone or restore it from a unhacked image and then upgrade to the Apple firmware 2.2 then you should be able to Jailbreak 2.2 from there. Just make sure you are doing the 2.2 upgrade and not the 2.2.1 upgrade. Jailbreak will not work on the 2.2.1

I successfully jailbroke a brand new, unjailbroken iPhone 3G (2.2.1) using a late 2008, aluminum MacBook. One small wrinkle was that the iPhone sat with a white apple on the screen for 18 minutes before finally starting. Now it's jailbroken and perfect.

i have succesfully jaibroke my phone using this guide. the only problem is that my camera application crashes when i open it. i tried restoring to new and re jailbreakin but it still crashes. any ideas on how to fix?

im doing everything step by step but at the end when the i tunes should open up and give me the restore option it's telling me that it cant recognize the device .
what should i do???

Hi Guys,
I have spent the last 30 or so hours trying to jailbreak my iPhone 3G. I have had success before, but I can't restore with a custom firmware, if I don't get error 21 (unknown) I get error 1600 (unknown). And if I enter DFU mode using Pwnage Tool, iTunes gives me error 2001 (the iPod cannot be identified). I have followed multiple directions and learned that 10.5.6 breaks the jailbreak (no, I'm not on a new MBP), and I have followed the solution out of it on multiple websites, including the Dev Team. I am almost sure that the custom firmware I have made is fine, it's just that iTunes won't accept it. Also, my phone use to be jail-broken but I accidently restored it with the wrong i'm screwed. Please help...

Updating 2.2 is easy if you follow the directions listed here carefully. Read user comments and you will find your answer!

I have an iPhone 2G, bought from USA! I had used it in Vietnam a for few months before I came to Japan! Now I live in Japan, but the general Jailbreak can't make it compatible with the SoftBank 3G Network in Japan! Someone please help me! Thanks so much! Plz contact me with the email address:

Sat down read through the intructions.......and, VOILA, I now have a perfectly working jailbroken 3G iphone running perfectly on 2.2.1
Great site......Keep up the good work

careful this firmware going to update baseband to 02.30.3
you need to download iPhone1,12.25G77_Restore.ipsw

Okay I Have An I Phone 3G With Version 2.2.1 On It. I Have Been Really Wanting To Jailbreak It. I Have Follwed All Steps In Using Pwnage Tool And When I Am Restoring It Via ITunes An Error (21) Occurs? I Dont Know What I Am Doing Wrong Please Help.
Also After You Jail Break It Dose The Phone Work And Text? And Some Please Explian How To Put A Theam On An IPhone? Please Help.

Grrr! WTF! I Am Getting Pissed Some One Help! WTF Is Error 21!
I Keep Doing This By the instructions!

i have an iphone 3g ver 2.2.1. I made a stupid mistake trying to jailbreak my iphone with Pwnage Tool while i was on version 2.2.1. I didn't read carefully and missed the part where it says "this guide is for version 2.2 or lower". I downloaded cydia, installer and yellowsnOw. Now i have an iphone that has no signal and can't make any calls. How do i uninstall all these programs? I am not really good w/ tech stuff. PLEASE HELP!!!!

im about to jailbreak my old iphone to see if it works before i jailbreak my new one so ill keep any one and every one updated to see if it works. quick question will i lost my imod account lol?

all went well i jailbreaked old iphone then jailbreaked the new one imob didnt reset and all is well just one thing my old iphone did'nt unlock?..... i click unlock can any one help?

Hey, ive had the iPod touch since it came out to yrs ago, i hacked it from day one but now that i got an iPhone i am curious about hacking it... but the answer i need is very simple, when you sync your phone, iTunes makes an backup copy, as in when you restore your phoen you can start from fresh or from previous "phone", in the backup, does EVERYTHING backup? Sms, phone recents, cellular interent use etc? i know sync info is ok (music, pictures, contacts), and notes, + but i have 2000sms i dont wont to loose.. so dont want to jam it all up;-) plesae answer asap:)

and one more question, i am on 2.2.1, and i have original carrier, is it still possible to jailbreak? and if it dont work, cant i just downgrade to 2.2?

on step 7 asking for username and password
can u tell us wat is the username and password.....
help guys I want do this right

hey i did all this and got all the way to the end and then when i tried to restore with the custom thing it tells me an error has occurred error 21
what am i doing wrong??

Hey I just did it all and it went fine but now for some reason i have so signal or service with T-mobile (i got it originally from t-mobile). Any help? Be specific please. Thanks!

same thing.. error 21.. i did everything EXACTLY as lined out in the directions. What went wrong? Someone HELP!

Hi guys, thank you for this tutorial follow step by step and works great, keep up the good work !!!!

I recently updated my iphone 3g from 2.2 firmware to 2.2.1(5H11) firmware(that has Modem firmware 02.30.03) i lost the phone signals and i am not able to use my phone..i tried using quickpwn but it didn't work for me, only tht now i'm able to use all application..
Can you help how to downgrade my firmware to 2.2 again..

Ok. I am pretty sure that I am doing this properly -- I have a 3G running OS 2.2.1, that I am trying to jailbreak on a Imac running 10.5.6, that has iTunes 8.1.
I get through steps 1 through 8 fine -- custom .ipsw file is created, and PwnageTool tells me that I am in DFU mode. And all seems fine. I quit PwnageTool, as instructed, and open iTunes, which tells me that it has to check the iPod update server, or something similar. If I 'cancel' at this point, then nothing happens. If I 'check' then sometimes I can get to the point where iTunes tells me that it has found a phone in recovery mode. If I then press alt-option and recovery, select the customised firmware, it is then coming up with an unknown error, 21.
If I then quit Itunes, and try again, I can restore the original firmware file, and every thing is working, just not jailbroken. That suggests to me that the customised firmware file is not being allowed to run or is being corrupted in the process of customisation.
Any suggestions, anyone?

i have the 2.2.1. hoe do i downgrade to the 2.2 software and why will the iphone not jailbreak with 2.2.1???? i am a newb at this kind of stuff so please dont kill me with names haha

i go through all the steps and ounce i start to restore the iphone 3g it comes up with this error number 21 why is this happening everything else go through smoothly

This worked perfectly for me. An experienced jailbreaker wasn't able to do my 3G 2.2.1 phone, but following this tutorial worked perfectly for me. Thank you very much!

can anyone help me out in getting my iphone started. i got apple iphone 3g (version 2.2.1)from states on AT&T contract. i got it unlocked from apple but when i brought this to my home country it doesnt work coz as far as i know there are gsm connections available here doesnt even go on search ...........just say invalid sim. PLZ PLZ sumone help me out in this. i will really appreciate that. waiting for a quick reply.

I've followed these instructions a dozen times very carefully, but with the newest version of itunes (8.1.1) I get this error:
an ipod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. please disconnect and reconnect the ipod, then try again. an unknown error occurred (2001).
this happens after entering DFU mode correctly and quitting pwn tool, and launching itunes in order to set the custom restore firmware.
i will try with an earlier version of itunes, i guess. anyone email me if you have suggestions at

OMG this was pretty easy! I have AT&T but no data plan, so my friend unlocked my precious when I first got it and I've been stuck with version 1.1.3 for the longest time!!! I'm so happy to be able to use the new apps!! (^o^)/ I used iTunes 8.1 + my 2G phone to do this~
The only problems I had were 1) the pwnage tool didn't recognize my firmware download, so I looked up the Windows version guide and downloaded that one and problem solved! 2) The tool asked me for a bootloader v4.6 file, I had no idea what that was, thankfully there was a link when the prompt came up. But the first link provided in google is v3.9. So it's easier just to google for the 4.6 version. 3) The iPhone needs to be connected when you're running the program! =P LOL
A big thank you to the genius(es) that made this!

Oh one more thing! When the prompt saying that I'm in DFU mode pop-ed up iTunes started but couldn't recognize my phone! So I had to unplug, reset the phone (i.e. push Home and Power button for 10 seconds), once the phone turned back on, then I reconnected and then it was recognized. I "restored" old phone, but 1/2 of my pix were gone, so back things up! My contacts also didn't sync. So I had to re-sync from Entourage with Address Book then iTunes!
Anyway~ I imagine I'll be having loads of fun (on my next project) downloading pirated apps from now on! heehee~

can someone give me a desription of what jailbraking your phone actually does and why it is so good because i am thinking of jailbraking my new 3G iphone on a plan so can someone tell me what jailbraking it will exactly do
pls reply

Hi i got a question, i got a legal contract with att, due to the need of 3g comunication anywhere, i was wondering if its posible to still use 3g over a jailbroken iphone, i want to jailbreak to use cydia.

I got through all the steps fine and i restored my iphone with the ipsw that was needed and i though i had a jailbroken iphone. but when i turned the iphone on after that it was normal. nothing happened. Is it possible that i clicked the wrong ipsw when i went into recovery mood? Is there even a wrong ipsw to click?

Uh, i did EVERYTHING on there just how it said. After i "built the UDF or USF or whatever, it TURNED OFF AND WOULDNT TURN BACK ON!? then, it took me about 5 minutes of freaking out, and about 8 minutes of googling to find out how to turn it back on, then, tried the Manually Restoring, "unknown error occured" WIPED EVERYTHING, WONT TURN ON UNTIL I DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE FOR IPHONE AGAIN!? THANKS A FUCKLOAD MATE

To all you wankers whinging that your phone is now fucked, it's your own fault for wanting something we aren't meant to have! After reading a lot of posts, some good some bad, I'm going to wait the 6 months for the software updates that apple r meant to be bringing out which should include mms and a specalised bluetooth for images. If you want all the fancy crap get a crapberry. Stop fukn with the system. And as for phone warranty, if you have cover and jailbreak your phone you void any of apple's warranties and the insuranfr you get from your service providers! Yeh I work for a phone company.

PLZ HELP!!! i did all the steps and finished dfu mode or whatever and now i cant turn my iphone on....plz help begging you!

when att released the iphone 3g i was able to get one under two year contract, (it was actually in the mid of my contract when i had it) and the att guys advised me to include the $30/month unlimited internet to my package, and so it was. then i renewed my contract to att again for another two years using LGvu phone with a basic plan,(no $30 unli internet) now i wanted to use my iphone but the att says i CANNOT use my iphone NOT unless i have to add the $30 unlimited internet to my package again, otherwise i'll be charged everytime i have a voicemail for instance. i'm tryin' to cut down my costs that's why i got rid of the $30 unlimited internet on my second contract. i was able to jailbroke and unlocked my iphone but still it's just a fancy cellphone to me. can anybody throw me some suggestions? thnx

Hello everyone,
I have jailbroken my iphone 3g with the 2.2.1 version.
I tried to upgrade the version to 3.0 doing it directly with itunes.
And the iphone crashed, it is completely blocked.
The only thing I see on my iphone screen is a comic image of a guy with his arms up, saying something in russian.
I have tried to restore the iphone, but it does not work, itunes says that there is an error called '2006'
I hope you can help me, I am really desperate!

I have Jailbreak my iPhone 3G 16GB iPhone1,23.17C144CustomRestore.ipsw and restore it successfully, but updated with iPhone firmware 3.1 but the baseband 05.11.07
Cab you please tell me how to downgrad to baseband 04.26.08.
It will be very helpful because, now I can not see any network carrier to the my mobile and when I checked Setting< Carrier < it says Can not load Carrier....
Please help with this problem.... waiting for your reply..


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