How to: Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 3.0 - Mac OS X redsn0w Edition


Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing. This will NOT work with iPhone 3GS.

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the forums regarding jailbreaking the iPhone 3.0 software lately, and a lot of questions to go along with it!. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at the exact steps you have to take to get your iPhone 3G with 3.0 jailbroken on your Mac.

Let’s get started, after the jump!

Get the tools

First and foremost make sure your iPhone is updated to the 3.0 firmware. If you’re not yet running 3.0, update via iTunes.

All good? Okay, next make sure your iPhone is not connected to your Mac. Next you will need to download the following files:

Jailbreak Process

Now double click on the redsn0w file you just download to open the redsn0w application. You will then be prompted to select the 3.0 IPSW file you downloaded. Do as instructed now. Once it is successfully identified press next to continue.


Now you will have to select whether you'd like Cydia, Icy, or both installed on your phone. You have to install at least one of them. Make sure your choices are checked and press next. *It seems some people are having issues with Cydia crashing instantaneously after launching it. So it may be wise to select Icy. Both apps essentially serve the same purpose. redmac_2

Next you will be connecting your iPhone 3G to your Mac. Once your device is connected, hold the power button until the "Slide to Power Off" appears - then slide to power it off. Press next. redmac_3

redsn0w will not put your iPhone 3G into DFU mode. Be sure to follow the onscreen instructions exactly. Start by holding down the power button for 3 seconds. redmac_4

Hold down both both the power button as well as the home button for 10 seconds. redmac_5

Finally release the power button while continuing to hold the home button down until redsn0w detects your iPhone 3G. redsn0w_6

The iPhone will now reboot once it is detected by redsn0w. redmac_6

The application will now begin the process of uploading the new ramdisk. redmac_7

Once this is complete you will be notified that the jailbreak process is complete. Click the Finish button. Even though redsn0w completed it's process your iPhone will still be finishing up. This can take up to 5 minutes. Be patient, when it's done you will have a jailbroken iPhone 3G with Cydia/Icy on the SpringBoard. redmac_8

Unlocking Process

Now if you are looking to unlock your iPhone follow these steps below.

  • If you are unlocking for T-Mobile USA be sure to disable 3G.

  • Run Cydia or Icy

  • Add the repo to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0”.

  • Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w.

  • Reboot your iPhone 3G.

Enjoy your freshly unlocked iPhone 3G running the 3.0 software!

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How to: Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 3.0 - Mac OS X redsn0w Edition



just replace the word 'Mac' in the above instructions with 'PC' and you should be good to go with Windows instructions. :)

Will these instruction work for the original iPhone, assuming I download the correct IPSW file?

tried about 5 times today on my vista laptop and it just wont stop crashing as it goes into dfu mode (the redsnow.exe that is) thankfully this is happening before it trys to play with the iphone f/w but never the less anoying.

Once that unlock process has completed, will the phone accept any GSM SIM Card or are you still required to go through the whole mess of SIM adapters and all that business?

Hello , i'm italian. Work in progress in italian blog ispazio for native application video recorder (for iphone 3g and iphone edge)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The only way this seems to differ from the Windoze version, is that when you get the iPhone into DFU mode, you may have to force the "Apple DFU device" USB driver to install, before redsn0w will realize that you have done so. The Windoze Device Manager is your friend there.

It says it might be stuck at reboot for a long time but I didn't experience it at all, the whole JB process took I think 12 to 14 minutes.

This works, just tried it 15 mins ago.
Thanks for the information and guide.
P.s MAC and Windows use the same method to jailbreak your iPhone. Only difference is the OS which you are running redsn0w on.

So, how long am I supposed to wait for the reboot? I have been sitting here staring at the screen "Waiting for reboot" for some 10-15 minutes

Sorry for the newbie question here, but after I install ultrasn0w, can I "un-jailbreak" it to get rid of springboard and Icy/Cydia? I don't care at all about jailbreaking- only unlocking. And where does the ultrasn0w unlock reside? Does it persist after a restore?

no there is no way to 'un-jailbreak' and maintain the unlock with ultrasn0w. ultrasn0w is a software unlock method that requires the phone to be jailborken to use. If you restore to the factory non-jailborken hardware you will lose the unlock.

@ckmp How long did you have to wait for the "reboot" I am just sitting here idling, wondering if this is ever going to continue, or if I should start over (hope I am not bricked) :(

I certainly wouldn't advise people to use icy over Cydia!! Just my personal opinion though - Cydia has now been updated and that should resolve any crashing issues. To update Cydia without running it, copy the latest Cydia deb package to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall using ssh or ifunbox or iphone file browser and reboot. The latest Cydia packages can be found here:
@Dyvim - i would keep Cydia on, incase you need to update ultrasn0w. Maybe install bossprefs and hide it, then you'll only have one "jailbroken" app on your springboard.

Also, when did you release the Home button? I release as soon as it gets to the next screen (after the 1 2 3 instructions) and it goes through a DFU process really quick then just sits at the "Waiting for reboot..." process

Found Pwnage for 3.0 to be a bit problematic (lost all cell network connections), but redsn0w worked like a champ.

Got it all working, but it wouldn’t work from my Unibody MacBook Pro 15", had to use my iMac and then it was all good (quickly). So, now I can only say bring on the 3GS jailbreak!!!

You know, the ONLY reason I am jailbreaking is so that I can get louder New Mail sounds! I am dumfounded why this is not included in the native OS or nobody has created an app for that.

haven't tried unlock as no wi-fi at home. but jail break works fine. seemed quite quick - i installed cydia and ice and both open fine (presuming they will work okay within a wi-fi network). my iphone is a 3g with 2.2.1 firmware upgraded to 3.0 BTW

@peter What machine are you running on? I couldn’t get it to work at all on my Unibody MacBook Pro. Moved to iMac and it took <3 minutes

I cant figure out how to unlock? The thing about adding, I don't understand how to do that. Please help me. Thanks

@Deez Nutz
Where are you seeing this? The instructions above dont mention anything about this. I followed steps above and had no problem, it was very easy!

@peter - Thanks for replying.
It is the "Unlocking Process" the last part of the instructions, at the bottom, before the comments.

will this process unlock the iphone 3g for windows? I have the baseband 02.30.03, im running a 2.2.1, id like to upgrade if it could be unlocked. thank you

Ok, i was stuck at the second "waiting for reboot". What i did to fix it was use the iphone 3.0 file that was downloaded from apple not from a third party source. I was trying to use one named iphone1,1..etc but the one from apple was iphone1,2...etc. Used that file and it worked like a charm.

Before the IPhone is unlocked, do you need an AT&T sim card for the whole thing to work? Can I have my T-Mobile sim card in the phone through this process? Thanks for any help

Noob question here. My iphone 3G has been jailbroken. AS mentioned we need to upgrade to 3.0 before jailbreaking with Redsnow. What is the best way to upgrade? Do I need to do a restore/revirginize before I upgrade? How about all my data? After upgrade (but before Redsnow) do I restore all my data? Thanks.

I restored/jailbreaked about 3 times yesterday before I could get winterboard to work right. Someone mentioned on another forum that icy is not 3.0 compliant. Don't know if that's true but I can say that winterboard gave me nothing but issues until I restored and re-jailbreaked and installed only cydia. This would be my best recommendation since I had nothing but problems with both icy and cydia on my phone. Once I restored to my most recent backup file, jailbreaked, and only added cydia, everything has worked without a hitch. Only loading cydia instead of cydia and icy also fixed cydia returning an error when you tried to update the cydia files. Without the update (at least as of yesterday) you couldn't load any packages with cydia.

hi, i have a iphone 3g running with 3.0 firmware. i was wondering if this would work with my dell inspiron 700m? and if so, do i follow these same directions? thanks


This worked real quick for me, good guide man.
I had to go searching for the Ultrasn0w once i had downloaded it through Cydia (i eventually found it in the sections part) but one i found it i installed it, rebooted my phone and it was all good!

I would be interested in unlocking an iPhone from Softbank Japan only to be able to use any SIM I'd like. Unlocking (Jailbreaking) will allow me to use any Sim? It's against Japanese Law to unlock an iPhone purchased in Japan. Unbelievable. Thank you

worked really well. thanks so much. just had a bit of problem with ultrasnow. cydia kept crashing. but worked out after upgrading cydia.
thanks from the Maldives

this worked great for me, i just want to know. whats the difference between "locked" and "unblocked"

im on a mac and i keep getting stuck on the waiting for reboot screen ive tried several times and i just keep getting stuck

Stuck on "waiting for reboot" as well. Tried multiple times, done everything right but it still isn't working. I'm on a Mac, I have an iPhone 3G, I have the latest iTunes (8.2), I am successfully putting it into DFU mode, I have the correct IPSW...

ive logged onto cydia and jail breaked it all...its not asking me to update cydia installer and debian packager. when i press complete upgrade and try and run the download, it comes up internal error, could not perform immediate configuration (2) on essential. how do i sort this?

I have jailbreaked my Itouch 2g. First time it stucked in “waiting for reboot” I canceled, then I enter to my spring board. I did nothing, then I turned it off (plugged in) and make the jailbreak again with no other trick.
PD: when RedSn0w last more than 1 minute in “waiting for reboot” it means there is an error and you must cancel de process (for me “waiting for reboot” last just 2 seconds )

I forgot to say something. The second time I tryed jailbreaking it (after the first “waiting for reboot” stuck) I check the Install Icy. That was the unique diference.
First time I just check Install Cydia and it stuck on “waiting for reboot”.
Second time I checked both, Install Cydia and Install Icy and it works!
Hope this help.

I'm on a mac and I selected the icy and cydia. And yet it's still stuck on the stupid reboot. Someone please help!!! everybody seems to answer all other questions on this blog, leaving the only one that everyone is wondering about. What do you do if it's stuck on "waiting for reboot"? I got excited for freaking nothing... :(

Do I need to put in the original sim card? I'm from Mexico so I changed it a while ago.
I have the "reboot" problem too! But i dont know if Im missing something. Help me pls!

I've got a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3G running 2.2 (02.28.00 baseband). I want to run 3.0 and jailbreak it and unlock it. Do I "Update" through iTunes to 3.0, or "Restore" through iTunes and then "Update"? Please advise. Thanks!!

Worked like a charm in .au, thanks!
My only question ( a noob one) will I be able to sync my phone in itunes once jailbroken?

GOT IT!! People with a 2G stuck on WAITING FOR REBOOT!
ALSO: Don't worry if you get "sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported ..." message on iTunes when you upgrade to 3.0. You are ready for applying Redsn0w at this time.
I found the answer for this problem in a 2G:
The thing is there are different IPSW files for
I was using the wrong one!
Two other small files were also requested by Redsn0w in this case: Bootloader version 3.9 and Bootloader version 4.6. Here are the links to all the files needed:
Tip: IE sometimes downloads the .ipsw files as a .zip. You can just change the filename extension (.zip for .ipsw) and that's it. I did it that way. Is the same compression model. Also you could use Firefox for downloading, it doesn't change the extension.
I guess if you are upgrading a 3G, you would only need the redsn0w 0.7.2 file mentioned above, and the ipsw file I post below. NOT the bootloaders.

The links to the ipsw files got wrong on the last post. (iPhone 2G Firmware Version 3.0.0 and 3G respectively.)They should end like this:

For all MAC users who are having trouble with the "waiting for reboot" issue, I had the same problem and followed all the instructions i could find on Google with no avail.
I did however, realize i was using Mac OS X 10.5.6
I immediately updated to 10.5.7, restarted my Macbook Pro and tried the whole process again and it worked flawlessly.
So i recommend all you Mac users with the reboot error to check that you have the latest Mac OS X update (10.5.7)
it should work!

disabling 3g before running ultrasn0w i understand but after can we enable 3g to use that network

redsn0w does not work. 0.7 to 0.7.2, I keep getting "internal error messages" during Cydia updates. Half of the options in Cydia does not work or loads with errors. When is Quickpwn 3.0 going to be out.

I got the problem "waiting for reboot" and stayed there.
I tried different suggestion an nothing happen.
The last one was changen my USB cable with a newer one and it worked!.

Thanks for this - I found the information on this site MUCH more useful than what it is on the iPhone developer site. It worked perfectly the first time around without a glitch! I have a 3G phone and am in Singapore but purchased my phone in the US - M1 in Singapore works like a charm :)
My phone did completely crash when I tried to download SpringBoard from Cydia since I love the 5 column format...anyone know anything about how that works or if it is does not work on 3.0?

jailbreaking was very easy... whats with adding that to cydia....
how do i do that??? can some please post the exact procedure

I have a 3G iPhone and I used redsn0w on it. It worked well for the first few days. And today I got a sad mac icon on it and it had to restart springboard. Now iTunes doesn't detect my phone at all and Cydia reports error when I try to update packages (as prompted by Cydia when I run it).
I am really not a techie and redsn0w is easy to use with its step-by-step instructions. Can anyone offer some advice? Or perhaps someone who would be able to assist me here in Singapore?
One last thing, after I upgraded to 3.0, my iPhone cannot detect any WIFI network. I'm so down on my tech luck.

there is a video on youtube type ultrasn0w and someone shows you step by step instructions for the ultrasn0w unlock process.
good luck

I'm stuck at this picture of a cartoon image of Steve Jobs.. I had finished through the rebooting and then right in to the pineapple start up screen. It's been about an hour. Help!

okey so i am trying ti do the process but when it ask me to select firmware, i am not able to do so, because when i look for it on my mac it wont let me open it....what can i dooo!!!helpp pleaseee

hello i am trying to do the process but when i try to put the firmware my Mac wont let me open the file. what should i pleasee

@ Yenny,
When you downloaded the firmware, the file extension is
you'll want to rename it for .ispw, taking out the .zip part. This should help

hello again..thank you Jeremy it helped. now my problem is unlocking the phone. i went to cydia i am not able to add the it says that it did not find repository...what should i dooo

I'm finding the same problem also! Some error comes up after trying to update Cydia and trying to install ultrasn0w

I have a jailbroken/unlocked iphone 2g using a local sim card in china. If i update to 3.0 then jailbreak, will I be able to use wifi to connect to cydia and unlock if theres a chinese sim or no sim in the phone? Thanks

Can we update the lastest iphone version with an unlocked iphone??? If not, what do I have to do to update because mine is a 2.1 unlocked iphone . Can somebody help

so i am trying to unlock my phone and when i run cydia it asks me if i a user a hacker or a developer...what should i put>???

I'm a little worried. trying to jailbreak my iphone 3G using redsn0w 0.7.2, on my macbook running Mac OSX
I try to enter DFU mode, shouldn't something be appearing on the iphone's screen? It won't even power on anymore, and redsn0w is frozen on "Waiting for reboot" (it feels like the iphone won't even turn on anymore...)

Also got "Waiting For Reboot" message in redsn0w.
Tried another (rear) USB port and it worked fine for me.

Mine was saying "Waiting for reboot" too (I'm on Mac), then I realized I forgot to turn my iPod Touch off! Make sure you have it off when you try!

I got everything installed fine. Rebooted the phone and now it can't find my network. I entered it in settings, general, network, cellular data network, APN. My phone is searching and I have no service. Please help!

Solved my own problem. The SIM card was loose. Took it out several times, wiped it clean, and it eventually worked!

Was also stuck on reboot - solved it by:
* Updating iphone to OS 3.0 through itunes
* Downloading iphone OS 3.0 for 2G (the link above is for 3G)
and following the instructions...

I have a 16g 3G with 3.0 os i do not have the original sim card and have restored it. I'm getting stuck on the 2nd reboot I've tried different usb ports i've even tried different computers with windows XP i am using vista. I've upgraded itunes and tried it in safe mode. What am i doing wrong?

REBOOT ERROR SOLUTION CONFIRMED: 10.5.7 solved the issue
I tried everything, except switching to 10.5.7 and immediately the problem was solved.

Okay so i'm really new to this. but if i buy a at&t new iphone and then use these instructions i can unlock it to be able to use it with tmobile? and what does jailbreaking it do are they two different things?

I did everything right and everything worked just fine until i put my tmobile sim, after that my phone went to recovery mode.... what should I do?

can any one tell me if the problem might be that I did this jailbreaking on a first generation iphone but instead of using iphone1,2..ipsw i used 1,1...ipsw and everything is fine but when i put the Tmobile sim card on it goes on recovery mode and if I take it out it goes back to normal.... any suggestions ?????? help please!!!!!!!

I did everything right and everything worked just fine on my iphone 2g running 3.0, but Edge won´t let me get the internet through the WiFi antena, how can I disable Edge? Am I missing something in the jailbreaking process?

can any one tell me if the problem might be that I did this jailbreaking on a first generation iphone but instead of using iphone1,2..ipsw i used 1,1…ipsw and everything is fine but when i put the Tmobile sim card on it goes on recovery mode and if I take it out it goes back to normal…. any suggestions ?????? help please!!!!!!!

This worked for my ipod touch 2g so this is pretty much the same thing as the iphone 2 G other than the ISPW file.
Ok guys i think i figured it out, well it work for me the first time i tried this. First off let me say i finaly jailbroke my Ipod 2g. I tried the following about 20 times it seemed like needless to say i was getting good at doing this, First Installed Itunes 8.2 upgraded firmware to 3.0. Then i downloaded redsn0w 0.7.2. unzipped file and right clicked and under the compatiblity as Windows XP Service pack 2. Then applied and exited and right clicked again and ran as adminstrator. I kept getting the same error time and time again "Redsn0w Stopped working" after it rebooted for the second or 3rd time. I uninstalled LIBUSB even downgraded to 2.2.1 and tried to jailbreak with the 3.0 still nothing same i restored it back to 3.0 and tried and tried and tried. Same error everytime..Ok so this is what i did just for the hell of it since nothing else was working.
Instead of choosing Windows XP service pack 2 compatiblity i chose Windows 95, And i also downloaded Redsn0w 0.7.1 (dont know if 7.2 would work i did not care after this worked, lol) for the first time choosing this it worked!! I hope this helped anyone out there please let me know if it did i was really starting to get frustrated but then out of pure curiosity i tried this windows 95 run as administrator and it worked! holy crap!! Cheers!

REBOOT ERROR SOLUTION CONFIRMED: 10.5.7 solved the issue I tried everything, except switching to 10.5.7 and immediately the problem was solved. Great!
Great to see the pineapple again!

can anyonw tell me why after i got cydia and downloaded ultrasn0w my iphone is a first generation... well after i did all that when i put my Tmobile sim card it goes onto recovery mode... I thought i had to restore again but when i take out Tmobile's sim card out it goes back to normal does anyone know what's going on?????

My iphone was unlocked the correct way and it recognized my sim, my number, and that i was with t-mobile. It would not give me any service. I turned off my phone and turned it back on, I reset my network settings, which screwed everything up because now it doesnt even see my Sim.
How do I fix this? Why couldnt I get serivce?

guys if you have a 2G phone and your using windows / redsn0w and ur getting stuck on "waiting to reboot" then i promsise your probaly using the WRONG firmware. Alejandro Hoyos post explains what you need to do! that was my problem i was tryign to use firmware for a 3G iphone but my phone ony connects to edge.
i went to this website:
i downloaded the firmware for iphone (3.0/7A341). THAT WAS THE CORRECT FILE I NEEDED.!!!!!
it even booted up differently (redsn0w) and asked me not only if i wanted to install cydia but also if i wanted to unlock it and i chose YES! it will ask about bin 46 and bin 39 ...... just refer to Alejandro's post on June 24th, 2009 on how to get those.
good luck guys and THANKS ALEJANDRO!!

Thanks for the great write up! Everything worked fine for me but as soon as plug the phone back into iTunes to restore my contacts it starts to restore then a small progress bar shows up under the apple on the screen but never finishes, just freezes. Any suggestions? I would love to have all my contacts back!
PS I have restored the phone and unlocked it about 4 times now.
Iphone 2g 3.0

I think I did everything correctly, although when I start it up an apple logo shows up instead of a pineapple, is that normal? Also my Tmobile edge stopped working. I am using icy and the 5.99 plan, so i put in but its still not working. any tips?

Do I need to update to itunes 8.2 before jailbreaking to 3.0? Because when I restore with itunes I get an unknown error and it says that the restore cant be done.

Ok. For the people who say they are stuck at the "waiting to reboot" screen also referred as W.A.L.D (white apple logo of death) all you have to do is restore to os 3.0 WITHOUT ANY data, songs, apps etc. And it will work. Then after you are done jailbreaking you an put everything back on it. Hope this helps you!

I when I select the ispw file the redsn0w says Unable to recognize the specified ISPW. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much guys, it finally worked!!!! ive had the reboot issue -> F8 for failsave mode did it for me Thanks alot!

I ran Redsnow application to Jailbreak the phone.
Cydia is now installed.
I then added Ultrasnow successfully to Cydia's list and completed the installation of it with no problem.
I insterted my O2 Loop sim, turned the phone off, back on.
It no longer says, "No Sim installed" however, I am unable to send or receive any phone calls with my phone.
I called the phone from my home and it says the phone is not on.
I tried it with the Rebel Sim card and without the Rebel Sim card - same result.
Please help.

Hi, is there performance drawbacks on jailbreaking a iphone because I am thinking on acquiring one such iphone and doing this simple process. I do have a jailbroken itouch to add ipas for such purpose but it lags at best. My second question is what service would be the best, atts frequency or t mobiles frequency?

I'm and old guy and was a little afraid to try this-- but it worked perfectly on my 3G 16GB phone w. tmobile and tzones. iTunes tried to run in bkgd, but I quit the program. I installed both Cydia and Icy. Icy couldn't find the source for Ultrasnow. Cydia didn't want to complete it's essential upgrade but I ran Ultrasnow from it anyway. After several attempts to update Cydia and install Ultrasnow it worked! I did have to turn OFF 3G to get Tzones to work.
You folks ROCK!! You taught an old guy a new trick and made me very happy. THANKS!

THANK YOU DevTeam!! You guys rock,
i would suggest everyone not to installing both cydia and icy. Just choose one.

hi can some one help me plz...i have installed cydia from redsnow and now when i tried to reboot my iphone it is freezed with apple logo on it...
Plz can someone help....

hey i'm on a macbook jailbreaking iphone 3g using redsn0w 0.7.2 and can't get past waiting for reboot.... any help? and to melissa i would have to say is it still in a .zip file? or try redownloading through firefox.

I jailbroke an 8gb 3G iPhone that was firmware 2.2.1 when I got it. Upgraded to 3.0 then redsn0wed only selecting Cydia then ultrasn0wed. It activated the sim card (Orange) but lost signal and then only sees it as a restricted network. Sometimes it lasted a minute sometimes 5 minutes. I restored, rejailbroke and reunlocked about twenty times and each time it seemed to last longer and longer. But an immense pain. However, I then discovered that when it locks the Orange network out if I put the sim back in my old phone - let that find Orange - then put it back in the iPhone it works fine. After doing this a few times it seems to stay until I get a weak signal. I can go on the underground and as it loses the signal really quickly when I get off the signal comes back fine. The only problem I'm having now is that when the signal fades due to weather or orange being weak it will suddenly lose signal altogether and not come back. Orange stays but no strength. The only way I can get it back is to find orange again on the sim in my old phone. It is getting more and more stable but if anyone has a fix I'd appreciate it. But my reason for posting this near essay really is to help people who are having their network restricted. It saves resetting the phone and losing everything you've downloaded. If anyone is having a problem with their sim being restricted after a while I would urge them to try the same: take you sim out and find you network in your old phone and then stick the sim back into the iPhone. It does get stronger with time... like the best of us.

had "waiting for reboot" hang problem all last night. This morning I plugged the iphone usb connector directly into the computer instead of the usb hub and it worked first try. just FYI in case it helps.

I attempted to jailbreak and unlock my phone last night. I decided to use windows vs. my macbook. I was able to jailbreak the phone without any problem. I used my roommates ATT sim card to upgrade it to 3.0 then removed it as i don't have ATT. Cydia installed and did its thing. When I went to download ultrasn0w via cydia. It came up and asked if I wanted to connect to the internet via wifi. I did so I connected. When I tried to add the repo666 repository it came up and said no directory found. I powered down and rebooted the phone. this time when i opened up cydia it kept coming up saying no internet connection. i got out of cydia and tried safari via wifi with no success. no it won't recognize wifi at all on my iphone. How should i proceed? Do I have to have an ATT simcard in the phone to jailbreak and unlock? I am assuming I'm going to have to re-jailbreak. How do i do this. I used redsnow .072.... Any help would be great!

Hey guys, i have a 1st gen Ipod Touch and I was jailbreaking on a MacBook and i too was getting stuck on the waiting for reboot. After frustration and trying a bunch of things i finally figured it out! What i did was once it starts to hang on the waiting for reboot i unplugged it and plugged it back in. I don't know if it will work for everyone but it worked for me! Good luck!

Been stuck on the 'Waiting for reboot' about 15 times. 3g on a Mac.
FIXED... read a post further up about updating to OS X 10.5.7
Worked instantly... thank you very much!

I had the same problem and I tried numerous times to make adjustments that would have made it go faster.
I realized then when you are following the 3 step portion of holding down the POWER button and the HOME button,
STEP 3 counts down from 30 seconds and eventually moves to the next window before it even finishes counting.
This should fix it, the process literally took seconds after.

hi. i have had an unlocked iphone 2g and i updated and jailbroke to firmware 3.0 using redsn0w. everything worked fine and all the processes went well. but after the phone re-booted, my sim is not recongnised and the phone shows "no service" . which means that my sim card / service provider network is not working on my phone. please help.

Omg this shit is amazing i jus did this it took 10 mins and my phone works perfect great job man you jus made my day =)

I've been stuck for a 30mins. During "Waiting for reboot" i pugged off the connector and plug in after one second. It works now! I hope this will be helpful to someone!

Yes, I have done this completely on a 10.4.11 PPC and a 10.5.7 Intel. (Though program crashed on Intel once, but was okay after trying again!)

Waiting for reboot ................
download this version •bl39.bin 3.9 BootLoader and use your itunes 3.0 update ISPW file, follow the regular steps and it will work

Had the same "waiting for reboot" problem on my mac...what solved this for me is like said in reply 133 and 136; disconnect and reconnect cable! Now jailbreaking! thanks guys!


Awesome guide, super straight forward. The last time I jailbroke my phone using another guide and I couldn't get it right. Thanks a bunch!!

Had the “waiting for reboot” problem? Just disconnect the usb cable and connect again. It really WORKS!!!!

Used these instructions and chose Cydia, worked like a champ on my 2nd attempt. I went with ICY first because I read that Cydia was unstable.
On the first attempt, jailbreak went smoothly, when trying to add the repo source ICY wouldn't do anything.
Restored the phone to factory settings, jailbroke again and chose Cydia. Couldn't have been smoother. First time 'hacking' anything.
Thank you so much for these instructions, you made it painless!!!

So this should work on the original iphone right? And can i jailbreak the iphone even when my power button doesnt work?

okay guys I have the same problem with "waiting for reboot"
and its still not working after the 10th try

i have attached/reattached the cable
tried in safe mode
held the home key all the way through to the waiting screen
installed/reinstalled redsn0w & correct firmware over 5 times

iphone 3g
version 3.0
firmware 04.26.08
i am using vista 32 bit and ive also tried on windows xp with no luck.

Help! It's stuck at "Waiting for Reboot" Now!
A few weeks ago, I jailbroke it successfully and I had it with Icy.
But now, I feel like Icy isn't that good so I decided to use Cydia. So I decided to re-download redsn0w and the firmware file. So I followed all the steps, now I am stuck at "Waiting to reboot"! Please help me, Last time I did this it ran smoothly and easily, but now wanting to switch to Cydia, it is now stuck
I tried everything, Unplugging it, finding different firmware, Nothing works! :( please help me Thank you

OMG! NVM! I discovered it! It was in fact different firmware! I always thought I had Iphone 3G! But I didn't! So I just tried it because I was just so frustrated then It worked! WORKS LIKE A CHARM OMG IM SO HAPPPY!! Thank you!

Ok I got a new problem now! After Doing all that, it uploads everything to iphone and its done, but when it says rebooting, it reboots the iphone but then it stays stuck at the apple logo with the loading icon on it! Please help, I am now very worried.

Stuck on Waiting, unplugging / plugging USB cable in worked for me. Though I am also running 10.5.7 (which was one suggestion) and I also held the home button for 30 seconds (another suggestion) even though it had progressed to the next stage so it could've been a combination of the three.

If you are stuck waiting for a reboot: unplug your USB cable, then immediately plug it back in. Bingo!
I have a 3G, Mac, OS 10.5.7
Thanks to posters above for all the help.

ok so i am at the beginning of the process. what do i select when it tells me to select the corresponding ipsw for the current firmware?

I was stuck at "Waiting for reboot" until I realized i was using the wrong IPSW (DONT follow the link in this article if you're using a 3GS). I got my IPSW at
Worked like a charm and the process of getting into recovery mode is WAY easier for a 3GS with 3.0 apparently.

okay. so i'm super confused. I finished the jailbreaking process but whats up with the unlocking process. Like whats a repo? And how exactly do i do all that cool stuff to my iphone like change the slider an stuff?

I too had the freeze at reboot problem, make sure you download the right 3.0 firmware for the original iphone which is what I had. It started like iphone1,1 3.0
That fixed it for me. Hope that helps.

*** WAITING FOR REBOOT FIX *** make sure the home button is held down for the full 30 seconds, don't stop when redsn0w goes to the next screen

I am also stuck on the waiting to reboot page...need some help.
I have tried all of the above atleast 10 times but no help.
I am using MAc OSX 10.5.7 with iphone 2G OS3.0

SUMEET.... just veryfy that the .IPSW is the correct for iphone 2g or iphone 3g..... the iphone 2g firmware must be iphone1,1 and NOT iphone 1.2

What is the exact process of unlocking the iphone 3g. I'm stuck. I just got the jailbreak working and installed Cydia and the instructions above for unlocking don't make sense. Where in Cydia do you actually add the repo to Cydia or Icy. That last “o” is actually the number zero “0” ??
Also where do you search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or icy and install ultrasn0w?
Any info or help will be awesomely appreciated. Thanks much this info has been very, very helpful so far!

I am stuck at processing firmware. How long does this take? I can't even get passed the first step. duh. help....

sorry for caps but i just wanted to share this.

just want to confirm @Matt's comment -- if you are stuck on the reboot, just unplug the USB cable and plug it back in again.
I was jailbreaking iPhone 2G, had the correct ipsw, bootloaders, OS 10.5.7 and iTunes 8.2, even restarted the computer -- nothing worked until I unplugged/re-plugged when the iPhone itself was black and the redsn0w screen said "waiting for reboot"

It works great. Had some troubles at the beginnig, like freezing at "waiting for reboot" (with redsn0w-mac_0.8), but after trying with 0.7.2 it went smooth and flawless. Now Iphone is unlocked, working with Spanish Vodafone.
Thanks guys.

Stuck on waiting for reboot fix***
For all those with 3g phones on a mac when you come to the "waiting for reboot" message and it doesn't do anything, just unplug the iphone and plug it back in immediately. It doesn't really make much sense, but it for real works. Also you may want to make sure you're on 10.5.7 os and that you held the home button for the full 30 seconds.

guys if you get stuck at reboot i read you can pull the usb out of the iphone then put it back and it will continue(mac). I had the same problem today and switched to pc and it worked ....redsnow 0.8 3g, 3.0

yea i did it on a mac too...
funny thing because i also tried everything.
nothing worked untill i tried to uplug and replug..
strange how it works but it let's the iphone reboot.

Steinramm you are fricking awesome!! my hero for today, I have been trying for 2 days to get past Waiting For Reboot problem.... unplugged cable for a second and immediately replugged.... instantly proceeded to next step! THANK YOU!!!
steinramm Says:
July 11th, 2009 at 10:55 pm
I’ve been stuck for a 30mins. During “Waiting for reboot” i pugged off the connector and plug in after one second. It works now! I hope this will be helpful to someone!

Mac with a 3G, 10.5.7 was already installed, so I don't know if that mattered. I tried the wait-full-30-seconds and then unplug and replug the USB cable, and it worked.

Ben Says:
July 29th, 2009 at 4:09 pm
Stuck on waiting for reboot fix*** For all those with 3g phones on a mac when you come to the “waiting for reboot” message and it doesn’t do anything, just unplug the iphone and plug it back in immediately. It doesn’t really make much sense, but it for real works. Also you may want to make sure you’re on 10.5.7 os and that you held the home button for the full 30 seconds.
This does work and it works because when you unplug the cable then plug it back in it forces the iphone to reboot i don't know why the macbooks and macbook pro's are having this problem

I have a 2G iphone with 3.0 software,it does not reboot. I have no sim card in do I need it in? I have put that into my new 3Gs, help please?

HELP... I am trying to unlock my iphone unfortunatly i am getting the message that i need to install the depended file mobilesubscribe?? i is impossiblefor me to find it.. searched in cydia + tried to install other applications like sbsettings but always the same message needs the depended file mobilesubscribe... i'm getting CRAZYYY PLZ HELP

I had the stuck on reboot with my 15" MacPro... all I did was switch USB slots and the darn thing worked.

@BEZZER88, post #183: GENIUS!!!
Macbook Pro, 10.5.8.... was stuck, tried allsorts, your solution worked perfect.... simply yanked the usb out and plugged it straight bk in!! and presto!! was suffering all night with that bloody problem CHEERS :)

hello i am using windows and i tried to jailbreak my phone which is a 3g and previously unlocked and i am on t mobile network, however while trying to jailbreak it it was forzen on waiting to reboot screen and now my phone wont even stwich on i have tried everything to get it working please help thanks very much

For all those running Mac OS X and having issues with "Waiting for reboot", try quickly unplugging / replugging the iPhone into your computer... That worked for me!

AnteL0pe you make me feel like a fool, and a damn fool!
I tried for ages to get past the hang at waiting for reboot using the ipsw linked to at the top of this page, but to no avail!
Anyone with a 3GS that did the same, your answer may be here:
Go and grab the right ipsw—if you’ve already upgraded to 3.0.1 remember you still have to point redsn0w to the 3.0 ipsw, so grab that one—bang it in and follow the instructions and it should work like a charm.
This has the added bonus of having an extremely simplified way of getting into DFU mode, so you won’t have to worry about getting your timing wrong. Instructions are all in the program.

@litefire I FUCKING LOVE YOU. To people stuck on waiting for reboot, try unplugging and replugging the dock connector to your phone. worked for me after that!

On step one of the jailbreaking process, how long after u clock browse should IPSW to select firmware show up? I clicked on browse and it just says processing firmware but not doing anything and now my phone is locked without internet use..Any suggestions?

I have an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 3g on 3.0.1 with tmobile and I cnt connect to wifi unless I'm on a phone call or turn on 3g network in my settings but doing that gives me no service how do I get wifi and still have service and is there anything better than edge to use on it for tmobile

I was having major problems with the Waiting to Reboot as well.... BUT then the post that said. "unplug your snyc cable and plug it back in" WORKED!!!! so while waiting for the reboot, i did just that and then it went right into what it was supposed to be doing. Thanks so much for you help!!!

I did the jailbreak just fine. I was able to figure out how to get the repo as a source but when i search for the ultrsn0w (with the zero) nothing comes up. I am trying to unlock using the Icy and my phone still does not find this sim. Help please!

Okay, so when im jailbreaking my iphone 2g on 3.0.1 my iphone gets stuck at waiting for reboot and then my phone can not be detected please help i will do anything to get the=is fixed email is

For all those who have been seeing the deadly "Waiting for Reboot" phrase everytime you run redsn0w, i felt your pain. I tried every method for 2 days straight, but this method is all it took to get me past that step.
When it says waiting for reboot, start to reset your iPod by holding power and home until the apple logo comes up.
Release power, and hold home until it enters DFU mode and it and VOILA it should continue from there.
(although for me it got stuck after that somewhere else)
P.S. May not work for everybody


  1. Upgrade MacOS to 10.5.8
  2. When it says "waiting to reboot" unplug the plug from the bottom of your iphone and plug it back in.
  3. Your phone will go to "Downloading jailbreak data" for several minutes just wait like 10-15 minutes.


Recipe for instant happiness for Mac OS and a 3G:

  • Update to 10.5.8
  • After restoring to 3.0.1, disconnect the phone from iTunes without setting up or applying a backup, then run redsn0w.
  • At the "waiting for reboot" message, disconnect the dock plug and wait until the screen turns white. This is only a couple of seconds, but if you reconnect too early, your phone will be stuck and you'll have to start all over again.
  • Once redsn0w has done its damage, launch iTunes, restore, then sync.

HELP! i jailbroke my iphone 3G 3.0 no problemo. used icy because everyone seems to be having problems with cydia...but i can't seem to find the thing i'm supposed to download, or ultrasn0w. am i missing something?

I was able to do all this and when I got to the section where I open Cydia to actually unlock the phone, it won't let me enter the URL for redsn0w with telling me it cannot find repository....what am I doing wrong?

i have the iphone 3gs 32g and and my mac is os x 10.5.7 will this method work please if anyone can tell me asap because i leave for school in one day and wont be home to use my mac and would like to do it before leave if not if anyone knows another way i can do it besides purple rain please let me know because purple rain wont work any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

2g runnin 3.0 everything works great but it wont let me use internet/myspace app/ facebook app unless i am on wifi. if im not on wifi i cant use anything "data" because it alerts me with "no internet connection" but i have unlimited data plan. whats the problem? its definitely a problem with redsnow because i have another iphone 2g runnin 2.2.1 and internet works fine on edge

Hi Guys,
Definitely NOT a hacker over here, but I think I figured out a way to get around the "waiting to reboot" screen. Again, use this at your OWN RISK but it worked for me on my 1st Gen iPod touch running 3.0. Just unplug the ipod when it's "waiting for reboot" and plug it back in. Right away you will get the "downloading" picture, and then the pineapple dude.

I use 10.5.6, I have an itouch and I had the frozen in "waiting to boot" problem, I found this comment on another site that made the 3.0 jailbreak work. In other news, if you're looking for 2.2.1 jailbreak search "Quick2gpwner", which that worked for me after countless failed tutorials.
"I am not a tech head by any means, but I found a solution.
Twice, I got the redsn0w to the reboot screen and it hung. I did all of the earlier steps correctly.
However I noticed iTunes was not on. I switched on iTunes, disconnected the iPhone (and also ignored all of the iTunes error messages about restoring my iPhone).
I then took out the USB and stuck it in a different slot.
Just like magic, the reboot started again and it worked perfectly. a few more mins and I now have a working iphone using my blackberry sim card. "

I also had the problem "waiting for reboot" after i followed all the steps in the tutorial so i unplugged my iphone and than plugged it back again. Tip from mr Hockey. It works!!!


i did that and i waited the reebooting for 20 minutes but nothing happened and then the i phone cant be turned on tell me what to do plzzzzz

I have a 8gb iPhone 3G, and I do not have a sim card, is it possible to unlock/jailbreak the iPhone without the sim card installed?


had my phone jailbroken on 3.0 and it worked fine but it froze earlier today and i had to restore to defaults... hacked it again worked fine but now i get now service any suggestions... i reset network settings already and it didnt help


I'm not sure what I need to do to start this process. My iphone 3G is already unlocked but I need to update from 2.2.1 to 3.0. Can someone here please help me?

I went through all the steps no problem once I got to the last step I waited 5 or so min's and then it rebooted and and dose not seem like anything has changed? anyone have a clue?

I went through all the steps, got to the 'waiting for reboot' screen and waited all night. Nothing happened. Tried it all again several times with the same result. Can anyone advise what to do now? Thanks.

Additionally, I am using redsn0w 0.7.2 and the only ipsw which seems to be accepted is iPhone1,23.07A341restore.ipsw My macbook pro is OS X 10.5.8 and itunes is 9
I've tried everything, It will not get past 'waiting to reboot' can anyone pleeeease help? Pleeeeeeese

I did everything waited for it to re boot. It did without problems. But nothing has changed with my phone. what now?

i just downloaded it to my iphone and i got to the point that the icon is on the iphone and it says it is downloading the jailbreak software... but when it says it is finished... i opened up my home screen and Cydia and Icy werent there... what do i do?

I've been fighting this all day long and just had success a few minutes ago!
I never could get redsn0w 8 to work, I was stuck on waiting for reboot just like everyone else. I finally used redsn0w 0.7.2. It worked the first time I tried it!

i just downloaded it to my iphone 3.0 and i got to the point that the iphone says it is downloading the jailbreak software… but when it says it is finished… i opened up my home screen and Cydia and Icy werent there. I tried this 3 times and i then tried another software and it made my phone delete everything and i had to restore it all. Why can't i get cydia or icy on the home screen? What am i doing wrong?

Hey Guys .... i just tried to Jailbreak my 3GS - 3.1.2 with PwnageTool_3.1.4 - following specifically the instructions given here :
I got right to the end of the process, and itunes tries to restore .... but after some minutes comes with the message 'The iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1604)
I want to unlock the phone from at&t so i can use another sim, but i have to jailbreak first - and now it's stuck in recovery mode ??
What to do ? Please help !!!

Hi! I have done what it says and it says it´s done. But it still isn´t working. Cydia is not appearing on my iphone. What can I do?

I have the same problem as spenceerj497 (posted Oct 14th), viz. everything seemed to download ok: it read finished on my computer and after 5-10 minutes my phone went back to the main screen. However, I didn't see Icy anywhere on my home screen. Does anyone have an idea of what to do?

I figured it out, This program for some reason doesnt work on everybody's phone, so if it doesnt just google search for another site called black rain jailbreak n u will find a different better way to jailbreak your phone!

well, i tried to do this. everything worked smoothly and after is showed a pic of a hard drive and big green arrow, the phone turned off and then back on and it looks exactly as it did when i had started.. so, i dont understand what happened.. ....... help?

So here's my question. I tried to jailbreak my iPod on redsn0w with a 3.1.2 ipsw. (my iPod is 3.1.2 right now.) I loaded it up and everything, but redsn0w stopped processing the ipsw and said that the ipsw couldn't be identified!
Also, I wanted to try downgrading my iPod back to 3.1.1.
Just how do I do that.